Napping with exposed guttular regions

This kitteh is just *asking for EET*

[Goes underneath kitteh post, smooshes face into belleh]


Katherine B. alerted us to this sweet Japanese Scottish fold site… ahnngnn


Sunday Brooooonche

Welcome to Sunday brunch, grab a seat, just warmed it up!

Made us some Bacon casserole.


Yes, the cat’s name is Bacon. Nicole C., pass the mimosas STAT

“Miracle Pets” People!!!

Superstar Alan Thicke hosts "Miracle Pets", and on this installment, a couple married over FIFTEH years discover (and re-enact with award-winning subtlety) a kitten and its crow guardian. Annngh.

Ashley P., did your head do a head tilt when sending that in? Geeshe!

Kompact Kitteh Trick

LOVE the laff track on this silly video. Remember that laugh track they used to use on Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island? It was like:

[Greg comes homes with a bruise on his arm]
Carol: Oh, Greg!
Greg: Mom, it’s just a bruise.
Carol: That is the biggest bruise I have ever seen in my entirelife! See, this is exactly why I was so worried about you playingfootball!
Greg: Mom, that’s not from practice. I bumped my arm in math class. [laugh track]
Carol: Oh, well…
Greg: I’d be happy to quit math if you think it’s too dangerous.

Excellent YouTubin’, Mila T. and Brady Bonche dialog from [cue laugh track]

THIS JUST IN: The Tokyo cat café


Once AGAIN the Japanese hand our asses to us.

This time, in the form of "Cat Café", a place on Tokyo where fourteen resident cats make customers "purrrrr with delight." "The clean, odorless cafe — Calico has six air freshenersand the litter trays are out of sight — gets about 70 visitorsa day during the week and 150 a day at weekends."

You heard me. People can mingle with kittehs and have a cup of tea.

Big props to Kari M., Calico-kitteh photo taker and Gina W., Japanese ass-kicker-pointer-outer

The pitifullest, proshest meowing evar

This will make you cry 😦 TEARS OF CUTENESS


"Today’s an outside day, Tabitha." Nice find, Sue K.!

Nestling morsel…

You might think that Sender-Inner Cristina S. is sending this behbeh in for another installemet of Cats Und Racks, but no. This very cute kitten was born on her front garden with five mo’ siblings.


EXTREME KLERSE-UPS of Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ackshons:


ahnnnnnnnggggggghhhh [passing out on floor]

Small kitteh with cataloons

This kitteh has his own cataloon-pannts built right on in. When standing, you can see his "pants". The best part, however, is the ‘paddle paddle paddle’ ‘ehn ehn ehn’ of batting the toy…

Anjie S. more evidence that Scottish Folds OWN US

The Daily Coyote

There’s The Daily Puppy and Daily Kitten, and now there’s the Daily Coyote. Daily Coyote chronicles the life of "Charlie", an orphaned coyote who came to live with a woman named Shreve, and a tomcat named Eli, in a one-room log cabin in Wyoming.


On the blog, read from teh bottom up to get the whole story.


Jaye, wonderful find! :D, and Shreve S., awesome story and photos…

Day in the life of Fluffballs

Ah, another case of an already terrific movie being made THAT MUCH BETTER by a ridiculous soundtrack! The close-up on Mom’s face is my fave part…

Katie C., the music… THE MUSIC OMG!