SOMEONE Is Ready For Cyber Monday

IMG_8225Kodie: [OK, my laptop is up, I’ve got my hoomin Angela’s credit card number, her Amazon password…Interwebs, here I come!!!]

(From Angela C.)

Look Who’s Geared Up For Tomorrow Night

unnamedIt’s closing in on Halloween, and Kodie is all decked out in his favorite….er, spider. (And here’s some animated .GIF ACTION of the K-Man, just ‘cuz.)


Alllllllllmost There…

kodie5Kodie’s ‘Tocks would like to remind you that “24 Hours Of ‘Tocks” is coming up tonight at midnight PT. Here’s The Man deploying Textbook ROC #47: “Splayed haunch action is cute.”

It’s The Top Knot That Does It

Kodie’s back, and it’s time for a treat. Oh, and he’s having a problem with that fan, too.


From Angela C.

Let There Be KODIE

Kodie-shorthaircutAnd so there WAS Kodie.

And he is very VERY good.

Kodie, The World Cup Is OVER, Dude!

[What? I didn’t know! She didn’t TELL me! And the next one isn’t for FOUR years? Oh well, maybe I’ll be bigger AND MORE FIERCE by then!]

Time For A Kodie Encore

Hoomin Angela C. wrote to C.O. today: “Today, Kodie went to a groomer, only the 4th time in his life (Kodie is 6.) He is pretty distressed, and doesn’t like his haircut.” While we wait to see those, let’s, um, MAKE DO with this Encore Kodie Awesomeness. SEE UPDATE BELOW!





These JUST IN. Post-groomer shots. Redonk. Ded.



Image 3

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Kodie is back.

How can things SO small…be SO awesome? We’d like to ask Kodie, but he ain’t talkin’.

DSC_0306 - Version 2
“It’s been a while since I submitted Kodie’s photos. Kodie is doing fine, and I promise to send more photos this year! Thank you and Happy New Year!” -Angela C., Kodie’s mom.

Able To Leap Tall Couches At A Single Bound!

Happy Birthday (eet wuz Thursday) to Super-Puppeh Kodie!
[A…..SUPERMAN OUTFIT. And here I thought Superdog was “Krypto.” -Ed]



Angela C., give him a Super Snausage for us, OK?

Kodie DoubleDose™

What could be better than one Kodie video? Two of course!

Oh heck- we’ll just toss these in too.


Not Yet

Angela C. scores again.


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