Hey, Pick On Someone Yer Own Size

[Wait. You ARE my size. OK, fine. Let’s rumble.]


Is That Your Halloween Costume?

I’m not sure what you’re going for, it looks like the “sexy Buzz Lightyear” costume with a bit of the “sexy wine bottle” costume, topped off by the wig from the “sexy Donald Trump” costume, but whatever it is, it sure is sexy!*


Via Brainparking.com. * Note: Actual “sexy” Halloween costumes for 2015. Hork.

Holy Anole, Batman!

“Dear Cute Overload, Anoles are cute too, am I right? This little one is living on my dahlias. Cheers, Nikki (from Macon, GA.)”

Anole? What? Let’s go to Ye Olde Oxford Dictionary.

[əˈnōlē] NOUN: A small, mainly arboreal American lizard with a throat fan that (in the male) is typically brightly colored. Anoles have some ability to change color. Also called “chameleon.”

Ah, so an Anole…is a Chameleon. NOW I get it.


UPDATE 3:01pm PT: And this one just in from Andrea S.

“You bet they’re cute! As soon as I took this picture (through a window), he moved. Love his feets!”


Be Vewwy….VEWWY…quiet.

“Now, this isn’t my Imgur gallery so I don’t know how permissions should be handled, but these are a couple of great pictures!” -Brandi W.

They Say You Catch More Flies With Honey…

… which reminds me, I just love your new hair color, that honey blonde color really suits you, and that dress is so flattering, very chic, and those shoes, where did you get them, they’re divine!


Ratatouille II: Catwalk Boogaloo

Disney/Pixar has announced a sequel of sorts to their hit film “Ratatouille,” in which a rat secretly helps a Parisian busboy become a five-star chef. In the new story, a lizard helps a shy waitress realize her dreams of becoming a supermodel by operating her like a puppet.


Via Mandy.

Hallelujah! It’s Raining Bubbles!

[But I don’t have thumbs! I can’t grab them!!!!] (Laura, seen on Mashable.)

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Every Video Game Wizard…

… needs a video game lizard! You get a place to rest your controller, the lizard gets a nice warm body to lie on — everybody wins!

bqNN536 - Imgur

“The only way to play LEGO Jurassic Park is with a pet dinosaur helping,” says Redditor delkarnu.


Spoiler Alert!

Chris Pratt? He was dee-LEEE-shuss.


Via Reddit.

Pet Shop Ploys

Jeff Wysaski is the inventive mind behind Obvious Plant, in which he enlivens the retail experience by replacing store signs with his own creations. Recently, Jeff visited the pet store, where he upgraded Teh Qte with a generous helping of Teh Wut. See more on his Tumblr.