One day, I’ll be a MUSAK SUPERSTAR!

This kitteh is a regular Miles Davis, if Miles Davis had four paws and twitched during sleepies. Check out his paw action to the beat. Bizarro Montalban.

Phillip P.! Another quality foraged link!

This is NOT my idea of a Caturday

Let me out IMMEDIATELY or ye shall perish.


There you go, Jennifer N., your kitteh is now famous.

Famous and furious that is! (Please see C.O.X.C.U. for furiousness)


I can’t believe people baby-talk like this

I would NEVER do that.

OMG listen to that purring action. Dang, Trialia X.!


These bebeh kittehs have BUILT-IN RHYTHM. They’re all ‘bring on the 18-minute Phish jam, we’re ready, bros’

Kelly C., LOVE the couch cover.

I’m just big-bo—OK I’m fat.

No, I’m not gonna use the word ‘catastrophic’ in this post. Don’t worry.


I think he should hang out with THIS guy. Right K. H.? More on the story here…

What a DELICIOUS-looking leg I have!

I am SOOO delectabuhls!!!


Um, OK, Jessica B., that’s a little weird, but with the folded tongue action, I’ll accept it.

Pardon moi, [pokes head out] Could you keep it down?

I’m TRYING to curl up into a teeny creamsicle-colored ball, CAPISCE?

emergence of a cute cat, originally uploaded by DIgital DI.

Look at my bruddd-doi, so com-for-tuh-buhls

Don’t worry ONE SECOND about heem. He’s fine. He likes sleeping like this. Serious.


Excellent Marmalade sammich, Jamie in PA. Hey, how’s the vote-counting going?

Caturdays ‘n’ theremins

Nuthin’ goes with Caturday like a theremin. Yep, the good ole Caturday/Theremin combo. Reeeeeeeeeee [annoying sounds continue for three more hours]

Elizabeth J., I’m sure the Led Zeppelin reunion tour is gonna need at LEAST one theremin player.

Unclear on the concept



What a perfect Friday post. I don’t even want to KNOW how this whole thing got started.


Sender-Inner Kat stole these photos from "Anilsa’s Myspace". Obvy, Anilsa has SOME ‘SPLAINING TO DO


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