Pupshoe vs. catshoe

Which one is more uncomfortable?Dogshoevs.Catshoe_1

New Kitten Swiffers®

For one low, low price, this roving pack of kittens will clean your floors. Act now, and we’ll give you a FREE Hamster WetJet Duct Cleaner™ and Pomeranian Shoe Shine™!Mike_3_1Thanks, Mike ;)

Colonel Cupcake will be your date this evening

He’s wearing a tux that says “Hey!” [paw double guns] May I have this dance? No? maybe some other time then?Showhost_2Colonel Cupcake is wearing Zack Meyers this season.

Rule of Cuteness #14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute

Would you just look at the size of that green Post-It® note next to this kittens’ litter box?

Now, look at the Post-Its® on your desk—now look at the kitten. Repeat!


Extreme close up!

Is this what a mouse sees seconds before being (licked and) eaten?Img_2724Click for an even larger image!Img_2692_2Alertly pointed out by Sparky, from the Shisso blog.

Eye of the Tiger

Risin’ up, back on the streetDid my time, took my chan-an-cesWent the distance, now I’m back on my feetJust a kitten and his will to surviiiiiiiive!Minewexerciseinstrutor_1Huge props to Cori and Melina ;)


[singsong voice] I’m dee Kutest Kitten in dee World™ and I OWN you! la la lee [end singsong]Cleaningtime_1Thanks, AmazingCatCollection.com ;)

Cat Bath™

I hate you


I hate you


I looooooooove you [gargling purr sound]


Alertly point out by Kora Manheimer!

Kittenwar.com, you complete me

Snaked from kittenwar.com, home of the best kitten battles on the Web. Gracias. Muchas Gracias.


Just can’t get out of bed

Honey? Could you bring in the bon-bons back in here?Where’s the remoooooooote?I’m sooo tired, I can hardly watch t.v.Honey? Blind Date’s on! Oh, I’ve seen this one.


Thanks José


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