Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat?

Maru attempts to shove himself through a bag. Did I mention the hole at the end is too small for Maru’s head?


RoC #40 Applies To Maru, Too

Remember: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute. Getting brushed by your hoomin is just a bonus. But that’s the way M & M (Mugumogu & Maru) roll.

NEW Maru! Look Who Has A Small Box!

It’s there. Trust me on this.

Maru Doubleheader

Two Maru videos in one post? Whythehecknot? In the first one, His Blorpship is met with the choice of two boxes to stuff himself into. Small, or large. We can guess which he chooses first. Because he can.

And in the second, we flashback to when Maru was a mere seven months old.

NEW Maru: Makin’ Biscuits

The World’s Roundest Cat is in the mood to make some biscuits when he gets a hold of a cat toy, nom nom nom.

NEW Maru (As A Kitteh!)

Most of us only know Maru has a rather Blorpular Circle. But there was a time when…believe it or not…he wasn’t Blorpy. Nope.

Like when he was SIX MONTHS OLD. Let’s flashback, shall we?

New Maru: He IS NOT Gonna Try And Get In There!

Oh yes he is.

NEW MARU: Window Shades Make Great Hiding Spots

And a bonus here—-we get to see (we think) Mugumogu’s hand!

NEW Maru: You Kinda Have To Wonder…

….what is going on inside The Circle’s head at this point. #Whackadoodleeyes

BONUS! Click below for Combo Fave Frame/Super Maru Wallpaper Action!

Maru box

NEW Maru: You Are Now Entering…THE MARU ZONE

Nice corduroy hammock there, pal. Amazon Japan, I guess?