I’m Never Gonna Let You Go!

I’m gonna hold you in mah ahms fer everrrrr!

Movie by Emily S. Redonkulous music added by Cute Overload. Yeah.

Touché. Tou-SHAY!

Um, someone over at Cat Macros just kicked my ass in the captioningk depahtment.


Thanks for the heads up, Google Alerts!

Why kittehs are not good African safari guides

I think I see a CROC!!!




Aroooogah! Arooogah! Sound the alarms, Pamela S.!

This web site has grown tiresome.

I grow weary of this "posting of kittehs". Puh-lease. "Kitteh" is not even a real word.


Turi M. was looking up the word "disapproving" and found this dude on wikipedia.

I do NOT have a problem YOU have a problem

Kitteh: The desire to get inside and be inside a box whenever possible is NOT a problem. I repeat, YOU have the problem—did you ever think that being OUTSIDE of a box was actually the problem? Why don’t you think about THAT?

IMG_0584.JPG, originally uploaded by XPav.

Alex P., Your kitteh is going STRAIGHT to 130-day Boxhab treatment at Promises. It’s for the best.

Young’ins bound for boxhab

[shaking head] it’s a shame to see such young, young, kittehs start off on the wrong foot. They’re obviously overdosing on boxes—TOGETHER!—at such a young age. Tsk.


You can’t even tell WHO IS WHO in there, Heather R.! And don’t even tell me that’s a Kleenex box.

// UPDATE — thanks to Vicky Mowrer and her Kittenex! //

Sleepin’ in on Caturday

Please. The light—eets too moshe! [holds up paw]

Leave me and my mini-ears to rest!

Baby Hugo, originally uploaded by Tante Bluhme’s.

Nice find, Meg F. ;)

“Drunk on the herby goodness”

Here’s the story: Sender Inner Elizabeth L. says: "I heard an enormous kerfuffle in the kitchen this afternoon, and when I checked it out I found our cat Max had not only discovered the almost-full package of catnip but also had destroyed said package and was lolling, drunk, in the herby goodness." Ahnn.


Aaaaggghhhh. herrrrrrbyyyy gooodnesss [Homer voice]

Paws Up pics by doctor’s orders

Doctors should start prescribing paws up pictures like this instead of antidepressants. Instead of 100mg of Prozac, would you like 100 kitteh paws up pictures? We could stuff the pics into a medicine bottle if that helped.

[Ehn ehn ehn! kitteh waves paws around, erasing anxieties everywhere]

Chihiro, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.


I have conquered dees scratchingk post.

Who is dee boss now, Mr. Scratchingks Post!?

ME! I AM DEE BOSS [digs claws in]


Luciana K, nice lil’ konquering kitteh you got there…


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