Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. VIII

Both Cats Porch (2)Been almost a year since we’ve heard from MGG and LB (AKA sidekick Lady Bubbles) and their hoomin Nathan G. was kind enough to send this bandwidth-crushing update. “Both cats are doing well,” he writes. “They’ve recently got radio frequency trackers, so when Bubbles is out too long on one of her adventures across the street at the abandoned amusement park I can go find her. They also help when I want to find Magilla Glub Glub, though he’s usually just sleeping under one of our bushes.”

Bubs Laundry (2)
“Here’s one of Bubbles helping with the laundry (above) and Glub Glub reveling in the fact that Rwanda has perfect weather year round (below.)

Glub Under Palm (4)

MY Chair, Bubbles—MINE

10648597_868823906470688_6893238943006937408_oThe Kigali Kittehs are back! According to the FB post: “Lady Bubbles is happily singing away in a chair, which MGG can’t tolerate. He pounces on her, kicks her out of the chair, and sits quietly in her place. Sometimes Bubbles wishes she was the big sister.”

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:45am PT (Bonus Hour!)

G Bubbles ButtIn the featured shot (above) Magilla Glub Glub of Kigali, Rwanda seems mesmerized by Lady Bubble’s ‘Tocks. Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that. And below, MGG decides to hang out on the bathroom divider wall, carefully balancing his ‘Tocks JUST so.

GG Tock

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks continues…

Toesday: Lady Bubbles (+ MGG)

Both Kitties CouchMaru has Hana, and Magilla Glub Glub has the one and only Lady Bubbles, shown here flashing some Major Serious Beanage. We’ve also got The Dynamic Duo fresh off an intense night of lizard hunting in the bathroom. “The lizard won,” says Bethany H.

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 8

Bathroom 17


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