Quite A Handful

ObaO0iKAustralia MAY just take The Big J’s place in our Global Cute Hierarchy. (And there wasn’t even such a thing. Until now.) When you realize The Big A has QuokkasWombats…AND Koalas; well…whadya think? The Big J…or The Big A? (Although we’ll knock some points off The Big A for those horrendous big ol’ honkin’ spiders.)

Koala photo from Imgur.

Archer The Koala

enhanced-buzz-wide-6605-1422996369-9People, meet Archer.

Archer’s current domicile: Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Check out his FB page!





So This Koala Drops In…

….and decides he/she WANTS TO CUDDLE. What’re ya gonna do…….say NO?

“This koala climbed down a tree to say hello! It was taken right outside our home here in Greenhill which is in the The Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I was so lucky he let me hold his paw, their paws are SO soft and warm and their fur is soft as cotton wool! I gave him water as it was a hot day, and he lapped it up like a dog and then wanted to climb up me for a cuddle! He eventually climbed back up the tree, occasionally coming down for a drink! There are lots of koalas in our trees, it’s summer here and they just laze about in the branches making crazy noises. It’s not unusual to see one walking along the road, or cruising about in and around our homes and back yards.” –Alicia X.

(P.S. “Thank goodness we weren’t affected by the recent fires, we were close and had begun our fire action plan, but did not need to evacuated llike some of our friends who were closer to the fire. But we are in a very fire prone area.”)

Poll: Koala, Panda, Or Wombat?

Whenever I see a Koala, I think that is the Cutest Roly-Poly in the world. But then when I see a Panda, I think the same thing. Along comes a Wombat, and…well, you see the dilemma. What do YOU think? Panda..Koala..or Wombat? Let’s go Polling!

Credit where credit is due, for the first photo: “Here is a pic taken recently at Australia Zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin & family (crickey) located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I had to fight the crowds and wait about half an hour for this cute little baby Koala to come out of the leaves for the perfect shot.” -Kon K.




Got SO Much Going ON….

Koala[Got shopping to do for the relatives, there’s a party tonight, that Christmas Boutique on Sunday, need to run to the post office…I don’t need a holiday vacation. I need a vacation from the holidays!]


I Heard I Can Get A Nose Boop Here!

[Am I in the right place? Or does I haz to wait ’til Nosevember?]


Got Eucalyptus?

Clipboard01[I’ll take any extra if you got it. Just sayin.’] (Imgur.)


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