“Best Friends”? Dee-bate-able! [singsong]

OK, OK, decide for yourself… I think we have a case of one patient kitteh, and one little "annoying sibling" fereeeetpannts.

It’s still all snorgling all the time, though, Mr…. Mills!

Before and After: Marma-bath

Who knows why this kitteh was getting a warshing, but he is. He’s all: "I got your muzzlepowsche of disapproval RIGHT HEAH"




Next thing you know, it’s all over, and little cows are jumping over the moon [snore sounds]


Wendy C., "Sam" the kitteh is really your "nephew"? Whoa.

THIS JUST IN: Grey Kittehs for Hillary

NEWSFLASHAROO: Grey kitteh caucuseses everywhere are reporting overwhelming support for Hillary for Prez. Also just in, Birds still on the fence about Nader.


Genevieve Y., Thank you for your diligent cuteporting.

Marmalades for Obama

It’s offishe. Marmalade-colored kittehs have officially endorsed, paws swingin’, for Obama. We’ll keep you posted on more pet/election coverage as it HAPPENS!


What’s next? birds for Nader? I think so, Mary R.

Beyooond Redooonk. [Singsong voice]

You KNOW this was a Baby hat that got modeled by a kitteh before being wrapped up for a Baby shower. The knitter was all: "Peaches! come try this on!" [snap]

Il va faire froid, originally uploaded by mojemi -Monique.

Alex B., Yes, it IS cold out thar. [shiveringks]

Tiny gutulence the size of your hand

Will you please check out this tiny gutulence, which is JUST RIPE FOR DEE PICKINGKS [Holds own hand back from squeezing tiny kitten gut]


Nice little "Jaws" mouth hinge too, RPHilli…. ;) P.S. Rule 38

Paws Up and Very Demanding

This kitteh is all: "Pull up dee cubbers and come to bed."


I think you better comply, Gabrielle F.

Kitteh in Diaper Pannnnts

Oh Brother, People, please get a load of this one. Sender-Inner Andrea R. writes: "Elvis is part Manx, and has absolutely no tail. As a result of incorrect breeding (or lack thereof), he has a birth defect that makes it so he can’t control his bladder. Most days he’s okay, but some days he’s like a leaky faucet so I put a Pampers on him. You can tell he doesn’t mind much." Ahnnn [Head tilt]


Look at those little pannnts, Andrea R.

A grown woman should not be under the coffee table staring at kittehs

Um, get out from under there, you’re freaking me OUT.


Johanna S., I’m looking at you.


"Have your pet spayed or neutered" [Bob Barker voice into skinny game show microphone]


Did you get "neuticals"?


Johanna B., he still looks pretty prosh to me. By the way, I TRIPLE DARE everyone to order a Neuticals key chain RIGHT NOW!


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