“The cat’s out of the…bag”

Yes, I know it looks like a title Aubrey or Lauri would write. Or maybe it will be something like: "What’s in his BAG of tricks!?" or "THIS is a CAT-tastrophe!" or somethin’. Yeah, I know. But let’s see what they DO come up with…





"Late!!!" Oh SHOOT, I cannot find the cat owners name… Some help, Peeps?

Let’s just get this out of our systems

Dewds, behold even more of the genius phenomenon that is the front-paw pet costume illusion. Could I get MORE pets in costume submissions? noooooooo! [singsong]




I simply cannot get enough of the front leg paw costumes. The front-feet/leg action is simply the best. Still this photo takes the qizz-ake.

// UPDATE! //  Credit where credit is due… this is from Freeple.com‘s recent post "Pets Go Trick-Or-Treating."

Thanks, Heather S. and Scott!

Yer gonna hurl

This Kitteh-Kompilation Vid will make you hurl—then, just as you feel you’ve got it under control, you’ll hurl at least two more times.

Damn that catchy Sesame-Street-like soundtrack! [Shakes fist at crazy kids]

Thanks for the barfitunity, Avalost!

A complete disregard for waving paws

Kitteh: Wave wave wave

Pup: [looks down]


Pup: [Pins kitteh to floor]

Kitteh: "Errr…. mee-alghe?"


;) Brandi D.!

Oh, Reeemooote, I love you so moishe

Precious, prehhhhh-shus Remoooootte.

You breeng me soish happinays.

Stay weeth me right here. [pet pet]

Sweeeet Reeeeeeemoooooote….


Bee-boo-boo boo-bee-boo-boo![sound of numbers being punched] to Brandi D.

It’s called thread count, People. And it matters.

and it makes all the differeeeeeence in your upholstery [stretch]

On second thought—maybe not…

You can eat half a dozen Krispy Kremes on any fabric.

Pass the remote, Dahling.

Nicole M.—delishe composishe.

Sunbeam + nyahm, nyahm, yahm

Nyahm, nyaaaahm nyaaaaaahhhm [falls asleep in beam]


Turns out that "Hobbes" kitteh was actually pounced upon later by fellow kitteh Calvin. Not even a kitteh can catch a McBreak, right Emily B.?

Tiny honk-shoes reverberating in a slipper

Ssssssssssh! If you listen closely, you can hear them!


C.O.S.E. (Cute O Sound Effects)
Honk-shu (regular sleep)[38K]
Mini Honk-shus (deep sleep)[40K]


Thanks to LizZZZZZZZZZZ [trails off]

It’s Kitten Law: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction

These two are Newtonrific!1160943179558Shout out to La Déesse and her kitten kissage!

OOCED: Meow-llo-ween

First of all, People, I did NOT make up "Meow-llo-ween." I simply cannot take credit. But when someone wishes you a "Happy Meowlloween!" you must pass it on.  So, Happy Meowlooowee—HOLY KITTEH KRAZY EYES!!!


Teh Arnold Family RULEZ


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