Bebeh BUB

Q: What would be better on a Friday afternoon than a video of Lil’ BUB as a bebeh?
A: Not much.

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The Lil BUB Magical Yule Log

You know how some stations put on a Yule Log endless loop video? Here’s an hour-long version featuring Lil BUB. Just press play and maximize the video at lower right!

As seen on Mashable, and submitted by Catherine K.

Lil’ Bub: Up Close and Paw-sonal

Lil’ Bub recently allowed The Furrtographer to do a photo shoot. She looks terribly impressed.




THIS JUST IN: How To Hold A Bub

There’s a right way to do things…and a wrong way.

This is the right way.

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Today is Good Job Bub Day! (Updated!)

Today is most definitely a good day to be Lil’ Bub.