Fave kitteh posishe

I love this kitteh posishe ’cause it’s soooooooooooo comfertuhbulsexposedbellehOMG.


Nice teddy bear comferter, Josh S.! hee

Brand. New. KITTEN!!!


This is "Reykjavik."


Reykjavik is two days old, has four siblings, and a very proud mama (whose name is Kenya).

rear paw closeup

Did you know kittens are born with all their claws?

  – Theo

Red, white and PROSH

Someone alert Jack White! the scene for his next White stripes video is READY! [paws cross]


[Electric blankie cranked to 11, paws tucked]


Mapi V., you rocketh.

I see your sock kitteh and raise you an even smaller kitteh

Speaking of stocking stuffers, sender-inners Robin and Wedge are raising the stakes on kittehs in socks. Check it:


"Yuna" kitteh hangin’ oot:


Go Cardinal! (the sender-inners are from Stanford… ;)

That lick-hither look

OMG, this kitteh is the Marilyn Monroe bed photo shoot of kittehs.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Except that this kitteh is a boy named Cosmo. Yeah, except for that, it’s spot on, right Davia S.? ;)

Awright, who stuffed the kitten in a sock?

Fess up, People. Who did it?

Rock'em, Sock'em

At least he’s easy to carry around that way Megan D. Just don’t toss in the hamper.

Those aren’t pillows! [part trois]

Look, I know I’ve used that joke before. It’s my A-material, OK?

You love it.


Carol K., It’s your lucky day, Girl.

One abandonned snuggler—SAVED!

Bein’ Spring and all, I bet we’ll hear a lot more stories like this. This one has a happy ending. It seems that Super-Sender-Inner Matt B. was a Good Kittmaritain and saved this kitteh from a snowy Brooklyn stoop.


Rawkin’, Matt!

How dare you bathe moi

How daaaare you place moi in this RIDICULOUS tub. [Angry eyes] My fluffitude will never recover!


[Now dry] I steeck my tongue out in your general direction! Pbbbbttthhh!


Nika N., you are brave.

Dogs and Cats… Spinning Together…

By now we know that Fridays and weekends get pretty crazy for Meg.
So I’m here to make sure it’s crazy for EVERYBODY!  Buahahahahaaa!!


Happy RCF!  Luv y’all,
  – Theo.

source images are here and here

// UPDATE — stopped the spinning! But you can still see it, if you click the pic. //


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