Unclear on the concept

Um, will someone tell Lil’ "Napoleon" Kitteh here that Hide and Seek requires a LEETLE more than just covering your face with pawsitude?


Count up to 100 and start looking, Karina P.! ;P

The Orange Menace!


Marissa R., A star is born




Commodore (hello, awesome name for a cat) and Heather A.—Great work.

Who brought the cat?

OK, tonight is a serious cacklefest.Jonelle T. sent this in, wondering if it’s real or photoshop…

I think we should tell her…


Oh, this one goes our to all the evil uncles out there who pull innertubing girls too fast on speedboats. They grow up and start photoblogs ABOUT PETS FOR GOD’S SAKE


Listen People, this is how it works.

I usually get home, after a beeeelllion-hour day working for The Man™, and cook dinner for my husband and my housemate, (that’s two) then settle in to take a look at the submissions for C.O.

At that point, I drink too much red wine and decide what should be posted the next day.More and more, I’m finding that peeps are writing to me in my own voice. It’s almost like I AM WRITING TO MYSELF!

Case in point. Will you please look at this recent submishe:

"I’m submitting this on behalf of my friend Aaron, I give him full credit for this one. 

I bring you…


CIRCE, as a baby!" [Followed by photo]

You MUST post this for me!  For the sake of my dear friend as well as myself, this kind of Cute is a crime to withhold from the public!  JUST LOOK AT THE MUZZLEPUFF ON THIS THING!  Make Circe the star she deserves to be. XD

~Humbly yours,

Amy Barklow, a.k.a. “Pillow”"

I mean, do you People/Pillows even NEED me anymore? You’ve got it DOWN!And will you PLEASE look at this bebeh kitteh. [shaking head in disbelief] I just laughed for five straight minutes.


Kitteh Circe rules, Circe’s Ernie toy rules, and of course sender-inner Amy and her pal Aaron B. RULEZ

Cuteporter: Kittehs in Macy’s holiday windows!

This just in, People! From roving Cuteporter Chris H.! Macy’s San Francisco is featuring precious kittehs in their holiday windows—all for adoption—beware, there may be some stampeding.




Keep up the great reports, Nation!

OMG, soooo typical of these two

Pup: "Dewd."
[Annoyed] "What."

Pup: "Get up and get me a milk bone?"
Kitteh: "In yer dreams, Tiny." [Looks at camera, makes a ‘she’s crazy’ motion with paw]

Pup: "Shut up, I’m not tiny"
Kitteh: "I have an idea, YOU shut up and get me a Pounce treat."

[Hours pass]

Kitteh: "Whatevs, I’ll get it."


Muchas thanks to pets Trixie, Gracie, and sender-inner Trice D. ;)

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Cat stuck in window sill: "Fabulous. Just what I need. First I’m stuck in this window sill, now Mr. McBeadersons here."
Mr. McBeadersons: "Top o’ the mornin"


C.S.I.T.W.S: "Let me out of herrrrrrrrrre!"
Mr. McBeadersons: [Sniffs out selling opportunity]


Mr. McBeadersons: [seizing opportunity] "You know, [paw on pane] these Ultra Millguard wood panes hold in 28% more heat and keep out street noise…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: [In disgust] "McBeadersons, I’m not interested in your junk—"


Mr. McBeadersons: "…I’ve got a red shoebox outside you might be interested in…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: "ooh!" [suddenly interested] "A box? How much?"
Mr. McBeadersons:
[whispers price]


Mr. McBeadersons:
"Comes with a free neck massage." [tiny claws dig in]


Mr. McBeadersons: "Yep, another deal done. I didn’t win ratsperson of the year for nuthin’."
C.S.I.T.W.S: [snoring]


Sooo many peeps sent this one in, it’s imposs to list them all. Thanks, everyone. The photographer unknown, and the series is floating around in emails.

This week on C.O. Reality TV

3 kittehs

2 Pups

1 parrot

2 hams.

WHO WILL WIN ONE MEEEELLION DOLLARS? [paw up to side of mouth]


This kitteh certainly cannot be bothered with a show like that. OK, cancelled! [singsong] (Thanks anyway, Sarah M.)

I can see… an ocean in yer eyes…

…OK, OK, sorry for the 9TH GRADE pick-up-line title there. However, may I point out "I see an ocean in your eyes" is not nearly as bad as "I have something in my… eye!" [leaning in for the kiss.] THAT wins worst line evar. Worked too—right, Dave?

But serious, you CAN see teeny boats in them thar eyes.


"Zip" the kitten is the sweetest name. Thanks, Julie B. >^•^<


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