‘Double’ Snorgle CAUGHT ON FILM

Jorden C. proudly reports: "I went in for my dog-walking shift and saw these little dandelions in the nursery!" Soon after, the enormous, tightly-gripped double-snorgle was caught on film.


I love the "Whatevs!" look on the kitten’s faces while their ESSENCE IS ABSORBED!

Cat Box

Says Padraic C.: "My parents were taking out some recyclables, when a few old cardboard boxes fell off the stack. By the time they got back from the end of the driveway, they saw this"


OMG, are you for Reals, Padraic?!?

Double Paw Tuckage

Double Rule #20, ya’ll! And yes if you have two paws curled up, then it’s DOUBLE TWENNY! [slot machine sound]


What are the odds, Matthew R.?

“Justin” has a smooooshy face

…At least, that’s what sender-inner Vincent says. I’m inclined to agree! Someone has been using the Photoshop "Fluff" filter. I think it’s "Command-F".


And, turn to the riiiight…


The tables are TURNED!

Look, I had to wear that thing for weeks, and you laughed at me, now YOOOOOU get to wear it! Ha!


Nice table-turner, Tina P.!

Vitamin K

Absolutely milk-tastic! [One eye half-closed, followed by teeny, tiny tongue slurpage]


Eeeeeeeeeee! Droplets on the whiskers, People! DROPLETS ON THE WHISKERS!
Thanks, ‘Hillybean 5"…

Unbelievable munchies

Dood, I know, I know, the drum circle can WAIT, MAN! It’s all about these cupcakes right now. wooooo! who MADE these!? They’re like, organic or something. They are GREAT, man!


Delicious, smeared props to “Poison” Evy ;)


It’s really annoying when a barnacle-like kitten sticks to your back. It’s hard to get a good nap in.



Teeny tail thanks to Mario the kitten and sender-inner Luigi Schiavo, Ph.D., D.Sc.

“Noodle Attacking My Bathrobe”

…is the name of this submission. A FABULOUS name. Look at lil’ Noodle, and his look-alike salt shaker. [Pulling on string] "Mrrrrrrrrrgggghe!" No wonder she needs BandAids!


Ears back, Alexis R.!

Xtreme Snorgle Close-up™

This kittle is about to lean into your face and snoooorgle YOU.

Oh, and Rule #16 in full effect: (Head has big as body!) Don’t miss the teeeeeny tail too. Rule #17 for those following in the handbooks at home.


Alert reader Yaoming sent in this anerable pic. ;)