So relaxed, yet so… stretchingks

At first, you hardly see the outstretched paws (because of the blinding Paws-Up action)

but then, you see them! Halp meh!

DSC_0060.JPG, originally uploaded by Link Dupont.

Nice pointer-outering, Julia G.

Kitteh with opposable thumbs will take over the worrrld

Check out this kitteh with "hands" over at the Tacoma, WA Humane Society.

She’s sporting a pair of thumbs! (And obviously has plans to bring the kitteh species forward with her marvelous mutation…)


Here she is showing off by drawing a Turkey (see beak and hat)


For more prosh pics and more details on Willamena, check out the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

Sender-Inner Laurie C. says she’s seen "a lot of extra toes" but never hands!

The Downfall of Princess Bianca Merriweather Juno Kinsolving Leigh kitteh

There once was a kitteh named Bianca,

Respectable, manicured and blanca.


Suddenly; a great thirst,

la toilette she tried first

she gulped, ah, all the fresh agua!


I hope your family is not scarred for life, Mary L. [shaking head in disgust]

How to Maximize Your Snorgling

People, you really need to know how to maximize your snorgle. Pull up a chair—and listen.

First, Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.

Second, locate warm, defenseless neck area


Third, locate the "Axis of Snorgling", an elusive concave area, created by the crook of a neck, overlapping paw, etc.—it must be large enough for one human nose (see green circle in figure A)


Lastly, Bury nose into Axis of Snorgling, and stay there until someone tells you you’re weird and that you should act like an adult.

Repeat as needed, until kitteh/boy/girlfriend runs away.

Major Clog, reporting for duty

No-ting gets by me.



Danika L., there are no number of Roto-Rooters to undo this mess.


Mini-nawm, mini-nawm [pause]


Kathy M., excellent creamsicle kitteh find!


Just a marmie paw.  On some moss.  With a pinch of Zen.

Seen on LaidOutInLavender’s Vox.  Is verra niiize!  And so’s her Flickr stream.

Repeated Paw-liftingks

And one and two, and one, and two.

He’s got some pretty wild eyes there, Zoë—like he went heavy on the guyliner.

Zoë H., nice catlisthenics (sp?)

Cat. It’s what’s for dinner.


Don’t get your panties in a bonche.


Rebekah P., I recommend adding extra garlic.

Do NOT watch this, you can’t HANDLE it

What did I just tell you?! Do NOT watch this NODON’TPRESSPLAY OMG!

I will not be held accountable for you returning to the site 5 billion times to see this video. I hope your boss does not call me. Gren W.


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