“You’re Staring At Them, Aren’t You.”

“I get this every year at this time. People drive from all around just to stare. I guess I should be flattered.”

(Another Quality Smedley Find from ZooBorns.)


Maybe I Should Pick On Someone My Own Size?

[Those guys are pretty big…biggest dogs I EVER saw. And what’re those things on their heads? I don’t know. Maybe I can just sneak up on them…after all, I am The Lion King. Sorta.]

And the sequel, ’cause all big movies deserve sequels…

Q: How Do Giraffes Sleep?

A: Awkwardly.






Vajda B. saw this on The Panda.

Even Though It’s The Year Of The Sheep…

We’re gonna put in a plug for YEAR OF THE GOAT. If that’s OK.

#TBT: April 5, 2008: The Lamb Socks 2000

Googly eyes and Knobbular Knee Portions are also built-in to this model. Test goats are available for drives. Take the Burlingame exit, ask for Tony.

Nice work, Em!

Pair Of Bebeh Knobbulars!

Meece? Mooses? What’s the right term? Either way, these Knobbulars are Full Of Win!


Bebeh Lamb Comes Online

“This is Snow Cone’s baby lamb,” says Cuteporter Alex K. “His mother is a type of sheep called a St. Croix. His father is a European Mouflon, a wild breed of sheep. This created a hybrid lamb that is 50% wild. He was born right after midnight Wednesday morning. The first video I was lucky enough to capture him minutes after birth. Sadly, I missed the birth itself, but this is literally minutes later. It’s pretty amazing.”

What tries to wobble up…must then wobble down.

“The second video I just finished filming and was taken two hours after the first. It’s his very first steps, which include a lot of spills. It’s kind of funny, but definitely a Cuteness Overload.”

What Do You Do After School?

I hang out in the barn with the fam.

Then I let my mom cuddle me a little. If I don’t, she gets to be a real pain in my neck.

Then we measure ourselves by the measuring wall.

Well, my Moms and I pose for pictures, cuz we’re famous.

I go into the house and I helps myself to a milk-box. I know how to use a straw, but I need helps getting the straw in the box.

Knobbulars via Zooborns, Blorpular Belugas via Pinterest and Clever Kitten via The Daily Cute