One boxed kitteh, comin’ right up

Since kittehs like boxes soooooooooo moishe, how about sending a kitteh to someone this Holiday season? Make sure to punch breathing holes.


Thanks, "ShadowBud" and Kitteh "Shadow"

Olive and Maggie: BFFs

Best Friends Forever Olive the Boston terrier and Maggie the cat are are upping their proshness level by getting caught playing in a sunbeam. They’re so cute I bet they wear matching half-heart pendants.



Rikki E. K., way to send ’em in!

Winston eats mashed potatoes

People, Winston the cat is workin’ this one. Just look at his smoooshed up face and ability to soft-kronsche his mashed potatoes. Let’s hear it for him [Thunderous applause]

click to DOWNLOAD video... (don't ask; we don't know)

Thanks to sender-inner Corin W. :D and of course Rich & the gang at FourFour.

Look, I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this

OK, OK, People, calm down.

I’m sure there is an explanation for all of this.

I’m sure the cat in the foreground was simply reaching for his morning porridge, and there was a simple misunderstanding that caused a ‘Head chomp’, and the kitten in the background was not scarred for life.



I mean, what could have caused this "GAALGH" action, Tiffany L.?

There is like, nothing on right now

OMG, who is asleep at the wheel on the remote? How many times do I have to hear Jack Bauer whisper-yell into his cell phone? [Does Jack Bauer imitation holding paw up as ‘cell phone’] "I repeat, Chloe! get me a VISUAL ON THE BUILDING NOW!" Will someone please fast-forward this crapulence? Frak!


Olga L., pass the remote

“Hon? Where’s my sunhaaaaaat?”

"Hon? Where’s the cat leeeeeeeash?"



"Hon, you there?"


Thanks, ‘Turbo’ the Kitteh and sender-inner Victoria T.


As in The Littlest Cutest kitten EVAH! Are those really PINK FOAM casts? Really?


I dont know who sent in Manukka_post_op but I’m givin you a chest bump high five right now. 

Yogurt Kitteh Before and After


And, oh, the aftermath…


Rebecca F. received these in an email. Too—too moishe…

Meanwhile, over at C.O. Dream Headquarters…

…Only two kittens per lap, People. no pushing!


Aaaaaaah. one day, we’ll have our own office, right Audrey C.?

Kitteh Tree Testing Services®

[Cliff Claven voice] Yup. Might wanna have yer tree looked at by the, uh expert, here.

Lemme just check her out. [flexes branches] Everything seems in, ah, order here.

Juuuuuuuuust checkin’ her out. [tastes pine needles]

Yep. Pretty good er, tree there.


Robert B. says Ophelia kitteh administered her tests, and thankfully, the tree is a good, sturdy one.


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