I think Sheryl Crow sent this in

I’m thinking she was all; ‘Look, I put my music to this vid. What do you think?’

OK, OK, 9Poppy sent it in.

That toilet seat is so distracting

Never mind what those crazeh kittehs are doing—WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT MAGNIFICENT TOILET SEAT!?

It’s a dream captured in lucite.  Wrapped in an enigma.


Rosie A., these kittehs are obviously taking out their décor frustrations on the toilet paper.

I’m just trying to get comfortuhbuhls



You! [points paw] Bring me my kitten-sized martini!


Rosie A., what the heck is GOING ON HERE!?

THIS JUST IN: Modified mice are good at snuggling

Those clever Japanese scientists have managed to turn off the "I’m skeered!" gene in mice, to make them fearless. An article on CBC says scientists claimed "The mice approached the cat, even snuggled up to it and played with it" proving mice are genetically hardwired to be skeered of cats. [Head tilt]


What’s next, dogs and cats sleeping together!? [yell in Bill Murray voice] Thanks for pointing this out, D.W. March

‘Hide and Seek’ ruined AGAIN

3…2…1! Ready or not, here I come!

OMG, Snickers? We’ve been through this.


Jilda S., you really need to teach Snickers how to play.

Typical. [eye roll]

I love it. Jump over to HallPass.com for thees one.

Bat bat bat. [pause]

Bat bat bat. [pause]



Amanda R., great find…

Napping with exposed guttular regions

This kitteh is just *asking for EET*

[Goes underneath kitteh post, smooshes face into belleh]


Katherine B. alerted us to this sweet Japanese Scottish fold site… ahnngnn

Sunday Brooooonche

Welcome to Sunday brunch, grab a seat, just warmed it up!

Made us some Bacon casserole.


Yes, the cat’s name is Bacon. Nicole C., pass the mimosas STAT

“Miracle Pets” People!!!

Superstar Alan Thicke hosts "Miracle Pets", and on this installment, a couple married over FIFTEH years discover (and re-enact with award-winning subtlety) a kitten and its crow guardian. Annngh.

Ashley P., did your head do a head tilt when sending that in? Geeshe!

Kompact Kitteh Trick

LOVE the laff track on this silly video. Remember that laugh track they used to use on Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island? It was like:

[Greg comes homes with a bruise on his arm]
Carol: Oh, Greg!
Greg: Mom, it’s just a bruise.
Carol: That is the biggest bruise I have ever seen in my entirelife! See, this is exactly why I was so worried about you playingfootball!
Greg: Mom, that’s not from practice. I bumped my arm in math class. [laugh track]
Carol: Oh, well…
Greg: I’d be happy to quit math if you think it’s too dangerous.

Excellent YouTubin’, Mila T. and Brady Bonche dialog from TV.com [cue laugh track]


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