Playing with FIAH!

Will you please look at Señor Pup here, checking out his bowl that is OCCUPADO by a daring kitteh. Is this kitteh playing with FIAH or what. He’s doing what kittehs do best—some major taunting.


Kitteh: "Oh, don’t mind moi, I’m just makin’ muhself comfertuhbuls…"

Pup: [licks chops]


Marisa L.? Way to GO. Serious. Way to go.

I’m the size of your thumb

  In Your Hands 
  Originally uploaded by *roes*.

Yes, this is a small pic.
It’s half LIFE-SIZED!


Thanks for pointing her out, Damian V.

Movie (er, Tuesday!) continues

Let’s give it up for the ‘silent meow’ People—you know what I’m ‘tockin about—when a kitteh opens his mouth to meow, and nothing comes out. At first!

Brush brusha brusha, Atalhualpa1!

// DON’T PANIC, PEEPS — it’s technically Tuesday today.  Deep breaths. //

Trying to get comfertuhbuls

There simply AREN’T any cuter mewing sounds…you seriously gotta crank the sound on thees one.


Mandy C.—yer killin’ us.

Rule #7 much?

Rule #7 much, Peeps?

These kittehs are all over it:


Ansley B—catastrophe!

When kittehs ATTACK!

Now playing on CuteCast:


[insert outsourcing joke here]

Really, though, all low yukkery aside… this kind of international cooperation helps everybody, don’t you agree?Tux_pawz

This is Chaandu Pottu ("Cha" as in "cha-cha" with the "a" extended; "d" pronounced soft like "th" in "the", with very little emphasis on the "u" in both words)… also known as Bindi Spot, Esq.  Spot lives in Kochi, Kerala, in South India.Tux_mouf

Many thanks to Subhangi for providing the photos & pronunciation.  (That’s her elbow under tuxie-boy, btw.)

C’mere Bebeh

Listen Honey—I heard you were dating George Clooney, but if you got time to spend with me too—I’ll take it—ah-huhn.


^     ^ 
.    .   

Diana, They’re lookin’ purdy comfterbuls there. Honk-shus all around.

Single screens are for looooosers

I am a duel-screen Kitteh.

See, when I play Nintendogs, I need lots of screen real estate, to walk my "dogs", pet them and give them baths. My Nintendog is named "Pants".

Here Pants! Paaaaaaaants! Walkies! [pats screen with paw]          

Duel Screen Kitteh!

Anne I.—the Scottish Fold kittehs get us every time.


Um, Señor Kitteh?Quit with the nonchalance, you are ASKIN’ fer it!Git out quick, before someone hits the ULTRA HEAVY LOAD HIGH HEAT option!Geeshe.


“Bella” the troublemaker was sent in by Kim S. who claims she is addicted to C.O. Shud we start C.O.A. (Anonymous) for her?


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