raccoon or kitten?, originally uploaded by DIgital DI.

Raccoon? Kitt-tayn? Floating noggin? Who the heck knows!?

Let’s just say that Rule of Cuteness #15, Small Ear-to-Head Ratio, is MET

Over-snorgle of delicious buns

Um, sometimes, I think people take videos ESPECIALLY for this site. Please get a load of this kitteh, with his dee-leee-shous baby bun appetizers.

Love the passive-agressive ‘Here’s-a-bun-no-don’t-eat-it!" action, Peperroflaflaco!


Like an electric blankie, "Pinch" the pup is there!

Warming the bed of "Noé" kitten and acting as a pseudo-pillow.

Ahn. "Pinch" kinda looks like a "Perfect Pet."


Totally redonk, Crystal G.!

For mewing out lou’ [Follow Up]

As if THIS SITUATION could get any more ridiculous, a video has surfaced (From The Fabulous Ian F.) of the ‘Chicken hatches kittens‘ thing. Good Lo’, People. Please get a load of the mewing/teeny cluck action.

BEST PART is the Cat Mom at the end. She’s all "What’s on Oprah?" [can’t be bothered]

Even a small glurp will do

Look, even a teeny glurp is worth the effort of deleeeeeeeeeeeschous meelks.

[Stuffs face further in]


Keep up the Grade A work, Kosmo and Kristina ;)

Chicken hatches kittens?

According to sender-inner Stuart F., "This chicken likes to lay eggs on this litter of kittens. Momma cat likes having a babysitter, and the kittens don’t seem to mind having eggs laid on them."

Um, EXSQUUUEZE ME? How ridiculous is that? Please check out the kitten heads trying to sleep, and you know that chicken never had a softer nest…


Way to pick a kitten lair, Mom cat! LOL

// UPDATE — OMG peeps, there’s video too!  Thanks, Ian F. //


As sender-inner Emily C. says;"So posed… so precious… so…wrong?" Wayle, the eyeballs match.




Shredded Nesters

Look who’s hangin’ out in the shredder bin.

[Yaaaaawn and straaayche]


I’m going back to sleepies, too, Julia M.

What is this?

I Can Has Cheezburger.com?

I was just on the C.O. chat and the topic of ‘LOLCATS" came up. The consensus was we needed an LOL section of the site. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Delicious cannnn [slurp]

Das Blobben

Sure. I’m blobbular.

Now pass the remote!


Miko has a Catster page! [singsong]

Suzanne W., I loooooove Scoteeshe Fold kittehs.


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