Kleenex Ready, People?

Big Ol’ Bugaboo hasn’t seen his hoomin Lt. Gary D. in six months+, and it’s time to make up for that! I’d get out an entirely new tissue box before hitting the button. The lighting on this one is a little dodgy, but it’s worth it.


On This 2013 Memorial Day…

Let’s stop to remember all the brave men and women who have served & died for our country. #Thankyou.

Let’s also take a look at these puppehs welcoming home their hoomins. First up, Molly The Goldie greets her mom who has returned from Afghanistan.

This puppeh gets her BAROO on and lets the entire neighborhood know her hoomin is back.

This puppeh is named…ready? Emmitt Thunderpaws. Can’t say why.

Gracie turns into a wiggling SQUEAK MONSTER.

This German Shepherd is happy to see his hoomin….but is NOT gonna give up the ball.

This puppeh just goes 100% FULL-TILT WACKO GONZO BANANAS.

Here’s one puppeh who loves her daddy for sure.

This U.S. Navy sailor gets plowed over by his three puppehs. Is that not great?

There IS a video of a kitteh welcoming home his soldier hoomin. The only one on the Intertubes!

They Use Us, We Use Them

That’s the way it works. The ol’ circle of life. Any questions?




1. “This is our beloved little guy Bear! He’s 10 yrs old.” -Rebecca B.
2. “This is Daisy and her foster dad, Steve Friedman.” -Susan L.
3. “This is me, fake-napping on Baxter.” -Hilary K.
4. “My boys,” from Sara W.
5. “Buckley the Beagle & Harry the Terrier mix commandeering dad’s nap.” -Brandi O.

Friday Haiku: BFFs

A boy and his dog
Are soulmates forever and ever
Buddies for all time

Spotted on MSN Now’s FB. More at Northwest Mommy’s Instagram.

Heartstrings Alert!!!

Me: Hey—-Heartstrings? Yo, you awake?

Heartstrings: Yeah. Whatdya want?

Me: Prepare to get YANKED. Yanked HARD.

Heartstrings: Roger that, standing by. Fire when ready.

SuperAwesum™ video sent to us by Nancy F.; video posted by Julian B. Soundtrack by Queen.