When “Snaggle” adopted “Bubbles”

Once upon a time, with a jazzy soundtrack, a kitteh named "Snaggle puss" adopted a behbeh rabeet named "Bubbles".

Why do I have an overwhelming urge to shoot a basket from the three point line, Amelia T.?!


I got SOOO TRASHED last night!

Last night is such a BLUR!

OMG, I think I rode a mechanical bull at that bar—with that dachshund named Larry!


I can’t believe I stooped to the dachshund level.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh [holds forehead with paws]


I’m never going out with those guys AGAIN, Angela M.

Curtain Climbin’ Ankle Bitin’

The rambunctiousness meter registered new levels at NewZoo curator’s Carmen Murach’s home recently. See, she was caring for two lion cubs who’s Mama died in childbirth. After almost three months, and each kitteh weighing in around 25 pounds, Carmen decided it was time to spare the furniture move these ankle biters to the zoo.


The kittehs love their new home, attacking logs, each other and rooting for Green Bay.


Photos by Corey for the Wilson/Press-Gazette. A bajillion more photos over at The Northwestern.com

Check out the new kitteh digs fer yerself:

Excellent cuteporting, NTMTOM!

Nyet You Di-in’t!

Here’s what you give the man who has everything.

Check out Vladmir Putin and the lil 20-pound kitteh he got for his 56th birthday.


Check it out, he’s all Nyet you diiii-in’t!!


Read the full story with mo’ pictures over at AP!

I Promise I’ll Never Drink Again!

"Ugghhhh, why did I let you buy me all of those Jäger shots, Freddy?  Hey, where are you, anyway?"

"I’m behind you in the sink, man!  And lemmie tell’ya, this sucker’s HUGE!"

Well, get over here and hold back my whiskers, willya?

Make the room stop spinning, Amy R.!

Terminal Boxaholism

In recent years, boxhab centers nationwide have seen an alarming 58.2 percent rise in cases of boxaholism, the uncontrollable urge to wedge oneself into crates, shoeboxes, picnic coolers, floor safes, suitcases, hope chests, Bundt pans, mailing tubes, lunch pails, and all manner of portable enclosed spaces.  In extreme cases, boxaholics will instinctively assume box-like shapes when no container is available.

Just 31 more of these and we can play chess.

It’s time for intervention, Kyllyssa.

Crazy Eddie’s! Really Small! Area Rug Sale!

We’re practically GIVING these kittehs away!

We got orange! we got white! we got tabbies! Even grey-tipped EARS!

Flip each kitteh over to see OUR LOW, LOW PRICES. We’re IN-SA-A-A-A-A-ANE!"


Photographer MeeShel L. gave all these lil’ rugs away to new owners, save one, little Sammy, the shorthair at the top. kittens in a row, originally uploaded by MeeShel.L1G..

A runt’s request

[Kitteh looks around nervously] Hey Pssst, Buddy!

Do you have any of those delicious lil’ coffee creamers I keep hearing about!? Just to tide me over!

I can’t say no to those PENETRATING BLUE EYES, Weird Aunt Martha! Grey Kitten, originally uploaded by Weird_Aunt_Martha.

Wylee takes Widget under his wing

Sender-Inner Gina C. works at an animal shelter in New Hampshire, and sometimes her "work" comes home with her.

Meet Widget, a foster kitten she raised from 3 days old. Gina’s pup Wylee helped raise Widget too, obviously teaching him to snuggles,


How to "Baroo",


They’re still working on eyeball focusing…


Gina C., that is some sweet paw nommage.

I Love it When a Friendship Just Works

"Yeah, me and Allie are like, total BFF, because we have this understanding, see.  She always gives up the sunny spot when I walk into the room, she never complains when I use her for a pillow … yep, she knows who’s boss, and I totally love that about her."

(... right, and I'll be leaving you a little thank-you gift in your dog food later.)

See, that’s the key, Katherine N.—balance.