Fightin’ and One-Linin’

Tonight we dine… IN HELL! [Attacks]


Are you not ENTERTAINED!?


Are you feeling lucky, Punk!? [swipe swipe]


That’s it man! Game over Man, game over! [Ffffffft fffffft!]


You’re the disease—AND I’M THE CURE! [Say in Sly Stallone slur]


Go ahead. Make my day.


Hasta La Vista Fabiana T.!

[PS — this is an Encore Presentayshe.  Hi Baffle! – Ed.]

People, THIS is why it’s The frakking Overload

Will you PLEASE get a load of this pic that is pushing Cuteness to it’s XREME limits.


Oh Don’t enhance! NO! we can’t take—


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! (In other words, thank you, Tundra B.)

I’ll give you a twenny for that kitten

Check it out, this little kitten is just about to take off on a magic carpet ride with Andrew Jackson:

I can’t figure out if the mew sounds are delayed or there is ANOTHER off-screen kitteh making those prosh sounds, OR it’s some synth recorded sound triggered by some kid on a keyboard—which is it Jenn?

Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Solitary Boxhab Confinement patient "Pebbles" warns young kittens:

"Stay in school!

Don’t do boxes!"


"I’ve wasted weeks of my life addicted to napping in boxes—when I could have been lounging in sunbeams or catnip fields like other cats. [lights cigarette, takes drag] But no. I’m hooked."


Shameful, Maxine S. [Shaking head] just shameful.

Kitten treats at 3 o’clock, BALL OF STRING AT 9 o’clock!!!

[Ears go in bof directions]


Kitten!, originally uploaded by swaza.

Swaza, I suggest a magic eight ball for these difficult, difficult times.

How long do I have to hold this side up?

NO really, can’t you get some bookends on EBAY or something?


A cute, sad kitten, originally uploaded by Kokor Hekkus.

You’re doing a good job though, Kokor H. :P


I beg you!

I can’t take it. I’m only coming out on FRIDAY!

See ya [tucks back into pockie]

Cute Kitten In Pocket, originally uploaded by PicturesOfCats.

I don’t blame you, green pocket kitteh…Not at all. [shaking head]

Synchronized Sleeping

And let’s check in on the canine semi-finals now … looks like Bozie and Monty are in good form here as they enter their second hour …

And snore, two, three ... and yawn, two, three ...

And meanwhile, in the kitten division …

What's our secret?  MAGNETS!

Thanks to coaches Blythe J. (top photo) and Grace B. (bottom photo)

La la la la [covering eyes with hands] la la la

GOP candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant!? La la la la I can’t heeeeeeeeeear you! I’m watching kittennns!

Great submishe, NTMTOM ;)

Winston gets a book deal?!

Winston_book_4aOne of Winston’s biggest fans (A five-year-old named Ramona) recently sent him a pitch for a potential New York Times Best Seller, tentatively titled: "The Adventures of Winston."

See more of the proposal and cover letter over at FourFour.

The question is—will he go for it!?



As you can see, Winston is reviewing the proposal with great, er, interest.


What? He wants an Annie Leibowitz coffee table book instead!? What?


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