Those aren’t pillows!

Priscilla, of the Cancilla family, is ready to lick your hiney.


This is you at Cute Overload

These are the blog entries of Cute Overload crawling over over you and licking your shoulders! You can’t take it!!!

Thanks to Ben Kaubisch—you didn’t think I’d post this, huhn?

Look Mom, no ears!

I can’t heeeeeeeeear you! I have no eeeeeeeears!
la la la la la la la la


Lil’ Head submitted by Michelle Enemark ;)

Get it on

C’mere, Bebe! "Caught in the act" was bravely submited by Annukka Matilainen. Looks like it was found on Funpic. Thanks so much!


Together, we shall keeeeell heem!


Moochas gracias to Kay, in Buffalo, MN. Yes, Kay, it’s very cute!

Peeky McPeekerson

Bravely following the “Rules of Cuteness”, namely, an Inquisitive Look is Always Cute™, Mr. Peeky McPeekerson, care of Mark Groak, graces our presence.


Nice rack!

A very alert reader Julia Rose sent this delectable kitten photo. Holy composition!


Is it wrong to want to SQUEEEEZE a kitten?

Honestly, HOW CAN YOU AVOID IT when the KITTEN LOOKS LIKE THIS? This photo, alertly pointed out by reader Mr. Ben Wolfson, is another fine product of Bless ‘em.


This just in: The rare “KittenFrog”

This looks suspiciously Photoshopped, but there is no rule against that, is there? Big props to Michael Eggers, who alertly sent in this photo of the amphibious "KittenFrog", rarely seen with the naked eye.

Mee-allgh? does it again with their kitten photos. Kitten-Pants here can hardly keep his eyes open.