NO EFFING WAY, People.Anyone that has ever even HEARD of owning a kitteh will not believe this one.  A scuba diving, swimming kitteh. It’s really unreal. Check it.

Mark O.? YOu make the world MORE redonkulous with this submishe. Way to gerhe.

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Sunshine + close up of paws = we have a winner

Peeps, please get a look at kitteh "Sophia" in her basket, in the sun. She’s a jumble of paws with some retracted claws, some not. At first glance, I thought it was more than one kitteh, then saw her head on the left.

Oh, and tewtelly rule #25.


Thanks, Diva Kitty (Actual name, I am not making this up)

Spoon-fed in Boise

Cuteologist Lorraine T. from Boise reports that this kitteh enjoyed his spoon-fed supper. Will you please check this out!


Kitteh: "Mmmmm. Dee-lee-shous. Thankyouso moiiiiiiiishe."


The hilarity continues, People. The. hilarity. continues (Shatner voice)


No way, José!

Sendère-Innère Barbara R. has GOT to be jokingks.

I recommend, er, ‘Hospital corners’

There are a few, uh ways to uh, make the, uh, perfect bed. [Cliff Claven voice]First, simply check the thread count.

To do an accurate reading, you must tuck sheets in, hospital corners-like, then, crawl in.


Push against the, uh sheets to check density of thread count, to assure a comfer-tuh-bul sleeping surface, there. 3500 to 4500 thread count is uh, preferable, there.


Add at least fifteen er twenty pillows, some quilts, a down comforter or two, and an electric blankie to make certain yer fort—er bed stays warm.


That should, pretty much do it there. Now, order some Pounce treats. If all else fails, go get them yourself.


Alison M. R.? Is it me, or is there a cold snap across the country!?

OMG—he did not just do that [Massive purring sounds]

Now playing over on the CuteCast

As posted in comments by P. Erasmus ;)

Barely a kitteh

This little kitteh is so small, he’s barely even a kitteh.Just look at him compared to those fingers. The teeny pawsitude, the miniscule schnozzle, the practically-transparent pawpad action. Like he was just conjured up out of thin air. Giesle Petes.


Great shots, Michelle W., and standing ovation to kitteh "Tidbit" [Best name evar]

P.S. Just thought of this—try singing "Barely a Kitteh" in a Bee Gees "More Than a Woman" voice! heeeeee


You can just hear it, can’t you? The purringk?If daisies could purr, it’s be like:

Kitteh: "purrrrrrrrr"

[kitteh paw touches daisy]

Daisy: "durrrrrrrrr"

Together: "purrrr-durrrr" [repeat]


I didn’t say this site made sense, Sue T. ;)

Do NOT look up

Because Sylvie the kitteh might attack your brains.

Here is Sylvie as a junior kitteh, starting with Her First Door Jamb®


Then, she graduated to shower door lounging…


And then, hanging out on the fixtures! [Paws singe-ing sounds] ssssssssss

Oh, and don’t miss teeny paw reflection in the mirror ;)


Um, Sylvie? You’re making me a SKOOOSH nervous sittin’ up thar. How about coming down and staying a while?


Holy balancing, Kathryn JW B.!

Don’t just stand there, pass the remote

Paws up, check

Belly out, check

Remote accessible, check

Caught loafing around, CHIZZECK!


"Polly" caught looking like a potato with four toothpick legs sticking out of it by Jess H.


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