THIS JUST IN: Kitteh fur shape professes love for Mom

Mom’s name is "Dot". No joke.

Check out more of his mewing hiney on CNN.


Say "CAT NEWS NETWORK" in a James Earl Jones voice Agent Aeon!



Call it "Toesday" call it "interdigital floof"—whatever—I call it ROCK AND ROLL


whooooooooooooooooo [devil horns]


Rokkin’, Little Miao. ROKKIIIIIN’!

Surprise, Mofos.

Weren’t expecting THIS WERE YOU [swipe swipe]


You’re right, I WASN"T, Mahala K. 😉 Glad you had a great Easter today.

Kitteh in tree

Sender-Inner Jacquelyn C writes: "I visited my aunt in Florida, and she said this cat had been stuck up in a tree for over three days after it was chased up there by a couple dogs.  The fire department wouldn’t come, nor would most other places, but I found one tree service that said in their ad "no job is too small."  So I called, and they agreed to get the cat for $50.   A man climbed up the tree with a pillowcase to put the cat in, and a bunch of us held out a tarp at the bottom to catch the it just in case.  When the guy got up there, the cat scratched and bit the hell out of his face and hands, but we got the cat down!"


Ahn. [head tilt]

It’s almost like you’re THERE

Dewds, close your eyes, and it’s like this SUPER PURR action is on YOUR OWN VERY LAP.

Serious—close your eyes, trust me on this one. [Hand bumping computer for ‘petting’ action]


Tammy L., prosh kitteh you got thar… 😉

Delectabuhl kitteh gets slurping of a lifetime

Dog: You look kitteh-flavored.
Kitteh: Um! [quakes in stubbular boots]


Dog: Indeed! Quite delectabuhls!
Kitteh: [bats at lip curtains]


Heh, I like the term ‘lip curtains’, don’t you Johanna S.?

Munchkin Kitteh Overload

We’ve shown you Munchkin Kittehs befo’—their stubbular limbs and teeny folded ears are unstoppable. Thanks to alert reader Heather W., we bring you even MO’ munchkin kitten action, for your Sunday dose of Teh Qte.

Oh, and there is mo:

And… still more proshness ahead:

Great stubbular, tiney-earred finds, Heather W.!

Kitteh “Baroo?” 101

No kids like this: [head tilt]


J to the S., they’ll get it eventually…

(seen on VeraEcho’s Flikr page)


OK, squawk monkey, there are some points which must be addressed.  I shall enumerate.


1) I am eleven years old.  I am not a "kitten".

2) You will bring me three of those chewy "salmon"-flavored treats.

3) The length and relative pointy-ness of my claws is just fine as they currently are.

4) You will pet my forehead and ears, gently front to back, until I indicate that am ready for you to stop.  This should not be difficult for you to interpret, even considering the limited capacity for language that your species possesses.

5) You will remain quiet, still, and warm for a period of time not less than 30 minutes, and not more than 90 minutes.

6) That half-Siamese SNOT will be kept out of my sight for the remainder of the evening.  I am not particular about the methods you may employ to attain this goal.  Just see to it that they are effective.

7) This item is only here as filler.  Why?  Because otherwise there won’t be nine of them.  As the small monkeys say, "Duh."

8) Yes, OK.  I love you.  Just so.  What?  You… [sigh] must I always…?  Oh, very well:  Prrrrrr.

9) I believe one more salmon treat is in order.

Shut up I do not have a problem





Jacque R., um, that’s debatable.