WHO Wants Some Belleh Rubs? WHO Does???

[I do, sister. I’m currently at the “Cute as a button” stage as opposed to the “Have you for a snack” stage. So let’s get crackin’, OK?]

“That is me,” says Elizabeth F. “Visiting at the “Little Zoo That Could” – The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! They have a Tiger Cub encounter where they socialize cubs. It is an amazing little zoo! My sister took the picture with her iPhone.”


WHO’S A Cute Bebeh Lion Cub? WHO Is? U Are!

“This is baby Serabi, one of three Cubs (now 6!) that I worked with on my trip to South Africa,” says Sender-Inner Bridget S. “Likes include snuggling, water bottles, and playing with her puppy siblings. While it’s cut off in the photo, I can assure you she had quite the big tummy!”

“P.S Glad you liked our three elephants for ‘Tocktober!”

Brad And Angie Got…Married?

It’s true, it’s true. And Angie didn’t even tell her pop Jon Voight about the wedding- sometimes it must be SO easy to write for TMZ and Mail Online. “Redonkulously Qte Bebeh Tigey tries to be terrifying but fails due to tooth-rotting levels of ‘daaawww!'” -Love, Esther from London, UK.

THIS JUST IN: The Lion King. With Kittens.

Good grief.

The headline tells ya everything ya need to know.

The Pet Collective is behind this madness : spotted on Mashable.

OK Maru, We Get It

Apparently you need not be a portly Japanese furball to love boxes.

Submitted by Cuteporter Meaghan G. and many others: video from Big Cat Rescue.

Still Have Your Christmas Tree?

If you haven’t set it out for recycle, word is they are great to…roll around on.

Sender-inner Reggie T. adds, “It’s not my video – it belongs to the local zoo near Cambridge.”