Um, do we have to add the GERMANS to the list of people kicking our asses in the Cute department? I THINK SO!!!! Move over, Das Japanese, ’cause these beyond-prosh British Shorthair kittehs are gonna show you their first gigs as photo models:

First, it’s "Watchoo ‘Tockin’ ‘Bout Willis"?


Please note extendo claw action and completely smooshed face:


Circe-like features and tonguelette:




Um—please, put your ‘tocks away. Like the first four images didn’t already make us grab the monitor and throw it out the window


"Tigers Deluxe" is so completely over the top I can’t believe it. Thanks to the Lizard Queen for pointing them out—Aieee!

Reality-Casual Friday

Greets, Peeps.  Happy Friday!  Theo here, slapping up a quick mindbender in between Meg postingks.  It’s been a long week.  I’m all done with facing stark tedious reality head-on.  Ees now tyme for… ze SURREAL.

I picked these two little lovelies out of the submissions to "What’s Cuter?" …the morphing is my own dastardly design.  It was a bit eerie how well they fit together.

Rule of Cuteness #29 AND 30!

OK, People, this is UN-PEE-RESS-A-DENTED!

Not one but TWO rules of Cuteness at ONCE! [hyperventilating]

I might have to sit down.

RULE #29: If you flex your paws repeatedly in a kneading motion in the air for no reason, IT’S CUTE!

RULE #30: If your breath shows in the form of your stomach moving in a quick, fluttering fashion, IT’S SO CUTE!

This day will live in INFAMAY, Jen S.!

Battle Royale!

It’s true, when your ears are folded back, you’re WAAAAY faster. Try it! [Flight of the Bumblebee music]


Iiiiiiii’m gittin’ awaaaay!!! Nyyyyyyyyyyyyerrrrowwww [drive-by sound]


OK, you caught moi, Forgiving licking action


People do you KNOW how lucky we are to have Malingering’s photo stream among us!? DIDN’T THINK SO!
Also, props to Eva H., who hand-picked these photos special.


NO EFFING WAY, People.Anyone that has ever even HEARD of owning a kitteh will not believe this one.  A scuba diving, swimming kitteh. It’s really unreal. Check it.

Mark O.? YOu make the world MORE redonkulous with this submishe. Way to gerhe.

// NOTE FROM THEO — ahem… the other post just like this one may be found here… though I’ve closed the comments on that version ;-) //

Sunshine + close up of paws = we have a winner

Peeps, please get a look at kitteh "Sophia" in her basket, in the sun. She’s a jumble of paws with some retracted claws, some not. At first glance, I thought it was more than one kitteh, then saw her head on the left.

Oh, and tewtelly rule #25.


Thanks, Diva Kitty (Actual name, I am not making this up)

Spoon-fed in Boise

Cuteologist Lorraine T. from Boise reports that this kitteh enjoyed his spoon-fed supper. Will you please check this out!


Kitteh: "Mmmmm. Dee-lee-shous. Thankyouso moiiiiiiiishe."


The hilarity continues, People. The. hilarity. continues (Shatner voice)


No way, José!

Sendère-Innère Barbara R. has GOT to be jokingks.

I recommend, er, ‘Hospital corners’

There are a few, uh ways to uh, make the, uh, perfect bed. [Cliff Claven voice]First, simply check the thread count.

To do an accurate reading, you must tuck sheets in, hospital corners-like, then, crawl in.


Push against the, uh sheets to check density of thread count, to assure a comfer-tuh-bul sleeping surface, there. 3500 to 4500 thread count is uh, preferable, there.


Add at least fifteen er twenty pillows, some quilts, a down comforter or two, and an electric blankie to make certain yer fort—er bed stays warm.


That should, pretty much do it there. Now, order some Pounce treats. If all else fails, go get them yourself.


Alison M. R.? Is it me, or is there a cold snap across the country!?

OMG—he did not just do that [Massive purring sounds]

Now playing over on the CuteCast

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