C’mere Bebeh

Listen Honey—I heard you were dating George Clooney, but if you got time to spend with me too—I’ll take it—ah-huhn.


^     ^ 
.    .   

Diana, They’re lookin’ purdy comfterbuls there. Honk-shus all around.

Single screens are for looooosers

I am a duel-screen Kitteh.

See, when I play Nintendogs, I need lots of screen real estate, to walk my "dogs", pet them and give them baths. My Nintendog is named "Pants".

Here Pants! Paaaaaaaants! Walkies! [pats screen with paw]          

Duel Screen Kitteh!

Anne I.—the Scottish Fold kittehs get us every time.


Um, Señor Kitteh?Quit with the nonchalance, you are ASKIN’ fer it!Git out quick, before someone hits the ULTRA HEAVY LOAD HIGH HEAT option!Geeshe.


“Bella” the troublemaker was sent in by Kim S. who claims she is addicted to C.O. Shud we start C.O.A. (Anonymous) for her?


Mmmm. Deeleeshous watères. I must have eet.

At any cost, I must leeck the watères.

Eet ees like a spring from dee Perrier. [much slurpitude]


So is this how it is at your house, Lorrie K.?

Morningk Kees

"Good morning James T. Kitteh"

"Good morning, Claire H."

[Day proceeds perfectly]


Um, WHERE can I get skin like yours, Claire? (you’re not so bad yerself, James T., just a skosh on the furry side)

Lil’ Street Kitteh

This morning, I go out to my car, and as ushe, Monday morning, I get a street cleaning ticket, ’cause I’m too dern lazy to leave the house by 8. Please contrast this by a different street-sweeping experience. The kitteh below was scooped up by sender-inner Mamu C. on the street. What a prosh morsel, and MUCH better than a citation.


Niiiiiiiiiiice street sweepin’, Mamu…

And I thought the Cold War was over

Muchas mas elfitude happening… Apparently, the Russians are kickin’ tocks (while in crouch positions, dancing) in the prosh kittens department. Geeshe.


As discovered by LamerFreak. Right on, my bruthuh.

My Flashdance routine, by Kitty

[Living room rug, Kitty is wearing an off-the-shoulder pink sweatshirt. Irene Cara’s voice fills the room]

First when there’s nothing…[covers face with paw]
but a slow glowing dreeeam
That your fear seems to hide  [look out from under paw]
    deep inside…your mind [look at audience meaningfully]

All alone I have cried [trot to edge of rug like gymastics floor exercise]
    silent tears full of pride [waves paws over head to ‘heavens’]
In a world made of steel, made of stone [pushes right paw out in a ‘stop right there! move]

[skips to center of rug with one flip] Well I hear the music,
    close my eyes, feel the rhythm [cabbage patching]
Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

[Unbelievable fervor of Roger Rabbitting]

What a feline, seein’s believin’
I can have it all, now I’m dancin’ for my life
Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life!!!


Kitty, that was an amazing ROUTINE!!! You’re in the Conservatory!!! [Red roses everywhere]
Nice submishe (and special outfit, MariNaomi!)

// UPDATE: had to edit the chorus lyrics, because Lauowolf‘s touch-up was just too good.  – Theo //

Goodnight, Hon.


See ya in the mo-mo.

Don’t forget to turn out the lights.



Sender-inner Seth T. says Harmon the cat likes to give stinky kisses. One night, Seth had a Jedi sense for stinkiness and started to pull away from a kees. That’s when Harmon said not-so-fast, and held it all together with a paw.

Knittin’ Kitten

You know, God Bless ‘em, sometimes peeps send in photos with no explanation, no story, barely a "voilà!".

I mean, what started this whole Marmelade Kitteh Knittin’ action photo below? Who the heck knows. It’s simply for your enjoyment.


No complaints here, Greyson Y. None whatsoever.


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