Mom, I am sooooo not high right now! Gahd!

Gahd, Mom!

I TOLD you, I am NOT high! why do you even THINK that?!

I should be asking YOU that—YOU’RE the one who named me "Meow-Meow."


Gahd, Anna T.

Let’s get this Caturday started

…Now pass me a beer STAT


Pete and Beth S. say that kitteh Toby is "fat and a little cranky" but they love him anyways.

The More You Know: Sitting on Others


When you sit on a kitteh, however absentmindedly, make sure he can still breathe.

Because, kittehs need air too. [head tilt]

The More You Know. [nodding action with music in the background]


Sure, this photo looks like it was taken in Bangkok 17 years ago, Justin D., but the message is STILL just as valuable today.

Michelle B., great work on the TMYK logo.

Halp! My paws are gynorm!

Look at this kitteh and his enormous paws.

He’ll grow into them in like 3 years. Love the back paws togethers. So nice.


C.O.X.C.U.: [holding half of hand in front of face to shield]

ENHANCE! (OK, demi enhance)


Gordon G., look what you caused. The first "demi-C.O.X.C.U." [shaking head]

Hon, I finished scanning the documents…

Sender-inner "Shirley" writes that her hubby was scanning some old pics, and couldn’t not let the kittehs take a turn.

Thankfully, these photos comply with the "no nads showing" requirement. (That is, if we haven’t COMPLETELY missed them.)


Shirley J., excellent scannage, and sending-innage. ;)



WHO are these PEOPLE, buying these CAT BEDS!!!?

Take THIS!

OMG, I am still laffing. I know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but I’m still laffing.

This is the ONLY sure-fire way to break up a kitteh fight.

Please take notes… [jump to Milk and]

Sender-inner Lucy S., it really is Cute or Sad. You’re RIGHT.

NOTHING absorbs foot odor like a kitteh

When OdorEaters ain’t workin’ no mo’, try stuffing a fresh, absorbant kitteh in there.

Your lacrosse lockerroommates will thank you.

I will thank you. In advance. Seriously, thank you.


I mean, thank YOU, Alex F.

OK, People, this is my new fave pic of all time

I know, I know, it’s no "World Peace Hamster" but it’s some seriously sweet KITTEH PANNNNTS.

That is all. Go back to your lives as usual.

Quiz Question: Is this…, originally uploaded by squacco.

Our Story So Far

Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll: known as "Rikki" to the council, born to Kenya in county CatCave, squire of Bounce, terror of Spot, and all-around mooshie doodle…

Rik1   Rik2   Rik3

…and now, Chapter Four in the Rikki Saga:

Yeb, we lubs heem.  Bery buch.

(As with all the feline royalty in his line, he possesses the power of Humans R Teh Dumb, which is probably coming through in my typing… it might also explain why we thought he was a girl for two months.)


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