I reckon I can take you to school


Thanks to T. Moocow (I did not make that up) for sending in this Schooling video

A girl can dream…

This fantastic photo sent in by Sandra K. says it all—dream large, or go home.

/end Hallmark moment/


Desprately in need of a spooning partner…

B to the K sent in this FAMOUS kitten. This kitten made the TOP THREE OF KITTEN WAR! We have a celebrity in our midst, and I suggest you treat him with the utmost respect. He’s sleeping. But he might need a spoon. If you ask nicely.


Thursday morning prep

Yep, this telecommutin’ suuuure has it’s advantages! I can work from home, wear anything I want—Heck, I can go to work nekkid! No one will know!

Look at me! Woo!

Hon? Coffee ready yet? [Paw slurpage]


Psssssssst—this is a big ole image for your desktop, People. Thank you, Peter H. and Pimmetje.

Saturday chillin’

This is sooo Saturday. (oh, and add a bathrobe and coffee) The flop + paws up is the best part, and the fact that he’s 182 pounds.


Ratemykitten.com and Lanie S., brilliant.

Dude, what’s up.

Dude, What?

Why did you turn on the light? Just—

Look. I cannot deal with you right now. Look—I’m going back to sleep.


If you’re not gonna turn the light off, I’m gonna go get something to eat. I’m just gonna chill by the bowl.



I wonder how my MySpace is doing.

I gotta update that mofo. I’ve got friends on it and everything. Like 83 friends, man. It’s awesome.



Thanks, Oliver D. and Jill!

Welcome to Cuddlefest 2006

Where everyone wins, Yay!

honkshu, honkshu, honkshu [tiniest snore sound]


Thank you Theo, Mr. Linktastic!

Can you find the kitten in this picture?



There’s got to be a good pool joke in this one…[scratch!?]


Tasty Snuggling

This is a great lil’ video of a kitten (who grows up, ahn) with his cuddly chicken pal. The snuggling is the best. At first, the chicken is all "WTF is this?…oh. OK."


Thanks, Gromenawer B., great video.


What’s more delicious? this kitten stack from *Roes* Flickr Photostream or THIS 100 by 100 stack of In and Out Burgers??!

Thanks, Anne L.!


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