Repeated Paw-liftingks

And one and two, and one, and two.

He’s got some pretty wild eyes there, Zoë—like he went heavy on the guyliner.

Zoë H., nice catlisthenics (sp?)


Cat. It’s what’s for dinner.


Don’t get your panties in a bonche.


Rebekah P., I recommend adding extra garlic.

Do NOT watch this, you can’t HANDLE it

What did I just tell you?! Do NOT watch this NODON’TPRESSPLAY OMG!

I will not be held accountable for you returning to the site 5 billion times to see this video. I hope your boss does not call me. Gren W.

Prairie-doggin’ band practice sentry

The other bandmates are coming!

The other bandmates are coming! [jumps down and cranks tasty riffs]


Megan K., Megan K., Megan K.—I can’t argue with you on the front paw action.

The Stealth Vampire Soft Kronsche!

This Siamese kitteh is patiently waiting for HEES NEXT VEECTEEM! [Jaws music]


Then, suddenly, with absolute PREE-CISH-SHONS, we witness the Stealth Vampire Soft Kronsche!


Nobody does an iPhone photo better Deanna D!

The laziest kitteh IN THE WORLD

This kitteh is either the laziest kitteh ever, OR it really likes the treadmill treads on his face. (Maybe it’s like a big tongue lick?)

This cat is about to honk-shu right there.

Sender-Inner Frank S., Love the giggling, Video Taker Erik… I don’t know how many drinks it took to figure this out, but count me in for next round.

Señor Carlos Muffin, Esq. makes an appearance

People, this is Carlos Muffin, an exotic shorthair, just like Winston the kitteh. You may remember Señor Muffin from his first pic on C.O. where he almost keelled his owner for dressing him up. He obvy has infinite patience.


Welcome back to C.O., Señor Mufeens and Diana S.

Winston versus the—oh, whateverrrr

Our fave kitteh "Winston" is up to his smooooshed-face antics again, looking annoyed, and generally lazy (notice not a single paw is lifted during his battle with the string.)

FourFour, Rich and Winston, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Paw Proximity to Schnozzle action!

Ruhmember this kitteh? You might ruhmember her from such photos as: "Marmelade Breedge" and "Arm."

Well, Nene kitteh is back, this time with TEENY orange lashes and excellent schnozzle-to-paw-action!

nene7.jpg, originally uploaded by constintina.

No one submitted it! I did! ME!!! Thanks, Meg F.! 🙂

Ireesistable ear monsche [shifty eyes]

Sender-Inner Danielle THOUGHT her kitteh was safe from an ear-monsching, but found out she was horribly, horribly mistaken.

She came home one day to discover her boyfriend taking a monsche. He did not appear to be the least bit sorry about it either.


Danielle, Girlfriend of the Dangerous Ear-Monsching Boyfriend