[Pink nose moving]

Porrrrk.  Looks goooood. I must get my seven toes on a piiiiece.


Thanks for sending in the Princess, Diane V. ;)

Pick moi up

Look, I know you’ve been at work ALL day and you’re tired, but I demand you pick me up [stretches out paws] and take me to that other sill over there so I can check out that other sunbeam.


Was that so bad, Anna S.? ;)

Disapproving kittens

These kittens are not pleased.

How! How have you not pleased them!?

They’re almost as disapproving as the Famous Disapproving Bunnies.


Hmmm, cute animals on blue again… [shifty eyes] Thanks, Caroline L.

“It starts out as sort of a gang-snorgle…

…and ends up with a happily monosnorglous snorgle."

OK, that caption was TOO DAMN FUNNY not to include.

Way to go, Submitter Evan-Monkey-Treats.

At the straight-tailed stage of Kittenry

Kittens at the ‘straight-tailed stage of dev-kitten-ment are the best. Their tails haven’t completely grown in yet, and they’re all stubbage and prosh. Probably the best example is this little guy.

Just like Mr. Paw Pads here.

Exsquisite work, Comma Queen.

Sleepin’ on Big Bird’s wing

What’s more hilarious? This little kitteh falling asleep on a pillow FUZZIER than him, or the little dewds in the background layin’ around? Ireegardless*, Theo, the sender-inner, says he is *not* looking forward to giving up these foster kittehs, who are ready for adoption.


* Fave word


‘Cause I ain’t gonna let ‘cha.

Crest, AIM, or Colgate—it don’t mattah! Step out my sink, yo.

Oh, and Paws up, Bitches [holds pose]


Thanks, Rebecca L., Who finds her kitteh like this ‘All the time’.

All folded up

I’m fine. I’m fine just sleepin’ here on this slab of a floor, don’t mind moi. [Readjusts paws]


Sender-inner Irene L. Don’t you think we’re posting ENOUGH Marmelade kittehs lately? OK, OK, what’s another prosh specimen?


Listen People, I am not messing around here. This is the best kitten video of all time. Yes, I’m talking this up, it’s really that good. Enjoy.

// I don’t know if we Overloaded the servers, but we’re BACK People, with thanks to Google Video.//


Sender-inner Jennifer S., you really topped all kitten videos. >^.^<

The Pre-Pounce

CAPTURED perfectly on film!

Run for your LIIIIFE!


Couldn’t get away fast enough. Yelp!


What will be our fate!? smothered by muzzlepuff, Adela G.??!