Please! Put some pants on [Part II]

This is really embarrassing. Passed out at the party sans pant-a-loons.

[Shaking head]


Nice party, Sarah. Nice party.

I shall (tentatively) pet you

Sender-inner Eliza M. sez: “My cat (Katherine Hepburn) found a mouse in our backyard. Well, really, the mouse found her. The mouse (who we named Frank) definitely had the upper hand in this fight, but I caught this rare moment of Katherine touching it (instead of running away). I think she’s thinking “It’s a real mouse! I shall touch it! No, I shall run away.”


Eliza M, nice kitteh name and story [head tilt]

Give me back my Bebeh!

LOOOVE the look of Mamacita with her wide eyes, eyeballin’ the treatment of her Bebeh.

She’s all: Merrooooooooooooowr [shifty eyes + pouncing possibility]


Rob N., be verrrrrrrrry carefuls.

THIS JUST IN: This cat thinks she’s way cuter

Im_way_cuter…and deserves to be on the site instead of the pug. Check out Becca the cat, she’s all: "mer. rowr. (looks away quickly)

Thanks, R. Cruse

Look! [whispers] a couch straddler…

Hefty kitteh “Buddy” is a [ahem] a couch straddler and paw dangler.


The sender-inner’s sister was kind enough to have a local artistCAPTURE the REDONKULOUSNESS by making a miniature version of “Buddy”too. Hee!




Kate V., somehow I suspect you’re not the ONLY ONE with a couchstraddlerpawdangler. Nice work.

Beyond comfertuhbuls

In fact, this is obscene.



Christy K., way to enable this behavior. I can’t believe it.

Breakfast of champyons

Look at this bewildered kitteh and his mouf all covered with Formula/kitten nutrients. Ahhnnnngggh. [head tilt]


Jennifer C., she is too sweet.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Now get me a decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweet. NOW.

Nice necktie

Nice photo submishe, Double Agent and coffee order writer Bob S.

Kamo Kitteh

At first you don’t see this kitteh, then it’s POOF—she’s right thar. Someone tell the Army—we have a new kamo kitteh weapon…


Orora fostered “Coco Chanel” (mama) and “Stila” for the summer. Ahngghn.

An actual Kaboodle

[Looking thru binoculars] Behold, an ACTUAL Kaboodle, People.

I’ve heard of them, but never seen one in the wild.

[whisper voice] Amazing.


Tracey—nice trianglar ear shapes on this species.


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