Hey, Anybody Need A Bath?

[Yeah, you! Mickey. You could use some sprucing up. C’mere.]

From the video: “Mickey Mouse likes to jump up into Magilla Glub Glub’s basket and get a good cleaning. Mickey is blind and often jumps up to find an empty basket, but when Glubby is there she’s so happy. Both cats are from Rwanda but are now living near Boston. Their sister Lady Bubbles prefers to clean herself.”


Joy To The Glub Glub

Magilla Glub Glub’s hoomins have been rather busy- moving back to the US (AND having a new bebeh hoomin) but they took the time to send these in just in time for Christmas. “These are long overdue; we owe you a good update and pics of the kitties getting to know their little sister, Alicyn. All are doing great, and we have had fun adjusting to human parenthood and being back in the US,” says Bethany and Nathan.

Bubs Xmas Tree 2
“For now, however, we wanted to send you best wishes to you for the holidays and new year. Shockingly, Bubbles was the most cooperative for photos this year, and we didn’t get any of Mickey in Christmas gear so we sent a pic of her dreaming of sugarplums.”

MM Chair 1

Glubs -N- Mickey On The Ground In Boston!

Flashback to last week, and we told you ’bout the big move to Boston for Magilla Glub Glub, Lady Bubbles, and NEW sidekick Mickey! Pleased to report Magilla and Mickey (with hoomin in tow) arrived safely at Boston’s Logan Airport, (Rwanda > Amsterdam > Boston) and are awaiting the arrival of Lady Bubbles (and the other hoomin in tow.) Here’s how it looked! Their FB comments are in the hovers; thanks Bethany and Nathan!