Hon, I finished scanning the documents…

Sender-inner "Shirley" writes that her hubby was scanning some old pics, and couldn’t not let the kittehs take a turn.

Thankfully, these photos comply with the "no nads showing" requirement. (That is, if we haven’t COMPLETELY missed them.)


Shirley J., excellent scannage, and sending-innage. 😉




WHO are these PEOPLE, buying these CAT BEDS!!!?

Take THIS!

OMG, I am still laffing. I know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but I’m still laffing.

This is the ONLY sure-fire way to break up a kitteh fight.

Please take notes… [jump to Milk and Cookies.com]

Sender-inner Lucy S., it really is Cute or Sad. You’re RIGHT.

NOTHING absorbs foot odor like a kitteh

When OdorEaters ain’t workin’ no mo’, try stuffing a fresh, absorbant kitteh in there.

Your lacrosse lockerroommates will thank you.

I will thank you. In advance. Seriously, thank you.


I mean, thank YOU, Alex F.

OK, People, this is my new fave pic of all time

I know, I know, it’s no "World Peace Hamster" but it’s some seriously sweet KITTEH PANNNNTS.

That is all. Go back to your lives as usual.

Quiz Question: Is this…, originally uploaded by squacco.

Our Story So Far

Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll: known as "Rikki" to the council, born to Kenya in county CatCave, squire of Bounce, terror of Spot, and all-around mooshie doodle…

Rik1   Rik2   Rik3

…and now, Chapter Four in the Rikki Saga:

Yeb, we lubs heem.  Bery buch.

(As with all the feline royalty in his line, he possesses the power of Humans R Teh Dumb, which is probably coming through in my typing… it might also explain why we thought he was a girl for two months.)

For some reason, this kitteh reminds me of Lindsay Lohan

I don’t know why, I think it’s the eyes…?


OK, this one doesn’t look anything like Lindsay Lohan. But the kitteh is matchingks, so hadta post it.


OMGKitty.com has many many mo’ of this sweet thang. Check it! Great submishe, Alia P.

One satisfying, purring face rub, comin’ right up

First, the purring grabs you—

Then, the STRAYCHE!

and finally, the face rub.

Good YouTube sleuthing, Stolo F. 😉 Now playing on Cutecast, natch.



Yes, yes, I see eet.

The one on the right. With soy sauce. I’ll take it.


Martha C., way to capture the mooooooooment! [singsong]

From Bebe Bobble Head to Cat-o-pottomus

Says sender-inner Julia: "I have something cute to share. It’s two pics of my kitteh Gnocchi. One is when he was a bebe bobble head and one was taken about a year ago after he blossomed into a catopottomus."


LOL! You know we love Before ‘n’ Afters, here at C.O., Julia.