Trying to get comfortuh-buhls

Everything is OKs… Just let me beeee—ehn!

I’m just gettingks com-for-tah-buhls… [curls paws up]


Moishe… betters!?


Yays. Moishe bett-torrs, Megan… ;)

Zzzzzzz…OMG String!…Zzzzzzz….Zzzzzzz

OK, People, I cannot take credit for that caption, it was all Sender-Inner Catherine P.’s idea. [standing ovayshe]


See what happens when you write your own brillo caption? I cannot top eet!

And now, a kitt-tayn sucking its thumb

People, I swear that thumb sucking was not meant to be a theme today, but with this photo, we may have crossed the line into "Thumb-Sucking Friday". [shaking head]


Travis F., way to add a theme to the day.

Who eeeees this photographer?

Guyths, help me out here—who IS this photographer? "SR" is the only indication that I have. He/She has done a terrific job! I mean look at these kittehs—it’s like a dream.


Rule of Cuteness regarding tongues…? I think we need one…


Excellent pointer-outering, Shari E.!

// UPDATE — photographer is Sabine Rath, of TigersDeluxe! //

This just in: A rack protecting a kitteh

One good turn deserves another, you know.  It’s only fair.


Did somebody say Cute Overload eXtreme Close-Up?


Updates on foster mama Boudica and her kittens over at my place.  Before you go, though, bear in mind it’s not 100% good news.  Still, I had to share, and there’s plenty of kitting for everybody…

  – T.

(…and thanks to Teh Schmoop for the lovely backdrop)

Let’s dance [sing in David Bowie voice]

under the moonlight

the stherious moonlight!


Heather C. and "Foz"—sooooooooo 80’s.


Extremely alert reader Monica L. sent this one in—"Soft Paws" for kittehs and pups, saving your floors from being scratched, one PAW AT A TIME!

Check out the designer colors. Hey, I guess they’re better than Corn chip nail tips.


Ma’am, your cat appears to be allergic to Mondays

It happens—I see a case every now or then.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

I suggest access to the remote control and melted vanilla ice cream in large, bottomless doses.


Sigga! whatever shall we do about this!?

Kids, time for sketti

Sunday night sketti, kids, come on.

Yes, I’ll get you a Coke too, Gracie. Hold yer horses.

Gus, paws off the table.


Kimberly J., I think serving milk might be well-received ifyouknowwhatimean, andithinkyoudo

You must chill.

[Places paw on knee]

Seriously, everything is going to be fine.

Would you please just calm down.


For crying our loud, Cre, what did you do!?


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