Kitten Mosh Pit

"Dewd! This is the BEST CONCERT EVAR!"

[Green Day blaring in background]

"Catch me, Bra! … Ehn!"


Dive in, Dan M. and

Rule of Cuteness #22: A Curled-up or tucked paw is cute

…and if your eyes match the carpet, BONUS!


Other bonus features: head tilt, teeny tail, and I can hear the purring if I get really close to the screen… ;) Thanks Jiminy S.

Worst pick-up lines ever

Hey Baby. Can I your phone number? I seem to have lost mine. Aw, just kiddin’ Baby.  Seriously, is your Dad a mechanic? ’cause you got all the right parts. No seriously, seriously. I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your Bed Rock! [tail chompage]


If beauty was crime, you’d be in for life, Eva H.

Case of the Tuesdays

Just 15 more minutes!


Just 15 more…


XOXOXOX to Caroline P. and her moosh-your-face-into her-neck goodness!


This is the most nerve-wracking pic evarr! Shelby the Rottweiler is about to ‘one-bite’ Magick the prosh kitten. I can only hope this is a case of simple snorgling! [I was only snorgling, your Honor/Officer]


Aieeee! Please assuage our fears, Connie H.!

We Are Your Couchmasters


Well met and well come to the court of Blue Couch, capital and seat of power for all of Living Room.  The protocols are as they have always been, fair pilgrim:  There will be no sipping of precarious liquids.  There will be no hogging of blankets.  There will be no licking of hineys.  And above all, this court will brook no blasphemy.  We need hardly mention that transgressions will be swiftly dealt with.  We’ve got eyebeams and by golly we’ll use them if we have to.

Offerings of the chewy fish and crunchy peanut variety will, of course, be graciously accepted.

You may now rise.

(NOTE — that’s Willow "the Pillow" Wabbit and Aslan P. Lion, aka "Mr. Bounce" up there.  We wuvs dem.)

The Crack of Noon Refusal

Look, it’s a Saturday morning, and there is simply NO REASON to get out of bed yet. It’s warm and comfterbuls in here, and grey outside, and you can bring me coffee right here. I don’t need to get out if you’re already out. Nyerhe! [pulls covers over head with paws] Nyerhe, nyerhe, nyerrrrrrrzzz.


Super paws up action submitted by Karleen P.

Book ’em

Booked for "Unneccessary Pouncing", Macro the kitten poses for his mug shot…

First, facing forward:


And now, turn to the left!


Gracias for the submission, Derek P. and Waferbaby.

Dry cleaning nightmare

I HATE it when my dry cleaning piles up and starts mewing.


Nice eyes matching the bag, Chloe! (Chloe reminds me of Priscilla, the hiney-licker.)

How to enjoy a delicious Kitten™ brand Push-Up treat!

Step 1: Wrap your Kitten Push-Up in a towel, this is going to be messy.


Step 2: From bottom of Kitten Push-Up, gently push upwards, making sure ears are not caught on towel. Reassure Push-Up that everything is OK.


Step 3: If Push-Up mews, it’s in the correct position. You may gently snorgle! Kitten Push-ups usually only last 3 minutes in this position, so be sure and take a photo.


Frozen yogurt props to Nate T., treat-maker.


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