Put your face right HERE!

There is simply a massive amount of snorgling to be done on this belleh. Go on, put your face RIGHT THERE


I think I hear motorboat sounds


Sophie the kitteh, by Lighto. Found by Lori W. ;)

Please do not add the ‘You Are So Beautiful” song over this vid

People, you know that supercheese video that everyone and their brother has seen of the kitten who play-attacks the dog and it has ‘You Are so Beautiful’ running over it? Well THIS vid is along the SAME lines, minus the fromage.

Kill me now, Todd A.!

Fast forward to 6:58!

Prance prance prance

XOXOXO to the one and only Sparky, my very own Cute Overload

‘With release’ joke here

I geev you Kitten special massage, with claws, and catnip-scented oils.

No claws is extra.

A new "world", originally uploaded by willyf.

Special, special times, Lori W.

Got two pieces of bread?

Got your midday snack ready.

Pass the Cat-sup! [horrible, I know]

Small, but perfect., originally uploaded by Tom Poes.

Deeeee-lee-shous, Lori W.! :P

Survival of the Cutest

CNN cuteporter Hugh Rimington reports on a tiny kitten (seen here swimming with tailio out of the water!) having survived Chinese earthquake peril!

Now that’s what I call great television, Kasia K.!

Danger Will Robinson!!!

Just ONE quick FLIP o’ the schnozzle, and that kitteh is Scooby Snack Central.


Cynthia H., I think we should warn — IT MAY BE TOO LATE!

Zuh ennui…of Henri!

Zuh life!

She ees not wors leevingks!

Zee Existentialism, she has me in her grip! Aieee!

Thanks a lot for the ‘D’ in French Lit flashback, William B.

Let’s check in on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Yes, let’s just PEEK in on what’s happening over at our favorite Tacoma Washington Foster Kitteh Blog.

Oh! I see Ms. Charlene Butterbean and a new little friend.


Let’s zoom in juuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit more.

Ahn, is that Charlene’s paw over that little kitteh?


Yes, yes, I THINK IT IS [hyper-venta-lay-shons]


OMG, couldn’t be prosher, Laurie C. 

I teenk I will drink out of dees

Hmmmmmmmm. I know this is the husky’s bowl, but he won’t mind just a couple of glurps, right?


Glenna M., love the teeny paw action on Ollie the kitteh.


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