Just what the heck is going on in this household?!

OK, apparently, "Mali" the rat and "Squirt" the cat are pals, who like to engage in Rule #4. Just why Mali sports a ‘devil’ costume is unknown, but who really cares? I thought she was Mighty Mouse at first. Shows you what I know.



Nice find, Sheryl S.! ;)


Kittens Kaptured on Kameraphones Klawing each other! KUTE!


Double paws on face. Nice work, Christopher D. Oh and Christopher D. says that C.O. is the "8th Wonder of the World." Isn’t that nice? I think I have to post that somewhere. That’s really sweet.

What a lazy kitten.

Man, kittens these days. They just sit on their asses and accomplish nothing. It’s such a shame—their cat parents should really get after them—man. Look at this good-for-nuthing kitten. WHAT HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED TODAY!? Nothing. Nothing, that’s what.


OK, MAYBE he accomplished being a Snorgle Target, but that’s about it. Geeshe, Tracey.

Deals! Deals! Deals!

Tabbies are flying off the shelves at PetSmart, People! Get yours while supplies last. Right next to the ‘Small animals" section and the Parrot treats.


Above is a joke, but sincerely, you can find great adoptable pets at Petco’s PetFinder…

Pantry Pal…DEUX!

Pantry Pal 2: [Looking over the work of Pantry Pal 1] "Uh, says here they wanted TWO loaves of Whole grain and TWO Pistacios Puddings. I only see one pudding."
Pantry Pal 1: [Shivers in corner]
Pantry Pal 2: "Yep, says so right here." [grabs pencil]


Nice Pantry Pal addition, Sasha P.!

Keeping-cool tactic

Mehbeh if I just keep a teeny part of me tongue out, I’ll stay a few degrees cooler. Yes! Yes, that’s the ticket!


Gracias, Anna, the tongue-wielding KITTEH

Come on. Give it up.

Let’s give it up for Stuff On My Cat, People. I mean, look at this quality. It’s redonk—the pure beauty of of the tiny Kitt-tayns are enough to make you crazy. So, check out that site!


Astrid N.—good eye.

It’s really time for bed—no doubt about it

So, bundle up, cover your head, and maybe keep an eye open for a moment…

just… a …. momentzzzzzzzzz


Gracias, Abby

Night Night

You know what, it’s been a lonnng day. Time to collapszzzze [ears flop down in unison]


Night night, Diana M.!

I hate my cat boss

Listen, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in the office on Saturday. Oh, and did you see the memo? We’re putting cover sheets on all the TPS reports now before they go out. If you could do that, that’d be greaaat.


You’re gonna have to talk to Payroll about this, M.E….

And huge props to M.E. for ACTUALLY SENDING IN A STAMP with the submission of Kitten Kelvin! High-larious!



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