THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana Go Camping Out

Well, not really. But they’ve got their blue tent out and by golly, they’re gonna PLAY with it.

Maru + Hana Box .GIF By REQUEST

When are we going to get the everlasting .GIF of Maru and Hana at 0:45?” -Colleen.

You ask. We create. That’s the way we roll.


NEW Maru -N- Hana: Able To Leap Tall Boxes….

… a single bound!

THIS JUST IN: Caturday Morning Maru!

Maru decides to take a CLOSE look at the window blinds. Why go UNDER them, when you can go THROUGH them? Moral of the story: Japan makes really durable window blinds.

NEW Maru + Hana: “The Overload Box”

That’s what Mugumogu titled it. Well, she got HALF our name in there!

Gonna Use Mugumogu’s Comments For This

They’re just too good not to use. (Maru and Hana comments in the hovers.)

“Hey Maru, because it is hot, a lot of your furs fall out.”

“So I make wigs for you.


“Which do you like?” Maru: [I match all.]

“Hey Hana, it is lent to you next.”

“Hana: [It's too hot!]“


Well, Well, LOOK Who Has A New Playhouse

Cuteporter Andrew Y. spotted these on Maru’s page and sagely observed, “Maybe a video soon.” (Hovers in Mugumogu-speak.)




NEW Maru & Hana: ♫ It’s A Grass Grass Grassssss….♬

The Portly Circle wants some of whatever Mugumogu is dishin’ out- but Hana will have none of it.

Header from Jagger/Richards.

Maru -N- Hana GIF Action!

The Circle is hot on Hana’s tail, and Hana learns that what goes up must come down. Hard. Mugumogu says, “This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed.”

Maru URL sent in by /G.

UPDATED! NEW Maru/Hana Vid + A Maru PILLOW

There STILL isn’t anything that Maru can get stuck in. (Did a search on this product and can’t locate. You’d think due to all the boxes, right? If you find it, post in comments ’cause you know people are gonna want to get it.)


* Credit to Nyanmama for finding the “Mouse Tail” here.

* A MARU PILLOW. AND A HANA KEYRING. WANT. (They appear to be gifts from this company, and not sold to the public. I haz a sad.)






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