Just for safety purposes—

Please consider following this advice.Very, very wise.


Kurtis H., Thanks for the +5 Cuteness. We might need it.

Oval-faced Kitteh

Baroo!? [Kitteh looks up]


Showin’ off his stubdetude…


AND Tiny mouf action…


OK, make that REALLY tiny mouf action.
Sent in by Wong C.Y.—You are brilliant.


St. Fuzzulence here, ready to hear your confessions


Christy R., all that’s missing is the halo.

“We’ve been living in a constant C.O. situation since we got these two cats…”

Please check out the hilarity taking place in the Anna-Maria G. household. Two nonstop wrestin’ kittehs on Oriental carpets! Sweet.

"Ehn ehn ehn" [wrestling sounds, ears back]


[SPROING!] Grey cat Luna suddenly cat-tacks the photographer! Aieeee!


Agnosto, Marco, and Mom, WATCH OUT!

mmmm, slurpliciousss…

For some reason, Super-Sender-Inner "Yuriy S." decided to send in like a hunderd photos today. This is one of them. Hmmm.

Just discover C.O., Yuriy? Welcome to the party, my bruthuh. Welcome.


[Licking vanilla off lips]

Yup. That thar is Pergo®

Listen, Honey. I know floors.

And this is no ordinary hardwood. This is Pergo BRAND 7MM Oak laminate. No doubt in my mind. Yes, we have it in stock but processing takes an additional 2 to 3 days. [shifts around]

Yep. Eeeeeeeeeet’s gonna cost ya.


Thanks to Sthuper Sthender-Inner Yuriy S. ;)

We have a new category. I repeat, we have a new category. [Say in Jack Bauer voice]

Kittehs "Maybe" and "Dr. Phil" (NO, I am not making that up) are doin’ some cleanin’. You know what this means, People. WE HAVE A NEW CATEGORY. There are lots of ani-pals cleaning themselfs and others, and it’s high time we just make it official. Introducing:

"I Shall Leeck You"

[Thunderous applause]


Way to go, Andrea (with both your hilar kitteh names and the creation of the new category.)

Just another Sunday, playing with the turtle…

(…No, that is NOT a euphemism, People!) These kittehs are playin’ with a mini-toit-pants, and here’s hopin’ they don’t one-bite him. Gulp!


Thanks to turtle "Chinedum", kittehs "Che" and "Eva" and sender-inner Emily ;)

You have .02 seconds…

…to get OUT the way.



Nice work, CuteTracker and "Eepie" kitten >^•^<

First time ‘tock viewin’

Look man, I didn’t ASK to see your ‘tocks. Them thar are some scary ‘tocks. [Shivers]


Lies V. R. and I are looking for the photographer of this and other kitten photos. Anyone have a clue!?


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