What is it with kittehs and popsicles?

Today must be déjà vu centrale, because we’ve seen kittehs lick treats before if I’m not mistaken… Again, this feller has that wayward "sooooooo enjoying thees popsicle but leestening to you laugh behind me via ear rotation" look on his face.The best part is this kitteh’s name is "Circus McGircus." Yeah, you read that right.


Circus will have a strawberry fruit bar, steamed pea pods and popcorn in that order! Step on it, Whitney S.!

Before interspecies snorgling was kewl…

Sent in on 12/18/06, before we even had an interspecies snorgling category, there was Ella (cat) and Penelope (Pup) snorgling away.


Karen K. says to please note the freckles on Penelope.

ENHANCE! [Say in Jack Bauer voice]


We gotta talk…







Jenn P., way to send in the four-star vids…

I love Spock. I love kittens. I love this picture.

"My love for kittens is… illogical!" [raises eyebrow, kitten purrs]


Way to beam it over, Deanna D…

Backlit extravaganza

Um, this kitteh looks about five times more dramatic than she should—she’s like backlit to all heck… Even her tail has tripled in size! It’s almost like her lil’ face is floatingks in sunshine.


Yubi S., I curl up next to you on the stairs.

Princess Di eyes + interspeeche action

[Sing to the tune of Ebony and Ivory]

Inter-speechies snuh-ggl-ling!

Nap together in perfect har-mo-ney

side-by-side my amigo, eyes up, snores-oh,

why don’t weeeeeeeeee


Jamie C. Nice hand-spun art yarns, by the way!


"Whenever I’m working at my computer, my cat Grace insists on sleeping in the trash can next to me" says sender-inner Elaine M.



Gracie, our love for you is constantly recycled…

I’ll take the red ones

Yo. At my crib, it’s the finest Sateen™ monies ken BUY, Nephews.

No messin’ around, Baby.

Yeah, I try ’em out first, what kitteh wouldn’t? These red ones—they’re stayin’—No backsies.


Thanks, Valerie F., and "Nuge" (yes, as in Ted Nugent ;)

Here—hold this for a sec

Here—can you hold these? I gotta do something.

I’ll be right back.


PLEASE don’t miss the back legs, People, it’s the whole reason for the post. You lof eet! (Especially sender-inner Katie P.)

Slinky+ shifty eyes

This is no typical two-cats spooning pic. Will you please get a load of the black kitteh, and his shifty eyes. How funny is that. He’s all wrapped around the other kitteh like a Yin Yang. Someone needs to animate those eyes—soooo comfortuhbuls!


Maria B., you know what I’m talkin’ about [looks left then right quickly]


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