Attention, flying buttrri needed

I needs me some buttresses—my head is leaning, People!

Come on! Hep me!


Kitteh "Chuck Norris" (I kid you not) needs an architect. STAT, Ljuba! ;)

// UPDATE — for you, kitling, I would move the whole world.  – T. //

The Brown Towel Gang means bidness.

The brown towel gang is revving up for a BIG meeting…

Check out their ‘Sopranos style’ meeting er—pile.


Exxxxcellent, Margery…

I kneeead you

I lof kneadingks.

Check out this lil’ guy, making his ‘pillow’ more comfertuhbuls…


Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sender-inner Meg

// UPDATE — this clip is from video-logger Kazzart.  Check out her YouTube page. – T. //

Kitteh au lait ;)

OK, that one wrote itself, People, come on.

Go ahead, groan at the title of this post. I am.



Purrrrroo? [Looks up]


Beautiful job Lana D., over at the Fresh Tomayto store.

Quick, stuff these down your shirt

Don’t THINK about it—just DO IT!

QUICK!!! There isn’t a moment to looooose!

Quick! Stuff us down yer shirt!

Hurry! Hurry, Katie P.!

Klassic Kute

THis 22-minute 1947 Klassic from Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren is a black and white dream, showing the birth (yes, BIRF!) of five kitt-tayns. Then, they learn to walk. It’s very sweet, and feels like a warm glass of milk in video form.


Hmm, where should I give birth at? 

Nice submishe, Alysha L. >^•^<

It’s so sad when kittehs can’t afford more than one basket

Abject poverty, People.

Kittehs SHARING a basket.

Pathetic—they’re busting at the seams, and there isn’t a SINGLE thing we can do about it. [sigh]

Poor things, they don't know any better...

No—just—don’t look—it will only make you depressed


[shaking head] I know—I know. Tough times, we’re living in. Tough. Times.


Eleanor R., we wish you the best in providing for your kittehs—I’m sure everything will work out OK.


When you pull back the covers (cubbers) you might not expect TO FIND THEEES!

[Kneading motions]


Right, sender-inner who’s name I’m still trying to find?

Beyond Tie-tie


My Friends, is one tired kitteh.


Not sure I’ve ever seen a kitteh leg bend that way, Robin B.

Ketch a falling hedge and put heem in your pockee

…save heem for a rainy daaaaaaaaaay (Especially if his name is "Tiddlywinkle"!)


Check out kitteh "Jameson" Yes, named for Jameson’s Irish whiskey—isn’t that obvy? His eyes are half-mast, aren’t they?
Jameson is all "Whatevs—it’s just a hedge. Where my boxes at?!")


And a close up of Tiddlywinkle, who is all balled up (to protect her moistest of nosicles)


Rockin’, Laura H., and hilariously adorable.

This hedge photo goes out to Troy and pals ;)


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