As sender-inner Emily C. says;"So posed… so precious… so…wrong?" Wayle, the eyeballs match.




Shredded Nesters

Look who’s hangin’ out in the shredder bin.

[Yaaaaawn and straaayche]


I’m going back to sleepies, too, Julia M.

What is this?

I Can Has

I was just on the C.O. chat and the topic of ‘LOLCATS" came up. The consensus was we needed an LOL section of the site. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Delicious cannnn [slurp]

Das Blobben

Sure. I’m blobbular.

Now pass the remote!


Miko has a Catster page! [singsong]

Suzanne W., I loooooove Scoteeshe Fold kittehs.

USA! USA! USA! USA Tuhday!

Yopuopes_opay_topoodopayWot a treat!

C.O. is linked from USA Today today.

Like all good news outlets, they have an interspecies snorgling feature on this pup NURSING TIGER TRIPLETS (with her own junior pup on the right, there.) With those tiny tiger appetites, you gotta watch out, Girl!


Thanks for the menshons, Mike C.!

Welcome to my Chat box

Oh, Heylerhe. Welcome to the chat box!

I will be your host for today. Coffees’ over there, make yerself comfertuhbuls.

As you can see, I’ll keep an eye on the chat room… 


Chat is BACK!

Jenny L., What a nice, moderator kitteh you have there. Deed you know "cat" en Francais is "chat"!? OUI!

Um, I think I had the same convo this morning with my husband

This is why we anthropomorphize our pets, peeps.  Just try not to.


Mm-hmm.  That’s what I thought.
So much awesome, DSailing!

Kitty Ortiz vs. Chuck Cattell

A little score-settling in the six-sidedsteel cage match FROM HELL!

I must admit, I am the BIIIIGGEST sucker for sound effects… Good work, Aaron R.!

One-eared kitteh in a pocket

Mangy and lickin’ his chops!

I think he’s more aerodynamic with one ear. Or, at least pocket-dynamic.


Amber L., niiiiiice pockie.

From the desk of Martha Stewart

"Here’s a Spring Cleaning time saver. [say in Martha Stewart voice] It’s May 14., and after you finish changing glue in your glue guns and scrub the north face of your house with Borax, I have a suggestion for you… vacuum the cat. Stop shedding where it starts. Your couches will look fabulous."

Jon B., YOU are fabulous.  (Cat provided by Laekroth.)


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