‘Tocktober Dateline: Argentina!

THESE ‘Tocks have come a good long way to reach the pages of C.O. “Llama ‘Tocks!! This photo was taken in the northwest of Argentina. I want to thank you again for doing the contest for winning the C.O. Calendars. I won them with the photo of the doubtful monkey with the rock. In my country is impossible to buy things on the Net overseas. So…yay!” -Mercedes M.



“NatGeo Does Cute Overtime”

We’d have to agree with the headline sent our way by Carmen C. For above, she says “I can literally (well, almost) feel the softness at the tips of my fingers and the cheeks of my face!!” (A cygnet peers out from its mother’s wing at a local pond in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.) And for the Llama below, “this one is one of the prettiest pouts I’ve ever seen!” (Taken at Bolivia’s Laguna Colorado salt lake.)


~Le Creditos: Hover and caption info from NG. Featured image photograph by John Halvorson, National Geographic Your Shot. Second image by Esther Buttery: This photo and caption were submitted to the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.