Unbelievable munchies

Dood, I know, I know, the drum circle can WAIT, MAN! It’s all about these cupcakes right now. wooooo! who MADE these!? They’re like, organic or something. They are GREAT, man!


Delicious, smeared props to “Poison” Evy ;)


It’s really annoying when a barnacle-like kitten sticks to your back. It’s hard to get a good nap in.



Teeny tail thanks to Mario the kitten and sender-inner Luigi Schiavo, Ph.D., D.Sc.

“Noodle Attacking My Bathrobe”

…is the name of this submission. A FABULOUS name. Look at lil’ Noodle, and his look-alike salt shaker. [Pulling on string] "Mrrrrrrrrrgggghe!" No wonder she needs BandAids!


Ears back, Alexis R.!

Xtreme Snorgle Close-up™

This kittle is about to lean into your face and snoooorgle YOU.

Oh, and Rule #16 in full effect: (Head has big as body!) Don’t miss the teeeeeny tail too. Rule #17 for those following in the handbooks at home.


Alert reader Yaoming sent in this anerable pic. ;)


This little ‘horn of plenty’ or, "cornocopia" means ‘gift from the Gods’, People! Ahwn.
Good night, everyone (for peeps on California time, that is.)


Purrrrs, Nancy L. ;)

Yep, it’s a pretty common problem

Lemme juuuuuust take a look here. General Chiptractor sent me—said you needed some help. Yeppers, I can see why. Simple case of thee uh, crank shaft disconnecting from the fetzer valve. Those valves are, uh, notorious in these here ’76 Jimmys. Yepp-per. Now, you prepare that Fetzer valve with some, uh, 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads, and she should be good to er, go there.


Drink your QuakerState, Qui M.!

Kitten Mosh Pit

"Dewd! This is the BEST CONCERT EVAR!"

[Green Day blaring in background]

"Catch me, Bra! … Ehn!"


Dive in, Dan M. and Nekobox.org

Rule of Cuteness #22: A Curled-up or tucked paw is cute

…and if your eyes match the carpet, BONUS!


Other bonus features: head tilt, teeny tail, and I can hear the purring if I get really close to the screen… ;) Thanks Jiminy S.

Worst pick-up lines ever

Hey Baby. Can I your phone number? I seem to have lost mine. Aw, just kiddin’ Baby.  Seriously, is your Dad a mechanic? ’cause you got all the right parts. No seriously, seriously. I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your Bed Rock! [tail chompage]


If beauty was crime, you’d be in for life, Eva H.

Case of the Tuesdays

Just 15 more minutes!


Just 15 more…


XOXOXOX to Caroline P. and her moosh-your-face-into her-neck goodness!