Look, it’s a kitteh named "Bread Pudding". Can you imagine a better name than that? All warm and yummy? I can’t. OK, maybe the name "Marcy" comes close, but that’s IT.

Thanks for the stamp, too, "Pudds".




❤ to Kaede 😀

P.S., You too can turn your photos in real US postage! with…PhotoStamps.  😉


John Williams directs new film score

…with his new composing partner. It’s like, perfect for Close Encounters II.

Nice one, Elle

An oldie, but goodie

The best part is the lion sliding down the giraffe leg. Delicious!


Thanks to Sparky, Theo and Nate M.

The Adventures of INVISI-CAT

INVISI-CAT can sneak up on prey!
He blends into ANY BACKGROUND!
He’ll purr in your ear without YOU EVEN KNOWING IT!
Wait—where did he—go?


If you squint, you ken’t even see ’em, Christa P.

Sweden weighs in on Cats ‘n’ Racks

It was only a matter of time before the Swedes got in on the Cats ‘n’ Racks action. Check out Ms. Hanna K. here. She’s all "der teh der" stuffin’ a kitteh in her rack. Ahn.


Purrs to Hanna—utmärkt!

“Purrrr-shuuu” + toes

Do you think when cats sleep it’s like:

"Purrrr-shuuu, Purrrr-shuuu" [repeat]

Let’s listen and find out… [paws clench and release pillow]


Michele S., tiny honk-shus to you.

Time for a story, then off to bed

Storyteller Thom: "It’s been a looong weekend, Peeps. Time for your story, then off to bed."

[Spaniel looks over at cats in disbelief] "ONE STORY!? no waaaaaaaaaaay!!!"


Nice work, Thom P…

Secret Backyard Rendezvous

Boid: "We keel them in their sleep at meednight. AGREEEED?!"
Kitteh: [Nods]
Boid: "Then eet is ees done."


Rokkin’ Rule #4 is pretty sweet, Dean W.

Get back to work, Slacker

So, you’re an employee at Cute Overload Headquarters, and your "boss" McKittersons here, demands that you "GET BACK TO WORK MEOW"!

You are *such* a slackerrrr! [singsong]


Maria W., He wants that repurrrrrrt on his desk first thing Monday morning.

We loves us some wet pawsitude

As ya’ll know, we loves us some wet pawsitude here at C.O. headquarters. Lil’ stray "Chavo" was found and given a scrubbin’.

Chavo: "Meeeee-allllgh!"


And, ahhhhhhhhhhh….


VikkiRules, it’s true, you do.