Kitteh “Baroo?” 101

No kids like this: [head tilt]


J to the S., they’ll get it eventually…

(seen on VeraEcho’s Flikr page)


OK, squawk monkey, there are some points which must be addressed.  I shall enumerate.


1) I am eleven years old.  I am not a "kitten".

2) You will bring me three of those chewy "salmon"-flavored treats.

3) The length and relative pointy-ness of my claws is just fine as they currently are.

4) You will pet my forehead and ears, gently front to back, until I indicate that am ready for you to stop.  This should not be difficult for you to interpret, even considering the limited capacity for language that your species possesses.

5) You will remain quiet, still, and warm for a period of time not less than 30 minutes, and not more than 90 minutes.

6) That half-Siamese SNOT will be kept out of my sight for the remainder of the evening.  I am not particular about the methods you may employ to attain this goal.  Just see to it that they are effective.

7) This item is only here as filler.  Why?  Because otherwise there won’t be nine of them.  As the small monkeys say, "Duh."

8) Yes, OK.  I love you.  Just so.  What?  You… [sigh] must I always…?  Oh, very well:  Prrrrrr.

9) I believe one more salmon treat is in order.

Shut up I do not have a problem





Jacque R., um, that’s debatable.

Another small step for kitteh kind

Miniature Neil Armstrong kitteh is all: "I come in peace, Bros! Ehn!" [Tiny foot moves forward]


Remember those other little moonwalker kittehs Louise W.?

Ahh. Now I feel warmers

I’ve been hearin’ that the U.S. East coast is freezing their ‘tocks off. This one’s for you!


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Sarah C.! [snuggling closer to you]

Caturday Disapproval

Even the fact that it’s ‘Caturday’ won’t help. I still disapprove.


Johanna S., NICE FIND!

Chompable paw pads

OK, OK, the purring sounds are obvy canned, right? It’s still a great lil’ video of "Baby Joe Joe" though—those googly ‘I-ken’t focus-yet!’ eyes and licking stubbular limb action is potent.

HazelNut B., Purrriffic find. Video from Tigers Deluxe.

Electrician cat is almost done

Yep. your light will be repaired momentarily Ma’am.

Arrrang arrrang arrrang


Lisa R., How many kittehs does it take to CHANGE A LIGHTBULB

The Best Advertisement for “Temptations” ever

Hey, LISTEN UP People who make "Temptations" Kitteh Snacks. Have we got the advertising photos for YOU. It starts out innocently enough with little "Kamineko" the "innocent" Bengal kitteh…




You can thank us later. High Five, Judith O.

Let ME IN!

By the great Simon Tofield, the creator of "Wake Up Cat", it’s: "Let Me In".
[Pulling red curtain back for your viewing pleasure]

GREAT FIND, Mike 9 ;)


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