Love It, Meryl..But Juuuust A Little More To The Left..

[I love what you’re doing. You’re a know that, right? Wonderful. The camera LOVEs you. OK. Work with me here, and we’ll get this shot nailed down. We’re about to lose the light.]

(Arne found it here.)

Now THERE Is A Nose Boop Candidate!

6a010535647bf3970b01bb0846ad5d970d-800wiThe Taronga Zoo announced a new addition to their family- this Prosh Koala Joey!

This six month old Joey doesn’t have a name yet.

She is still in Mom Wanda’s pouch and will stay there for at least the next four months.





“Oh…Hi! So You’re My Mom?”

Terrific video here from the folks at Symbio Wildlife Park as seen on BuzzFeed. Their article says this is the first time the two have ever met nose to nose face to face; the little guy/girl was born about 6.5 months ago, and spend all that time in the pouch. Welcome, lil’ mate!

(Sent in by Andrew Y.)

Why Yes, This IS My “Bond Villain Pose”

[Now can SOMEone please get me some sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads? How HARD can this BE?]


“The Tragedy Of My Life Is That I’m So Adorable.”

Think it’s easy being a Koala? Sleeping and munching eucalyptus 24/7? Hear all about the life of a Koala..from someone who would know best…..a Koala.

Flashback Friday: Slurp!

PiSlw6X“Pet Koala drinks from a spoon, circa 1900, photographer F. Davey, Australia.” (Arne saw this on Reddit.)

So This Koala Walks Into The Hospital…

[I’m just gonna go in here to check out their selection of magazines. Good Housekeeping…Women’s Day…Frankie? Whazzat? Hmm, Australian Women’s Weekly…Sports Illustrated from…January of 2013. Field & Stream. Yawn. Pass. Right, let me just grab a Bickford’s Sarsaparilla and I’m history, mates. Cheers.]

Video of Blinky Bill on a walkabout to Hamilton Base Hospital in Victoria Australia (he lives in the park across the street) originally seen on NBC News, sent in by Tamara. Techical consultation from NTMTOM. Above video from Western District Health Services FB page.

[*Note: Slammin’ soundtrack. -Ed.]

Quite A Handful

ObaO0iKAustralia MAY just take The Big J’s place in our Global Cute Hierarchy. (And there wasn’t even such a thing. Until now.) When you realize The Big A has QuokkasWombats…AND Koalas; well…whadya think? The Big J…or The Big A? (Although we’ll knock some points off The Big A for those horrendous big ol’ honkin’ spiders.)

Koala photo from Imgur.

Archer The Koala

enhanced-buzz-wide-6605-1422996369-9People, meet Archer.

Archer’s current domicile: Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Check out his FB page!





So This Koala Drops In…

….and decides he/she WANTS TO CUDDLE. What’re ya gonna do…….say NO?

“This koala climbed down a tree to say hello! It was taken right outside our home here in Greenhill which is in the The Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I was so lucky he let me hold his paw, their paws are SO soft and warm and their fur is soft as cotton wool! I gave him water as it was a hot day, and he lapped it up like a dog and then wanted to climb up me for a cuddle! He eventually climbed back up the tree, occasionally coming down for a drink! There are lots of koalas in our trees, it’s summer here and they just laze about in the branches making crazy noises. It’s not unusual to see one walking along the road, or cruising about in and around our homes and back yards.” –Alicia X.

(P.S. “Thank goodness we weren’t affected by the recent fires, we were close and had begun our fire action plan, but did not need to evacuated llike some of our friends who were closer to the fire. But we are in a very fire prone area.”)


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