And I thought my scoliosis was bad

Paws are like, tewtelly up!

This cat is named: "Blanket Michael Jackson", which is ALMOST reason alone to post him. But if you look at the Paws Uptitude™ then you know there is that extra push it takes to get on C.O.


Curled and loving it, Jules I-W!


Howard: [Say in Howard Cosell voice] Peeple, How-ward Cosell heah, reporting to you live from the C-O-X-C-U Cap-it-tal of the world, the Cute Overload X-Treme Close-Up Headquarters, and what a magnificent day  it is, Jim!

Jim: Indeed, Howard it is UN…forgettable! Will you please look at this fine macro-specimen, from a Mr. Thijs! I mean, how do you pronounce that, Howard? Thee-jees? Who-the-heck knows?

Howard: Jim, this just in—a sec-ond pic-ture of that same cat, I can’tbelieveit—

Jim: Amazing, Howard, let’s….takealook.




Thank you, Thijs!

Gravity sucks

First of all, what is this cat doing on my grandmother’s couch?

Secondly, this dewd seems pretty comfortable, except for some really Unesscessary Paws-upitude™. I mean, having that front and back paw up while you’re sleeping is really too much isn’t it?


By the way, how do ya’ll feel about a "Paws Up!" bumper sticker? I think we should do it, Dave B., in honor of your kitteh!

Meanwhile, in a pile o’ pillows

Kitten: Um, So, we built this fort, and we were playing in it, and suddenly Mom got all mad and she caught us making a fort and we got GROUNDED!

Dog: Can I have a popsicle?


Holy Rule #4, Ginnie-Pinkie S.!

Ginger invades your personal space

As ya’ll know, we’re huge fans of the C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™].
So it goes without saying that if Ginger the Kitten feels she needs to invade our personal space with her perfect muzzlepuff, we are defenseless.



Keep up the macro-licious work, Rotem!

Real-life cartoon cat

"Kuva" the cat is sooo prosh. Check out his little cartoon-cat face. His whole head is made up of, like, two ovals. Yay!


He’s the perfect little character, Minea!

Gooood niiiight





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