At Last the Truth Can Be Told!

My friends, a sinister enemy walks among us — perhaps in your very house.  It comes from the distant reaches of another galaxy, yet takes the form of an innocent house cat, gaining our trust, then … stealing our very thoughts while we sleep!!   My friend, we cannot keep this a secret any longer.  Can your heart stand the shocking facts of … BRAIN ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE?!?

That ATM password has GOT to be in here somewhere.

I want to believe, Jill H.

Yah, dere’s da source o’yer clog, den…

Yah, Mrs. Lundegaard, dat’s why yer sink’s backin’ up, don’cha know — ya gotta big ol’ clog o’ cat hair down dere.  An’ it’s still in da shape udda cat, and lemmie tell’ya, dat’s da worst kinda clog dere is, you betcha…

Thanks, I was feeling a bit woebegone, there.

So don’cha forget da sink-strainer next time, Leslie.

The happy, squeaky sounds of Winston

If there is one thing consistent about this site, it’s peeps asking for MORE WINSTON action. Well here he is, in all his greatness, purring away. And making squeaking noises in the process.

For MORE Winston, check out FourFour. Thanks for the Winston alert, Pamela D.

Encore Presentayshe: Cutest Kitten in World

People, some posts are worth repeating. This is one such post. For this encore presentation, I give you "Memebon" the kitten. But you already know Memebon. Because she OWNS YOUR SOUL, THAT’S WHY. Here is the original post


There are really no sufficient words to accurately describe the proshness you are about to witness. Rest-assured the Japanese [shaking fist to sky] beat us AGAIN on this one. This time with the delectable dollop named "Memebon"

[drum roll]



See a LOT more of Memebon, her family and tons of merch over at ;)

One kitteh’s struggle with BoxHab

Like all kittehs, Nelly was obsessed with boxes and refused to give them up. Thanks to the perserverance of her owner, VonFluffinstein, Nelly got through her challenges and is full recovery. She attends BA meetings everyday to stay straight.

One box day at a time, Barbarella A.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Bunneh

This little grey bun’s Ma perished just a week after it was born.

Thankfully, this Marmalade Matron cat-dopted the bun as her own.

Get a load of the total money shot still too. Redoooonk! [singsong voice]


Jess K., I’m picking you up by the scruff of the neck if you don’t get back in the box.

You ask and you shall receive!

Many of you wanted to see MORE MORE MORE photos of this crazy kitteh. Well, here they are. We hope you’re happy now.


Like a first date, this kitteh appears pretty normal at first… BUT THEN


"aynng aynngh aynngh" [chewing on blankie sound]


There is just NO TELLING what you’re in for, is there Tiffany G.?

This little guy "Victor" was up for adopshe at Bid-a-Wee in Manhattan.

Black and white and viewed all over

From the cartoon kitteh genius Simon Tofield, comes the third installment of our favorite annoying Kitteh who points at his mouth for eats. Oh, and Simon’s other awesome cartoons are below, just in case you missed ‘em the first time around ’cause you’re living under a rock or something.

Simon is part of Tandem Films, a very talented UK-based animations outfit.

The Something in the Something

To:     Meg
Re:     Kitten Photos

Thank you so much for sharing the adorable photos of the kitten reclining in the baseball cap.  I quite concur, they are among the most charming I’ve ever seen, and I shall endeavor to post them as soon as possible.  But unfortunately, at the moment — and I find this a trifle embarrassing to admit — I seem to have the most damnable case of writer’s block.  Surely, I reason, there must be a pithy way to summarize this scene in my inimitable fashion — "The Feline in the Headgear," perhaps, or "The Calico in the Cap" — but alas, the harder I search for it, the more it eludes me.

Sheesh, is this idiot for real?

But nonetheless, I am undaunted. Perseverance is my life’s blood, and excelsior my motto.  If it takes me all evening, I shall craft a missive possessing of that elusive spark of wit your readers have come to expect.

Yeah, you do that, Shakespeare.

Thank you for playing Stump the Writer, Amy Lee B.

[How about "The Tom in the Toque?" – Ed.]

Mews + Stubbularness = <3

What am I, a 12-year-old girl with that kind of blog post title!?!? WAIT Don’t answer that!!!

P to the U to the R to the R, Sparky B. >^.•.^< OMG, Pon1es!


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