Um, could this kitteh follow MORE rules of Cuteness? [Chandler voice]

1. Assuming a snorgling posishe
2. Crossed lower paws
3. Totally vul-nerable (that’s vulnerable + anerable)
4. exhibiting stubtetude (in tail depahtment)
5. Close to a rack


Are you happy now? You just added 5 more rules, Robert R.

It’s official—reader Briana T. is nuts

So, a while back, we posted a kitteh that exhibited some unesscessary paws-uptitude while sleeping. This cat had two limbs hanging in the air, for really no apparent reason.

But that’s not important right now (say in Leslie Nielsen voice.) What’s important is that Briana T. has decided that this cat is Burl Ives reincarnated in the form of Sam the Snowman.

Well, obvy, she has a good point, there. Voilà the side-by-side comparison.


Briana T., you’re Officially Nuts™.

Sometimes, [head tilt] Kittehs need rehab

Don’t let this happen to your kitteh. Perfectly good cats are WASTING THEIR LIFES snorgling catnip. Just look at this flailing-limbed-kitteh ("The Golden Egg" is his name, apparently. Sounds like a Hippeh.) He is completely out of control, snorting bush after bush of nip, laying there like a bum. Crimminy. What is with KITTEHS TODAY?


On second thot, looks like a great way to spend the afternoon, Jorden C….

Saturday morning morsel

Just a little kitten morsel to start off your day.

Please meet Mr. Jackie Chan, Kitten Esq. at your service. (Luuuurve the chipmunk-esque stripe)


Nice name, Jenni W.

Boxingk match

Dees faucet box! I SHALL NOT LET HER WEEN!

I shall defeat her—WEETH ALL MY STRENGTH! rarrrrrrrrgh! [pushing against wall]


No-tingk ees safe—zee sides of zee box, ZAY WEEL PEREESHE!


[NAWM NAWM] [Belly flops out]


[Suddenly stops] Bah—Oui? [Tiny paw sticks out, back leg trembles]


BON, Keeeem S.!

This is the LAST place he’ll look!

LOL—this is "Ratty" the rat hidingk under "Hemingway" the cat. Apparently, Hemingway spent 15 years chasing rats and has had it. This is soooo Tom and Jerry, I love it.


Rock and roll, Jordan D.

Daily C.O. Reminder

How great would it be if, wherever you were during the day—at the office, at home, wherever—every day at 2PM, a little grey kitten like this would crawl up yer pant leg and make sure you had checked CuteOverload at least once. Not in an annoying, nagging way, but in a soft, white muzzlepuffed, purring kind of way.


"Juuuuuusssssssst checkin’!" [Say in Cliff Claven voice] Jon H.!

Purring fleece jacket warmer

Don’t EVAR get caught in a cold, purr-less, fleece jacket again! New North Face cat sleeves add warmth AND keep your fleece jacket sleeves in full, upright positions. One cat per arm only.


Don’t forget to remove cat(s) before wear, Ken D.

And you thought I was ridiculous

I love it when someone writes and and out-ridiculouses me. This is such a time. Alert reader Carrie G. has just educated me on what she calls "sea urchin belly" a delightful form of fur overflow when her kitteh Scout sits like this:




LOL, girl! L to the O to the L.

Tiny tiger tongued toes

As far as Cute overloading goes, I think having a baby tiger lick your toes might send you into a C.O. coma. Authorities should really look into it as a way to subdue perps.


Thanks to Taylor M. and his girlfriend Kaela who visited a Puerto Vallarta Tiger Reserve and remain in critical (but stable) overload condish.


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