Caturday Xtreme Sleepover

It’s Caturday, Baby…


…and I’ll sleep with FIFTY CHICKENS IF I WANT!


OMG, the HORROR, Tami S.!


Mom, Josh is sucking on my ear again

Mooooooooom! Josh said he was gonna suck my brains out and I think he’s doing it!!! Mooooooooooom! [Serious slurping noises + Mom eye roll]


Snow Bengal Kitten Geboren am 26. 3. 06, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Amoise F., Slurplicious FIND

Firefox logo/Cats ‘n’ Racks

This is pretty darn racky, People. It might be difficult to get any rackier, frankly.

Nuevo logo de Firefox, originally uploaded by ♫ Nico ♫.

Go Paly Vikings, Arlo R.! (and thanks to SushiRob for rediscovering the lost photo)

Live Cub Cam

Somewhere in… (Norway?) is a live lion cub cam. Looks like Mom cat has three four cubbages.

It’s like checking in on your dog at daycare, only lion-y!


Let’s check in on them, Austin L.!

What am I your PLAYTHING?

Do you think you can TICKLE ME any time you WANT!?

OK OK, you can. I got nuthin.

Stubbular submishe, Sender-Inner Sehar S.!

Well that sucks

_44731713_trappedkitten_226deadlineAlert Cuteologists over at BBC news are reporting that a newly born kitten was saved from being trapped down a drain. Apparently, this cat Mother-of-the-Year decided to have her litter behind the sink. Firefighters saved the little bro with a sock over the end of a vacuum. Anh. The End.

Thanks, Luke F.


When this small Mom cat had eight bébés, things soon became Flesh Pile Central™. THAT is some overload, my Friends.


Maria C., I pity the kitteh

Wedding trend: Paw Bouquet

All June brides should carry paw bouquets.

White bouquets are especially beautiful, with pink toe pads. Attaching a tail to your dress is still not a good idea, however.


Sarah, put them in super clean water so they last, mmmk?

Stubbular, and part owl

Exotic and American Shorthair SPECIALISTS "Purfurvid" have the most prosh lil’ progeny this side of Japan’s East coast. They have awesome lil’ pics, including this mini Winston-like kitteh, who is available.  Meanwhile, check out Red, here;


Reanne P. sent me some other great suggestions from this site… There are simply too many wondeful kittehs to show. Check it out!

Tiny Caturday yawn

A little side-eared-stage kitten is caught yawning in a story about the latest Humane society Kitten Boom. Has anyone out thar adopted a kitteh recently?


Chak O., it’s all about that yawn, I agree.