Rikki kitten stacked on Bounce cat

Nice hat, there, Mr. Bounce.  It’s maybe a little fussy, though.

(slightly longer version available over here)

Glurpity, Slurpity

Sing it with me now:

Glurpity, Slurpity,


Slurpity, Glurpity,


Glurpity, Slurpity, (glurpity-slurpity)


Glurpity, glurp! Gee-lurpity-twerpity, Burpity, slurpity, buh-lurp-a-lurpity

[song continues for 10 more mins]



Jess S., Great job capturing "Ebony" mid-leeck.

Eef looks could keel

Yep, I’m pretty moishe gonna keel you in your sleep.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII’ve pretty moishe had eet. Have you tasted that dry food you feed moi? Abominable!


Sender-inner Susan, may I suggest sleeping in a coat of armor?

// Hehe.  Happy Friday, peeps!  – T. //

Dronk at the office (again)

Dewds, check me out![scan light goes by]

My fuzzy ‘tocks on the glass!!!

Woooooooooooo! hic! [scan light goes by again]

Yeaaa—hiccc  zz  z z zzzzzzzz zz


Way to earn that bonus, Tigger the kitteh and sender-inner Silk P.

And strayche, and reach…

And punch it out and one, and two, and strayche, and three…


Emily C., these kitteh-robics are really shaping "Lamby" up.

Um, noooooooooot appropriate.

You two really need to quit with these Displays of Affection.

It’s like, embarrassing.


Caught them in a compromising posishe, huh, Jennie J.? With names like "Little Boo" and "Fluffmeister" I would not have expected this…

Today, you’ll get dessert BEFORE dinner!

People, you’ve all been so good, I’m trying something REVOLUTIONARY.You’re going to see the Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up before the main photo.


ENHANCE! what is it?!


It’s tiny sisters Allie and Zoey sawing logs on dee cowshe. Ahn. [head tilt]


Sssssssssh! Tip-toe, Shirley J.!

Cats in sinks

People, you’ve heard of the anerable site "" right? Well, those are dainty, fit-in-sink kittehs.

Since this is TEH Overload, we must deliver. Holy McCrapulence.


LOVE the half-mast "whut?" look on his face, Pearl O. ;)

Ever wondered what your cat is doin’ during the day?

People, this is awesome.

Check out kitteh chronicles of Mr. Lee Cat Cam, from the point-of-view of one kitteh: "Mr. Lee."

You see, Mr. Lee is well-equipped with a special digital camera, to record his cattin’ around…


Follow Mr. Lee as he…

Leaves the house, to make the rounds…


Chills under a parked car with a fellow hoodlum…


Slurps up all the puddle water he can find…


Checks the bird feeder for snacks…


Rendez-vous with his girl, and finally goes home.


Brillo idea, Juergen P.! Check out all Cat Cam photos here…

Thoughtfully submitted by: David C., Jennifer G., Anna F., David R., Kathleen K., Duncan G., Candice R., Katie-Rose R., and Nat S.!

People that look like their pets, Part UNO

SOMETIMES [head tilt] owners and pets LOOK ALIKE.

You know what I mean. Wrinkly people get Shar Peis, petite people get Chihuahuas, Muscle men get Bull dogs, ETC., ETC. Don’t make me go on.

To honor those insane Peeps, a NEW category on C.O.: "Matchingks!"


Nice Snoresville, Colin, Colin’s wife (who accurately predicted we don’t USUALLY use photos of PEOPLE on this site) and kitteh "Hodag" ;)


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