THIS JUST IN: Extreme Whackadoodle Maru

We’ve seen His Blorpness get nuts before……but not like this.


NEW Maru & Hana: Snug As A Bug In A…

…rug. Or something that is most likely purchased from Amazon JP.

First Maru/Hana Of The New Year

…and they look to be pretty zonked out here. This must have been taken on New Year’s at like 6am.

Maru And Hana Slow-Mo ACTION!

The very last Mugumogu video extravaganza of the year finds The Dynamic Duo moving….rather…slowly.

Let’s Make It A Maru (And Hana) Monday

In this latest video; Maru and Hana play together. That’s really all you need to know, right?



THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana In Autumn

A rare glimpse at His Roundness and Sidekick Hana outside the confines of Mugumogu-land!

Maru Can Fit Into A Pumpkin

Imagine that.



Andrew Y. spotted this on Mugumogu’s blog.

NEW: The Many Looks Of Maru

We usually see Maru in much the same way each time- round. Here we get different views of The Blorpy One, with a cameo by Hana.



THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana Won’t Get Fooled Again

In an unprecedented SECOND video this week, Mugumogu shows us that THIS time around, The Dynamic Duo ain’t fallin’ for the same ol’ gag.

NEW Maru & Hana: Can They Be Tricked?

Trick or Treat is coming right up, after all. Hana falls for it more than once- Maru, not so much. His Roundness does score a quality Nose Boop, though.