Ma’am, your cat appears to be allergic to Mondays

It happens—I see a case every now or then.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

I suggest access to the remote control and melted vanilla ice cream in large, bottomless doses.


Sigga! whatever shall we do about this!?

Kids, time for sketti

Sunday night sketti, kids, come on.

Yes, I’ll get you a Coke too, Gracie. Hold yer horses.

Gus, paws off the table.


Kimberly J., I think serving milk might be well-received ifyouknowwhatimean, andithinkyoudo

You must chill.

[Places paw on knee]

Seriously, everything is going to be fine.

Would you please just calm down.


For crying our loud, Cre, what did you do!?

I do believe I shall POWNSE upon you

INCOMING!!! [tail twitches]


Did you ever find homes for your kittehs, Mamu C.?

Petite “Pixel” kitteh

Would you please check out Señorita PixelPants here, the proshest Scottish Fold kitteh evar. Pixel is a star over at, so you can learn mo’ about huh if you want:

Check out her page!


Paaaaroooo? (Kitteh version of "Baroo?")


Sunshine, on my whiskers, makes me happeee [John Denver voice]


Um, I don’t have a back half! My cutest parts are still available for snorgling tho.


Sharon L., you’re riiiight! [singsong] best Scottish Fold evarrrrr!

Happy Father’s Day!

Time for Dad to do what he likes best. Share the couch with THREE ANI-PALS!


Kat J.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

Uh oh EHN!

eeehhnnn.jpg, originally uploaded by constintina.

eeeeeeeeehhhhn! [shifty eyes]

Good morninks

I refuse to git up. You can go to work, I’m staying here.

And pass the remote.

penny’s paws, originally uploaded by lalalalaurie.

The Backyard Club

Pup in front: To join the Backyard Club, you must first go through our test.
Horse: [Shivers]
Kitteh: [yawns]
Pup in front: You must jump on this trampoline fifteen times exactly, jump off, go to the kitchen and get us Cokes. Then we will decide if you can join us.


According to sender-inner Kate S., The Backyard Club is from left to right: Skeeter (OMG PONIES!1!!), Hannah, Jackie, Abby (she has edible ears!) and in the back pretending not to be interested, Stanley.

Early Adopter

I can hear them better this way too.

[touches paw to head, cranking Led Zeppelin]


I’ll take two pink ones, Romeo the cat and sender-inner Ferdinand S.


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