The Lick Spot!

We ALL have one.

Don’t even TRY to tell me you don’t have a Lick Spot. Because I know you do. My Sophomore biology teacher told me about ‘em.

Marco U., I’m not even going to ask WTF is going on in this freaky sitch. I’ll just enjoy.


“Dude, check it out — total hottie at three o’clock!”
“Where?  Where? By the vending machines?”
“No, man!  Quick, you’re gonna miss her!
“I still can’t see any — OW, STOP PUSHING MY HEAD!”

two marmalade kittens

So, Karla A. — you come here often?

I’m 18, I’m shaved, and I will kick your a$$

The name? Sheffield.

The cut? Lion. (Well, Lion’esque)

My age: 18? that’s like, 198 human years.

The ass-kicking factor? Oh it’s High, Baby—it’s high. [Lids lower]


Sheffield is pretty awes (some) Michaela C. I’m thinking lowered lids could be a future rule of cuteness if we get three specimens…

What is up with EVERY pet being named ‘Milo’?!

Milo this, Milo that, what is the matter with you People, always naming your pets "Milo"?

I get thousands of emails a day with the titles like "Guess what? Milo pooped!" and "Milo has a toehawk LOOK!" and "I chose a unique name for my Kitteh guess what it is!?"

But then THIS Milo came along. In all his stubbular glory.

Thank you.


Thank you, Jen C. Thank you.

What a steal!

OMG, Dee-skuss-tingks.

I’ll take it.


Cats are included, right Emma U.? Photo via Craigslist, natch.

What do you think? 350 degrees for 25 minutes?

Can’t go wrong with that recipe. That’s how Grandma taught me.



I can go in oven nao Michelle R.?

Happiest of Birthdays, THEO!

A little bird told me it was Theo’s birthday today.

Who’s Theo you ask? Well, he only our Moderator Extraordinaire, Keeper of the official Cute Overload Glossary, Hilarious Comment Editor, Foster Kitten Taker Carer, Reality-Casual-Friday Animator Creator, "Bleen" originator and most importantly, Marmalade-Kitteh Admirerer:

Orange tabby kittens, originally uploaded by Nagamori.

Join me in the song, People! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THEO! YAY!

Two-faced Kitteh Caturday

Only on a Caturday could we post this.

Apparently, a two-faced kitteh was born in Ohio to a Mom cat who likes hanging out in her litter. [Throws hands up in the air]

Justin C., the kitten meows in unison too—love it!


Look, I didn’t ASK for this kitten to see through to my soul, OK? It just does.

It can see my innermost thoughts… it can tell me my innermost feelingks!

It knows I left the iron on, it knows I stole candy cigarettes from Bergmann’s department store in fourth grade and that I haven’t been to the dentist in five years—HALP!


No one is safe, Maureen C.! NO ONE!

What does this kitteh see about YOU!?

Pop-up Video, C.O. Style

0:15 Bat Bat

0:36 Curled Paw Rule of Cuteness #22

0:45 Cats ‘n’ Crotches

1:08 Crossed paws

1:35 Baby Boxhab

1:44 Oh, I am soooo beau-tee-fuhls!

1:55 Is this thing on!?

I LOVE IT when a song just MAKES the video. Sweet work, AVPhibes. Credit for this find goes to Karen C. [You win golden Binoculars award]


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