[Sloooooooowly……..I POUNCE! Wait, where’d the tail go? That’s MINE! Stay STILL! I is not all done with you yet!]

Get Your Motor Runnin’….

Or more likely, just get out of Mallow’s way.

“My husband just sent me this photo at work and I don’t even know what to do with all of my feelings about it. This is Mallow our Exotic Shorthair/human-boychild-trapped-in-a-pile-of-fur. He’s learning to drive. Clearly he’s thrilled.” -Tegan M.

THIS JUST IN: Kitten In Crocheted Mushroom Costume

Clipboard01 People, this one was emailed in from Moo sunning lazily on the beach in Hawaii (Must. be. nice.) The subject line said: “Aieeeeeee!”

Well, that’s good enough for me.

What we have here is a rescued kitteh wearing a Crocheted Mushroom Costume. The kitteh’s name is Wasabi-Chan- and she was rescued from an attacking crow! The complete story is here- use Google Chrome to get the translation.

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This Is How It Is DONE

Snorgling a little furhead. What could be BETTAH? Speakers up for The Squeakingks!

Shad8623 shared this vid-e-o with us.

This Did Not Work Out Like I Planned

Who turned out the lights?

From DP&F.


Kitteh #1 seriously wants his friend to wake up. The friend AKA Kitteh #2, seriously ain’t havin’ it.

“I came across this video of two kittehs, and thought they might merit Cutevaluation.” -Submeesh from Barb B. of Concord, CA. Video by Trollswaggy3.

Next Stop: Niagara Falls

Cuteporter Robyn H. checks in: “Lily practices to become a tightrope walker while her big brother Frankie looks on from the safety of a chair. [YO! FRANK–EEEEE! -Ed] Cute Overload may give an aspiring circus cat like Lily the career boost she needs.”

Look Into My Paws…

I’d only seen a mini version of this clip. Josh Norem sent a full-length version with the PS, “The classics, they still hold up today.”

So true.


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