How long do I have to hold this side up?

NO really, can’t you get some bookends on EBAY or something?


A cute, sad kitten, originally uploaded by Kokor Hekkus.

You’re doing a good job though, Kokor H. :P


I beg you!

I can’t take it. I’m only coming out on FRIDAY!

See ya [tucks back into pockie]

Cute Kitten In Pocket, originally uploaded by PicturesOfCats.

I don’t blame you, green pocket kitteh…Not at all. [shaking head]

Synchronized Sleeping

And let’s check in on the canine semi-finals now … looks like Bozie and Monty are in good form here as they enter their second hour …

And snore, two, three ... and yawn, two, three ...

And meanwhile, in the kitten division …

What's our secret?  MAGNETS!

Thanks to coaches Blythe J. (top photo) and Grace B. (bottom photo)

La la la la [covering eyes with hands] la la la

GOP candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant!? La la la la I can’t heeeeeeeeeear you! I’m watching kittennns!

Great submishe, NTMTOM ;)

Winston gets a book deal?!

Winston_book_4aOne of Winston’s biggest fans (A five-year-old named Ramona) recently sent him a pitch for a potential New York Times Best Seller, tentatively titled: "The Adventures of Winston."

See more of the proposal and cover letter over at FourFour.

The question is—will he go for it!?



As you can see, Winston is reviewing the proposal with great, er, interest.


What? He wants an Annie Leibowitz coffee table book instead!? What?

The REAL Spaghetti Cat

People, Spaghetti Cat has gotten tons of press lately. The folks over at Entertainment Weekly can’t stop watching the YouTube video, and The Soup has adopted the non-sequitur, and the real truth is somewhere in between, but that ASIDE people and get a load of the REAL Spaghetti Cat.

This one’s for you, Joel McHale!


Our names are "Yin"

And "Yang".

You got a pro-layme with that?


That looks pretty comfortuhbuhls, I think, Sherri…

STICK your paws UP!

A Take-Over-style robbery was reported in the Kitteh District tonight.

The unfortunate victim was in recovering in Boxhab at the time. Sigh.


The stuffed bun was aquitted of all charges, right Anne H.?

“All I ever wanted was a kitten.”

And now she has not just one but SEVEN HUNDRED OF THEM!

Wait, wait, before you think ‘crazy cat lady’ get a load of this awesome story.

And dogs too, Emma S.Visit this amazing place online at Cat House on the

Whap, Kronche, Repeat

Check this out: Orange kitty makes a valiant effort to dislodge grey kitty, complete with much batting, chomping and lunging, but then returns to almost the exact same starting position.  For bonus fun, put this on an endless loop and watch it all night.


It’s … hypnotic … Hannah … N.


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