Hello Sears? Have I got a photo shoot for YOU

Have you been to Sears portrait studio recently? They do AWESOME work. Let me tell you, I am not kidding. 2 years ago, Sparky and I and our roommate, The Dude went to Sears for a ‘family’ portrait, and it was AWESOME. They take good care of you there, the quality rocks, and I spent 15 hours looking at their prop selections.

I love that someone brot their turtle and kitteh in for a portrait. That cat is all: "WTF? I can’t cuddle with this!" The turtle is all "Ehn!"


Justin V., Tossing Rituals brand coffee crystals in your direction (sorry, inside joke, we lerrrve the coffee creamer powder at the office called ‘Rituals’)

Camp Kittdelton



QUIT yer bunk sleepin’ and git out to the yard!


There’ll be no sleepin’ on my WATCH!


Glass bunks brot to you by Tracy B. ;)

Various and sundry items

Submitter Erin P. says: "This is my cat Aeon. He is groceries.* I know it looks staged, but he totally crammed himself in there."

Oh, we know a thing or two about cats cramming into places. Stheriouswee.


* He is? OOOOOOOOO-Kaaaaaaay….

Complete and total mayhem

OK, this is one of the funniest photos I’ve seen in a long time. Check it, left to right:

Kitten 1: [Gnawing on own leg] "THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT, MAN"
Kitten 2: [Getting assaulted by a bro, and chomping on a foot in return] "Sayonara TOESVILLE!"
Kitten 3: (Lower middle) [Assaulting bro, eyes clenched shut] "Ye shall perish!!!"
Kitten 4: (Back) [Looking for an exit from Crazyville] "Mommeeeeeee!"
Kitten 5: (Center of pile) "Could be worse, I could be in the eleven-kitten mosh pit!"
Kitten 6: [Has no idea where his own limbs are, getting hit in face] "Don’t touch the merch, mofo!"
Kitten 7: (Bottom right legs) "LAAATE!"


A.J. Mee—stherweeouswee—new levels of redonkulousness. Thank you.


Oh, Nika. Did you THINK we would even consider passing up your delightful Bengal kitteh?

And did you THINK for ONE SECOND we wouldn’t have a SPIDEY SENSE that you kept the best photo for last of this kitteh on your site? (The belly one)


PurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrNika  >^•^<

WAY TOO MANY joke possibilities…








Seriously, John M., you’ve GOT to be kidding.

Maybe we should submit this to Stuff on my Cat.com

This kitteh wins Most Patient Kitteh Award.

The baby rat with it’s leg dangling near the cat’s mouth wins Ballsiest Bebeh Award.

Check it, the cats’ got ten eyes-glued-shut-delectable-rat-bebehs on her back. For crying out loud, that’s like sitting with a half dozen Krispy Kremes on my head.Must… not… eat!


Really, there is some serious potench gulpitude going on here, Susan C.

A Day in a Kitten Life

This vid is muy cute. Yeah, it’d be even better if it didn’t have the weird RenFair music, But oh wells.

Thanks, Wingigucci [head bow]

A Day in the Life of The Shorthairs

They’re such a nice family, those Shorthairs.

Excellent pick, David L.! and Motao :)

Everyone loved the Crocodile Hunter

It’s very sad to report that conservationist Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was killed during a filming expedition in the Great Barrier Reef today. Whenever I saw Steve on T.V., his passion was stunning and admirable—I’m so sorry to hear he’s gone. As you can see, everyone loved the Croc Hunter…his adventures are legendary. As soon as there is a live link to "The Crikey Fund", I’ll link it.






"That was close!"


That was quite an adventure, Karen K. [Who sent these photos back in March!]


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