Saturday Morning Snooze-a-rama

Honk-shu, honk-shu, honk-sherhhhhhe [repeat]


Thanks to the CuteTracker submitters!

Best friend rendezvous

Best pals in Malaysia, as captured by Kazzle* (<–she adds a star to her name, it’s not an asterix) She took these photos in Kuala Selangor  Nature Park. Obvy, they’re fabu!




Submitted by Jack R.!

Sunbeam stare

Michael T. sends a sunbeam out to California where we’ve had like, 30 straight days of rain. Gracias, Michael (and prosh kitten.)


Say WHAT!?

There is one reason, and one reason only for posting this photo. The eyes, People, the eyes. It’s a Cats in Sinks SHOCKER!


Danielle B. Eye-opening!

Excessive Snorgling

This unlikely caretaker adopted some little kittens and there is some snorgling going on that should really be outlawed—it’s excessive! [Hee!]


Sent in via the Snorgtron by W Padilla and Boys.

Rule of Cuteness #20 Show your paw pads!

…Especially if they’re clean….


Steve H. sent in Mika and and Charlie…


Oh! Helloooo Dahlink.

No, you are not bos-er-ring me. I was ey-specting you.

No, no, come seet overr here.

Zere. Zat’s betterr. Now, tell Madeleine what’s on your mind, ahn?


Madame Madeleine brought to you by Stephanie S.

I can stop anytime I want

Look, I don’t have a problem YOU have a problem. Yeah, sure, I enjoy my wine, but it’s NOT A PROBLEM. Besides, I can stop whenever I want to! I don’t neeeeeeeeed Pinot Noir. I don’t HAVE to have it. I know I could be spending money on other things like better carpeting and stemware, but I LIKE my Pinot Noir, and if you can’t handle it, well, that’s like, your opinion man.


bcweaves… Way to go on the CuteTracker

Can you find the kitten in this photo 2

‘Remington Tire Manshon’ was home to a big ole litter behind Nat and his wife’s house. As Nat says: "This might qualify for the "sad or cute?" section. But we saved them all [the kittens not the tires, -Ed] so it’s not sad, it’s cute. When we say sad, we say it like "sa-yad" for extra emphasis."


Tha-anks, Nat and wifey. ;)

P.S. Rebecca S., *this* is the photo I was telling you about yesterday!

I *told* you I wanted a CuteOverload T-shirt.

Today is the FINAL day for ordering your CuteOverload T, People. After today, you’ll not see the World Peace Hamster Shirt EVER AGAIN! So, Do the right thing, and order now! Glarkware operators are standing by.


Thanks to Chachi and Jamie for the button-down awesomeness.


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