Outlawable floofiness

[Cute police siren]

These cats are UNDER ARREST.

There is far too much floof going on here, and it must be stopped before someone gets hurt. INDIVIDUALLY they possess entirely too much floof, and together, well, together—THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

There hasn’t been a violation this bad since, well, this guy.


Tammy C.—we’re going downtown.

[Cute Police siren]

This is just what you need today

Points for:
1. Curled paw
2. Neck vulnerability
3. Purring sounds [I can hear them!]
4. Crocheted blankie
5. Overall ‘soft’ ball shape
6. Visible paw pads

I give this one a 9.9! [Holding up judging card]


I’m sure you’d give her a 10, Right, R. Danette?


Well said, Hilary S.!

Just like our dear little friend Pricilla, "Isis" the cat makes a sudden appearance out from UNDER THE COVERS OMG PON1ES!!! BBQ!!!


[Clenching sheets for dear life] aaaaaaaaaaah!

I hear The Colbert Report scooped me on this one

…I’m sure it won’t be the first time Mr. Colbert plays the kitten card! [shaking fist at sky]

Good night, everyone :)

You will smell this flower NOW

As my sister would say: "You liiiiiiiiiike it!!!" [followed by forcing flower up nose].


I love how the kitten is all "WTF? OK, already!"
Diane B., way to educate the kittens.

Oh, for the love of Pete

For crying out loud, will someone PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON!?


[Cracking self up] Thanks, so very much, DesignPirate Jen K.!

Sleepies. sooo sleepies.

Catheroo (great nickname!) sends in her ‘Sleeping Kitty Making Biscuits” video…

Yes, Catheroo, exscruitiatingly cutezzzzzzzzz

Cat food vantage point

Ryan M. says ‘Mr. Buddy’ has a bit of an oral fixation…I see him and raise him a BEADY EYE FIXATION! I’ll also note this camera angle is nice for showing tiny ears.


Big slurps, Ryan L.M.

Kitten Head

Teeny tiny kitten head, snoozin’ peacefully. Good night!


Teeny honk-shus to ‘Rollin Rags’. Niiiice shot.

Formidable opponent

You may have ‘Skip’ped me the last four turns, but wait ’til I drop this Wild plus Draw Four, mofo.


Toby (nice bling) Pwns! [Did I just write that?!]


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