Ever wondered what your cat is doin’ during the day?

People, this is awesome.

Check out kitteh chronicles of Mr. Lee Cat Cam, from the point-of-view of one kitteh: "Mr. Lee."

You see, Mr. Lee is well-equipped with a special digital camera, to record his cattin’ around…


Follow Mr. Lee as he…

Leaves the house, to make the rounds…


Chills under a parked car with a fellow hoodlum…


Slurps up all the puddle water he can find…


Checks the bird feeder for snacks…


Rendez-vous with his girl, and finally goes home.


Brillo idea, Juergen P.! Check out all Cat Cam photos here…

Thoughtfully submitted by: David C., Jennifer G., Anna F., David R., Kathleen K., Duncan G., Candice R., Katie-Rose R., and Nat S.!

People that look like their pets, Part UNO

SOMETIMES [head tilt] owners and pets LOOK ALIKE.

You know what I mean. Wrinkly people get Shar Peis, petite people get Chihuahuas, Muscle men get Bull dogs, ETC., ETC. Don’t make me go on.

To honor those insane Peeps, a NEW category on C.O.: "Matchingks!"


Nice Snoresville, Colin, Colin’s wife (who accurately predicted we don’t USUALLY use photos of PEOPLE on this site) and kitteh "Hodag" ;)

No, I DIDN’T enjoy my FIRST BATH, actually

But thanks for ASKING!!!

[bares claws and swipes in air: Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!]


And, NICE leg in the background, Shroom V.!

Mmmm, fresh Scottish Fold for breakfast!

Sometmes, it’s tough to eat breakfast when it’s looking at you. This kitteh looks extra delicious, though.


Rosie, your kitteh "Squez" is aner! (able)

// UPDATE — Rosie has a whole public Picasa gallery that’s chock full o’kittens! //

Kittensnesday: Hidingks

[schnozzle peeks out] Is that dastardly otter……done yet? [shivers]


Stheriously—I’m not coming out ’til that belly-wriggling Dewd is done!


Bliss A., I think you can let the cat out of the bag no—OMG THERE HE GOES AGAIN

Kittenesday: crochet cuddle central

1. Will you please check out this first kitteh’s gut, he’s all waddling to naptime
2. Meanwhile, whiter kitteh is all: "I Shall Sniff Thee"
3. And Gut-kitteh is all, "Make way fer naptime, Bro"


Everyone has been jonesing for C.O.X.C.U.s lately, so:



And after a toe snorf, it’s back to Snoozeville… With ears perfectly placed low on the head, and stubbular nosicles.


J.R.B., Right on with your hand-made mcblankersons. More of these kittehs HERE!

Is that evil otter still dancing? Hold…me!

Karen: "I can’t stop seeing tha evil, evil otter dancing! he won’t stop dancing! Oh, Tim, Hold…me! Make it go away!"

Tim: "Karen, Honey, you’re going to be OK. The Ativan should kick in any minute." [shivers]


LOL, Super-submitter Eva H.! Rokkin’ photo, Jeremy K.!

I leeck you so moishe…

I shall leeck you

and leeck you

and leeck you.


I leeck you so moishe.


Katrina B. adopted these two kittehs from the local Humane Soceiteh. I think they’re getting along, don’t yerhe?

Sunday dump

The first cute thing about kitteh "Skuzum" is his tail.  He was named Skuzum (skunk+possum) even through his tail is moreracoon-y than skunk-y or possum-y.

The second cute thing about Skuzum is that he obvy has mad skillz:


Alexia V., [shaking head] you should really teach classes.

Tie-tie from surfing other kittens

[Yawn] surfing is so tiringks.

I can only look at so many other kittens. [Sigh.]

Cici, originally uploaded by Jeremy_K

// UPDATE — got an RCF versionfor ya… thanks, Jaypo!  – T. //


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