Prepping for Caturday

Wake us up tomorrow.

Whne we shall… TAKE OVER DEE WORLD!!!


Anna E., seriously potent potential world dominayshons going on there…

How could we reject such a submeeshon!?!

Apparentleh, this submeeshon was not accepted at C.O. and was posted over at ICHC. How could thees haf happened!?!?


Carrie L. and Teho, we’re befuddled…

Winston is a piglet

A good friend once told me—”Meg, you know what you need on Cute Overload? MORE WINSTON” Well this one goes out to you, Ross 😉

Cheers to Rich over at FourFour for watching QVC/The Hills/Whatever that is and taking great video at the same time.

Encore Presentayshe: Face rub

OK, People, if enough of you NAG MOI I am forced (forced I say!) to re-post certain GEMS of Cuteness. This is one. Get a load of the purr-paws-over-face action:

OK, OK, Wayne! I’ll post eet!


Er, lemme check again, may not 47. There are too many McSquirmersons in there, paddling for shore in their little life-raft thingie…


C.S.O. just turned me on to GATO ISLAND. Arriba!


These kittehs are usually ‘sworn enemies’, were caught in a Sunbeam Lick-a-thon™.

The kitteh’s names are "Obama" and "Hillary" [OK, OK, I just completely made that last part up for entertainment purposes.]

What could they POSSIBLY be saying to each other?!





Carrie H., way to reach across the aisle.

This stubbularness is out of control

People, get a load of this Caturday Special. It’s a Marmalade Scottish Fold kitteh, in his STUBBULAR STAGE OF DEVELOPMENTS! And ssssssssssh, if you listen real close, you’ll hear the tiniest of purrs towards the end.

Thanks a lot for the cuteness-induced brain aneurysm, Alex M. and Kate H.

Rabbit Feet Peeeeellow

Burrrrr burrrrrrr burrrrrrrr [purring sound on bunny ‘tocks]

Rabbit Feet, originally uploaded by kellydna.

Hey Arlo R., go Paly Vikes!

[Butler announcement voice] The Baroness Von Possum!

‘Poss the Boss’ (full name The Baroness Von Possum) after getting caught out in the rain.


Judith M., I suggest a roaring fire and whiskey in the water bowl to warm up.

I’m crawling up your pantleg and you are powerless to stop me

Hey, nice pajamas by the way. I shall now shred them TO PIECES


Jussssssssssss kiddin’ Roxann L. JK.