Only Two Days Left!

Disapprove-of-nosevemberToday and tomorrow, and that’s EET for Nosevember- so keep those submissions coming! We’ve been posting them as fast as we can, and we’re leading off BUNDAY with some True Nosevember Disapproval. “This is a picture of my rabbit Zoef. I think he totally disapproves of Nosevember! I would love to see him on my favorite website!”

[*Note: “Zoef?” What’s the backstory there? -Ed.]

Instagrammed Look Of Disapproval!

From Martina M.

Dateline, BIG J: Tiny Hats. For Tiny Buns.

While we’re sleeping, they’re over there cranking out Teh QTE.

This Bun is named Collon and belongs to Twitterer @goen0414, who knitted the hat.

usagi-3 (1)
Sent in by Andrew Y. as seen on RN24.

The Many Moods Shapes Of Rory

Meagan G. says “I would like to submit for education and art appreciation, the many shapes of Rory. As a three pound mixed breed rabbit from the animal shelter, she is somehow automatically queen of our household. Also, a shapeshifter. Me and my husband (aka “Litterbox Cleaner” and “Food Guy”) are huge fans! Rory is not a fan of anything.” Click each image below for each Bun Name:







Definite Bongo Feet Noted!!

Just got this email in from Martina M., who says “I recently created an Instagram for my cute bun Elsa, lots of ‘Tocktober/Bunday-worthy pictures on there (as well as never-ending noms). Hope one makes it onto your page. :)”


Sorry Martina; couldn’t WAIT for Bunday or ‘Tocktober!


Well, Naturally They Have A Twitter Account!

animal150827_01And some point in hoomin evolution, we decided that all our Cute Critters needed to have websites, Instagrams, Facebooksters, and The Twitter. And so it is in The Big J; there’s a hoomin there by the name of Nao~* who goes by @evo3138– and she likes to post pictures of her four Buns. Quoting Rocketnews 24, “(She) has an orange-colored rabbit called Potato (male,) Kurumi (female) who is also orange, Marron (male) that is chestnut-colored and Koishi (female) who is grey.” And that settles that. Here’s a selection from the Twitter account; there’s a lotta Disapproval here: you have been warned.






(Andrew Y.; feature photo from Big Globe.)

There’s Disapproval….

….and then there’s BIG OL’ HONKIN’ END OF THE WORLD DISAPPROVAL. I think (tip toes away) we’ll be going now…nice Bun, good Bun….(makes mad dash to safety.)

“Saw the above face of disapproval on the Springwatch FB page – for those who aren’t familiar with Springwatch it’s a British TV programme all about British wildlife.” -Hannah L.

Earl’s Back. He’s Still Grumpy.

earl22Earl first arrived at C.O. almost two months ago, and immediately got his own Trading of the very first! My Modern Met decided to do a story on Earl, and guess what?

STILL Bad to the Bone.





What ARE U..Some Kinda “Einstein?”

20150726_171102Well, yes- that IS his name. “This is Einstein. He’s not very happy I put him in this t-shirt,” says Priscella T.

Bunday: C.O. Bun Café World Tour, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

800-os-usayuTaking a Bunday detour from our C.O. Cat Café World Tour, ’cause, well, today IS Bunday, right? Café Cuteporter Robb S. took these photos for us of the Buns at “Usayu!”

“Usayu is in a town called Ibaraki (not Ibaraki Prefecture though) in Osaka Prefecture, just a bit north of Osaka city. Maybe because of its suburban location, it’s the most spacious rabbit cafe I’ve been to.”








If You Go™:

Addy: Ibaraki-City, Osaka-fu, Matsugamotocho 3-16, Bardens Club Bldg 2F, Ibaraki.

Hours: Open 1-7pm (last entry 6pm). Closed Wednesdays, Thursdays.

Phone: 072-629-6661

Cost: Cover is Y1300 for the first hour, and Y500 for each additional 30 minutes.

Online: Website : FB


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