This is like, blowing my mind, man

Whoa. This is too much man!

Could this be little "Cheesedoodle" all grown up? AND looking at herself on Cute Overload?

No waaaaaaaaaaaay, man!


Nice Hello Kitty on the monitor, Mabel and Megan W.

My warsher!

No I will NOT let you open the washer. My precious kitten thong undies are in there.


Christina R., way to GO!

Peeky McPeekerson Jr.

Hey, how did that kitten get on my grandma’s floor? [Best linoleum pattern Evar!]


Christina R., beautiful job.

Big “ZZZ” and lil’ “zzz”

What can I say? This photo makes me feel all snuggly and tie-tie.


Purrrs and Love, (as my third-grade teacher used to say) David S.!

Cubby cubbin’ it, ya’ll

I’m sure ya’ll have seen this one, but I just had to post an official pic. Peeps down at the San Diego Zoo had two lion cubs, of which "Koza", below, is one. Unfortunately, his twin died.To encourage social behavior they introduced a Mastiff puppy for Koza to play with. The photos are very sweet.


Big thanks to Wendy "Hot Coffee" D.

Lazy Saturday

Plucked from the “Baby animals” cluster by E to the C, it’s a prosh “Blue Oriental” kittle.Dreamz1_blue_orientalThanks go out to Dreamz1 Flickr stream

Sis? Is…is that you!?

Going to the DailyKitten site is like visiting the twin you never knew existed. I instantly felt cozy there! I wonder whhhhyyyy? A daily dose of kittens—what could be better?11360392781sthobophotoThanks for the tip, Monica H.!

“Cheesedoodle” goes online

Yes, the kitten’s name is "Cheesedoodle"—that’s just the best. Sent in by Mike F. Made possible by :-*



Supercat_1 Don’t worry, Lois, I’ll save you!

Click the link for the full effect with sound

Here’s the entire set of stills, from Junku’s photo set on Flickr.

Thanks for submitting, Holi D. and Becca. Thanks for nagging me, Theo. [geesh!]

Hiding from the comments

Hmmm, I don’t see any comments in here! Zzzz.


Thanks, M.S., courtesy of Livejournal


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