Just another Sunday, playing with the turtle…

(…No, that is NOT a euphemism, People!) These kittehs are playin’ with a mini-toit-pants, and here’s hopin’ they don’t one-bite him. Gulp!


Thanks to turtle "Chinedum", kittehs "Che" and "Eva" and sender-inner Emily ;)

You have .02 seconds…

…to get OUT the way.



Nice work, CuteTracker and "Eepie" kitten >^•^<

First time ‘tock viewin’

Look man, I didn’t ASK to see your ‘tocks. Them thar are some scary ‘tocks. [Shivers]


Lies V. R. and I are looking for the photographer of this and other kitten photos. Anyone have a clue!?

EXTENDED Saturday morning flop

I am having a full and total Saturday morning flop. It’s 12:39PM California time, and I’m still sittin’ here in mah jammies drinking coffee. WHO’S WITH ME, PEOPLE?


Philla B. is. I know that much.


Just a reminder, peeps… this is it, right here, the feline washcloth, the kitty loofah, the interspecies sandpaper scrub-brush that we’ve been taking about with this question.


Click on the photo for the C.O.X.C.U. just to make things abundantly clear.
Any questions?

Nice droplet, Lord Kalvan!  (Everybody say Hi to Princess Hank!)

Question for you…. ;)

OK, People, here’s teh Deal. Ususally, when we receive THREE OR MORE photos on the same topic, it can become a category. Here is the THIRD image with one ani-pal "cleaning" another. We’ve had two other images that would qualify for this category, here and here.

Should "Let me clean you" become a category!? What do YOU think?


Slurps to you, Rick G.

A Monday-morning inspirational message from this kitteh.

People, I know you don’t NEED to hear an inspirational message. Especially from a little kitteh who can barely focus on his own pawsitude. And sure—what type of message could this kitteh even give you that you don’t already know? But take a moment out from sipping your double-soy-chai-mochacchino and listen:

[Audience places ears up to the screen]

GET THOSE PAWS-UP! Now get out there, People, and kick some Monday morning ‘tocks. Pronto.


Back to your regularly-scheduled C.O. Thanks, CuteTracker!

Then and Now

Remember when you were young, skinny, and could fit in a sink? "Eustace" kitteh remembers.


Ahhhhhh. Cool siiiiinkatude.


XO, Cathy H. ;)

I shall clean you for as long as I like! [Part Deux]

You shall stay put for as long as I tell you!

Stay, leetle peeglette! STAY!

Oh, and here is Part Un.


Tammy R., Titania is a lucky lil’ peeglette. 

“The cat’s out of the…bag”

Yes, I know it looks like a title Aubrey or Lauri would write. Or maybe it will be something like: "What’s in his BAG of tricks!?" or "THIS is a CAT-tastrophe!" or somethin’. Yeah, I know. But let’s see what they DO come up with…





"Late!!!" Oh SHOOT, I cannot find the cat owners name… Some help, Peeps?


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