Oh, Reeemooote, I love you so moishe

Precious, prehhhhh-shus Remoooootte.

You breeng me soish happinays.

Stay weeth me right here. [pet pet]

Sweeeet Reeeeeeemoooooote….


Bee-boo-boo boo-bee-boo-boo![sound of numbers being punched] to Brandi D.

It’s called thread count, People. And it matters.

and it makes all the differeeeeeence in your upholstery [stretch]

On second thought—maybe not…

You can eat half a dozen Krispy Kremes on any fabric.

Pass the remote, Dahling.

Nicole M.—delishe composishe.

Sunbeam + nyahm, nyahm, yahm

Nyahm, nyaaaahm nyaaaaaahhhm [falls asleep in beam]


Turns out that "Hobbes" kitteh was actually pounced upon later by fellow kitteh Calvin. Not even a kitteh can catch a McBreak, right Emily B.?

Tiny honk-shoes reverberating in a slipper

Ssssssssssh! If you listen closely, you can hear them!


C.O.S.E. (Cute O Sound Effects)
Honk-shu (regular sleep)[38K]
Mini Honk-shus (deep sleep)[40K]


Thanks to LizZZZZZZZZZZ [trails off]

It’s Kitten Law: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction

These two are Newtonrific!1160943179558Shout out to La Déesse and her kitten kissage!

OOCED: Meow-llo-ween

First of all, People, I did NOT make up "Meow-llo-ween." I simply cannot take credit. But when someone wishes you a "Happy Meowlloween!" you must pass it on.  So, Happy Meowlooowee—HOLY KITTEH KRAZY EYES!!!


Teh Arnold Family RULEZ

Wednesdays suuuuuck! [singsong]

Stherious. ‘Hump’ day? WHO came up with that? Hallmark? For crying’ out loud, can’t we just fast-forward to the weekend already?!


Someone git me a martini.


Heeeeeeeeeee, Jacqueline W…

Is our Halloween candy ready!?

Because, you should count on AT LEAST HALF OF IT going to your kitteh.



"GLURP!" said Huntère the Kitteh. [Took 37 licks to git to the centre, according to Lori S.]

I know cats like enclosed spaces, but this is ridiculous

Um. Sir Puddles? Could you please vacate mah basket? I need it for like, bread rolls and stuff.


"Jake" the basket-snatchère care o’ Lori S.

Delicious marmelade ball

Will you please look at these feets. And the eyes. And back to the feets. Then the fluff. It’s really, really redonk.


Dan L., I think this might be an instant C.O.C.™ (Cute O. Classic)