Princess Di eyes—nailed!

I’m facing down and gazing up, Poindexter, so don’t even THINK of opening with that pathetic sawtooth-pawn gambit you’re so fond of.


Bobby Fischer?  shyah… keep looking.

It was quite tempting to categorize this Cats ‘n’ Rooks™, Tracy R.

Holy target audience!

I’m so glad we’re finally tapping the lucrative kitten market. It’s unbelievable how much those guys spend each Holiday season! woo hoo!

We just expanded our audience—Our luring hamster footage worked! Great find, Bane.

Adventures of the Three Kittskateers

For just a minute, this video was like a bath full of Calgon soap, taking me awaaaay!!!

Check out the newly subtitled story of three kittens first day out.

Nice translatin’, Mike T. ;)

This way, the Under the Bed Club meeting is about to start

The topic tonight is: ‘Dust Bunnies’—are neither dust, nor Bunnies, discuss.


Are they serving punch, Kristy G.?

Vulnerable areas + privacy tail

I love it when kittehs use their tails for privacy, by covering up their parts.

This little guy is so prosh, he’s all owning you with his 70’s carpet wriggle action


Looks muy soft, Alexis P. [head tilt]

Madamoiselle Puffée, picker of fine fabrics

This behbeh kitteh is choosing her first upholstery sample.

That’s so cute.


Madamoiselle Puffée, you may choose as many samples as you like, and we shall make MEELLIONS of kitteh beds for you. Right, Johanna S.?

One small, one large interspecies snorgler

There’s nuthin’ better than a little interspecies snorgling, ESPESHE when there is a great size difference in the size of the two ani-pals. Somehow, seeing a little small guy and a big guy cuddle is even prosher. Don’t get me started on the Japaneseness of this.

I’m gonna crawl over to your butt and snuggle by it, Amy F.


And this McChompersons is…



Cindy R., way to capture the Elusive Kitteh Wrestle. More of her kittehs here.

Invisible Piano

Will one of you bright sparks out there PLEEEEASE put appropriate piano sounds to this? Beethoven, Brahams, it don’t matter! JUST DO EET!!!

9Poppy, you sure know how to find ‘em… ;)

Get out of my goddamn pink bathroom

You sequestered me in this God-awful pink bathroom for my fleas, and now you keep checking on me with that awful medicayshe.

[Don't-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-tocks-on-the-way-out look.]


Stephanie C., At least the pink is soothing while Eleanor recuperates… provided she digs early ’70s, décor, which most kittehs do.


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