Lunchtime In Belgrade

Of course, we all know Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting a paw up is cute. (They do this repeatedly. Prosh.) We just got this email in from Vlad S., who says “This is something new. I was at Belgrade Zoo the other day…they have two white lion babies called Vuk and Elsa.”


Lion Cubs 1, Pumpkins 0

These little guys at the Columbus Zoo were given pumpkins to play with. The pumpkins never knew what hit ’em.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

One Day, You Might Grow Up To Be King

‘Til then, little guys- just have fun playing and getting hauled around….in Mom’s mouth. (Possible Mom Taxi?)

Bebeh Lion Toesday

Don’t be scared! He/she just wants to shake your hand! Maybe. From Annamarie R.

Caturday: Imani Beans

“This is the lovely Imani who resides at the Cincinnati Zoo with her mate, John. She’s got some very impressive Toe Beans!” -Cathy O’ B.

Lion King Toesday

“Hi! I visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Saturday the 9th. It was about 90 degrees out, so these lions were relaxing in the shade. Major Lion Toebean action here!” -Photo by Allison C.

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Lion Kings out there, big & small, short & tall!
Submitted by Jon S. as seen on “Tamboko the Jaguar’s” Flickr.

2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

Some tremendous photography on display for the The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist, as reported on My Modern Met and Mail Online.

What are you staring at !?
Almost 140,000 entries were received, competing for prizes in pro and open groups.

Lion, Grooming
Winners will be announced in March and April. Images making the shortlist go on display in the UK in May.


Photo Creditos from MMM:
1) © Chin Boon Leng, Singapore, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Nature & Wildlife subcategory.
2) © George Logan, UK, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Campaign subcategory.
3) © Hasan BagÌlar, Cyprus, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Nature & Wildlife subcategory.

Need Your Tree Hauled Away?

If your tree is STILL sitting by the curb and you need it taken away, Zuri -N- Safina Christmas Tree Removal can DO! Just give them a call and they’ll be over right away. They might stay for awhile, though.

Video from the Linton Zoo in the UK, and submitted by Pudding.

Car-L’s Close Encounter Of The Lion Kind

Remember a couple days ago we told you about how an Aussie Sea Eagle swiped a camera meant for monitoring crocs? Well, here’s sort of a sequel. Photographer Chris McLennan stuck a fancy (and we hope a sturdy) Nikon onto “Car-L,” a hopped-up little buggy like the one in Toy Story, and then drove him straight over to meet some lions in Botswana.

Car-L got their attention. Car-L will need some body work.


As spotted on the mighty Digital Trends.