Kitteh in knead

I knead you

I knead you

I knead you

Marcster, what is it lately with all the kneading kittehs? It’s that time of year…

And the answer is……

[Drum roll...]


HOOOOORAY JESS AND COLIN! All the best to you…

// PS — YAY!!! //

Say “Yes!!!”

Hey Jess, a little bird told me that a certain special someone has an important question for you… [drum roll]


Oh, you gotta report back on this one, Colin B. ;)

I’m on a Horse Cuddling MISSION!

It’s tough to cuddle with a horse, but this kitteh manages to do it…



Even horses must soft kronsche

[Say in David Attenborough voice]

Most often seen in humans, but other species are know to want to kronsche a soft kitteh ear.

Mimi H. Deeeeeleeeeeeeeshous….. ;)

Dog Snax

Dewd, I like playing "Dog Snax", but you have GOT to get your own dish—this is so annoying—first it was funny "ha ha, they’re both in the dish ha ha ha" but now it’s just like, too crowded.


Amy D. P. of MooJuiceMedia, Not to maynshons the dog certainly isn’t gonna fit in there.

Oh, so now it’s totally normal, is that it?

All the cool kittehs are doing it… paddle paddle

Paddlesons, paddlesons


Good grief, they’re coming out of the woodwork… um, plumbing?… anyway, this comes from the comments (thanks, TBlue!) under the last post:

Jenna kitty lives in Oz with BradiatorG.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

I think this kitty’s earned herself an "Unusual Animals" tag.

I love how she even has a floaty toy to play with.
DBrito602, what’s the biggest fish she’s ever caught?

Packing Peanuts Paws up

Um, great use of packing peanuts or GREATEST USE OF PACKING PEANUTS?!


ENHANCE + Paws up!


Margaret Y., did the peanuts have major static cling action when your kitteh got up?


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