Dude, what’s up.

Dude, What?

Why did you turn on the light? Just—

Look. I cannot deal with you right now. Look—I’m going back to sleep.


If you’re not gonna turn the light off, I’m gonna go get something to eat. I’m just gonna chill by the bowl.



I wonder how my MySpace is doing.

I gotta update that mofo. I’ve got friends on it and everything. Like 83 friends, man. It’s awesome.



Thanks, Oliver D. and Jill!

Welcome to Cuddlefest 2006

Where everyone wins, Yay!

honkshu, honkshu, honkshu [tiniest snore sound]


Thank you Theo, Mr. Linktastic!

Can you find the kitten in this picture?



There’s got to be a good pool joke in this one…[scratch!?]


Tasty Snuggling

This is a great lil’ video of a kitten (who grows up, ahn) with his cuddly chicken pal. The snuggling is the best. At first, the chicken is all "WTF is this?…oh. OK."


Thanks, Gromenawer B., great video.


What’s more delicious? this kitten stack from *Roes* Flickr Photostream or THIS 100 by 100 stack of In and Out Burgers??!

Thanks, Anne L.!

They were obvy high when they made this

The Fat Boy Slim video cover of "The Joker" is awesome, down to the very last "mew!" sound effect… Thanks for the reminder, Cate A.!


Eet’s my time tonight, Bebee. My time.

Leesten to me, my darlingk, you can freelance during dee day, but tonight, tonight ees my time. My time Babee. No—don’t speak—just leesten. We share dee couche during dee day, but at dee night, I want you to leesten. Don’t speak [paw covers mouth] let me get you a martini.


Oh, Marla C. Thank you and thanks to your handy cell phone camera…


Oh, this is _so_ Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around, II. Only, in cat form. Mike, thanks, bro.


Oh, this is not happening again

That damn cat thinks she can just leave me here out in the small bed, just because I came in later, DOESN’T MEAN I can’t have the big bed, I mean, I kinda fit in this bed sitting up—WHAT AM I SAYING? I can’t SLEEP LIKE THIS! If I wake up the cat, it’ll be mad again, oh dammit!


Thanks, Grace M.

I knead you

Tory L., class of 2006, sent in this hilarious cat kneading a puppy.
I love cat kneading….Thanks, Tory.


Sounds like it takes place in a grooming salon perhaps…


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