Scottish fold AIM icon

Allie_iconAllie_icon_1 Ahnn, now that I know it’s a "Scottish Fold" cat, I could help but look them up on Google. So prosh! Here is a little one for your AIM collection…

On Albert R.’s site.

Smallest ear to head ratio….Ever?

I’m not familiar with this type of cat, but he has a SUPER tiny ear to head ratio. Can Anyone enlighten us?


LOVE the paws crossed, Emigre from NYC.

Kitten Puddle

Looking suspiciously like a Tribble or a shoe shiner, "Kitten Puddle" is kicking tiny, furry asses EVERYWHERE on the CuteTracker™. This kitten is holding a solid lead over "Pretty Much the Cutest Bunny in the World" and of course over "Cute Overlord".


Homage to

Yes, People, this is a cute kitten. But it’s no ordinary kitten, I assure you. This is *the* cliché kitten. He’s one of the favorite go-to images within Fark Photoshopping contests.


For all the Farkisms, check here.

Little Sock’s Book Club

Listen here, meow. I highly recommend Entertainment Weekly, meow. But when your sister has stolen it, and is reading it in the bathtub, basically holding you meow hostage, how about  A Million Little—I mean Anna Karenina?


Liz S., we said ‘meow’ three times, meow.

A Little Photoshop Goes a Long Way

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed reader Todd T. sent this gem in. Yes, Hopelessly Photoshopped™, but high-larious. What’s happening in there?! Did Mr. Kitten-Pants get spilled upon!? Of course wet paws are always cute.



Nyerhe! Nyerhe! stop eeeeeeeeeet


Stop eet, a thousand times, ‘Nyerhe!"



Ears back, Momo.

Cheek to chair

Mitchu lives with "The kittenmaster" inParis, France. They named him "Mitchu" meaning "kitten" in misspelled and mispronouncedItalian. Ever since Mitchu was a kitten, he has loved this chair so much (yes, that white thing is achair).

Here he is hugging the beloved chair while rubbing his cheek onit!



Purring props to the Daily Kitten and GolfWidow.

Cuteologist Profile

Today, Friday, I’d like to feature some of our Cuteologists. What’s a Cuteologist? They’re people around the world who’ve placed a ‘pin’ on a group map. You ken join too.

Everybody, meet Alexis of Pennsylvania, who posted this unbelievable kitten photo. Is this kitten even real? I mean, look at those eyes. Unreal. Brava, Alexis!


Get reeeeal close to the screen

So I can leeeeck you!


Slurps to “Skeeter” and Chris F. ;)


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