Don’t look directly at my tail. Seriously, you’re gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!! [scream in Axel Rose voice]

, originally uploaded by catherine.caf.

Michelle S., don’t dare me to post your submissions, BECAUSE I WILL! [with caps lock ON, BABY!]


What 1970’s living room did these guys crawl out of?

[Peter Frampton cranked in background]

I don’t know if this pic is old or the kittehs look extra 70’s-Ranger-Rick-poster-like or what… Something says SEVENTIES, People!


Sarah B., Do you feel like I do? Great find from Jessica’s blog

Dancing or…sleepingks?

Behold "Noodle" the kitteh, who look like she’s "dancing" when sleeping…

She’s all: "I’m your private Noodle, a dancer for moneh!" [sing in Tina Turner voice]


Anmari T., She’s got the moves, and LOVE the name "Noodle".

It’s Caturday, and I’ll do what I want

…and that includes, but is not limited to, SLEEPING ON MY BACK, Mofos!

Huge shout out to Ant, who wins the C.O. award for most diligent Sender-Inner Regahdless if I post his Submishes or Not

It’s Caturday morning…

So get with the program and git your heiny out of BED

Elaine G., excellent find, my Darling, exxxxxxxxxcellent.

// UPDATE — director is Simon Tofield; see this & more of his work at Tandem Films //

G’Night, Hon

G’Night, Hon—[brushing teeth] I’m going to bed.

[Holds toof-brush in front of each kitten mouf then trots off to bed with pocket warmers]


Ashley K., you know what they say—mo’ pocket warmers, mo’ problems

Tailless ‘Tocktober

[shrugging shoulders] Bummer about the tail/But hey, better ‘tock view


Nice nubbular Manx!, Tammy!

Mini-meow Kitten rescue

Check out this wandering kitten get lost, then found by his Momma, then neck-kronsched and carried back home.

The best part is when she’s trying to pick her bebeh up, Rachel!


I am NOT a Swiffer.

Fffft Ffft! [claw swipe]


Stheriouswee, Photo Girl. Way to save moneh.

Yes, your toes are almost done—

The cucumbare watere, she has soaked een.

Your treat-maynt, she is almost complete.

Next, we bring in the monkeh masseuse.


Oded I., tell that translucent blue turtle to fetch my spa robe!