Someone forgot their Prozac! [singsong]

Merrallllgh. (kitteh harumph sound)

Kitten, looking sad, originally uploaded by Roman R..

When Kittens and TP Collide

Will someone just take a toilet paper roll on a stand-alone pole and sell it as a Kitten toy already?

You can have that idea for free, Anissa. >•.•<

Meanwhile, over at the costume contest…

Stay-Puft™ Marshmallow Pup:


The Superfriends;


One Skeleton Sniffs Another Skeleton’s ‘Tocks:

And finally; "The Guinea Witch is In":


Wanna see more? Check out the Martha Stewart / Cute Overload Pet Costume Contest!

Sing it with me now; ‘flürg ghat diddly sko-ogan!!’

Please watch as this affectionate kitteh snorgles a horse and a mini Swedish chef sings in the background. Thank you. [Pulls curtain back to reveal insanity]

Why do I feel like putting together a Bînder bookcase unit, Ashley B.?

The More You Know: Why Kittehs Knead

The_more_you_know2Q: Why do kittehs knead?

A: That loud purring followed by the sharpening of claws on some soft spot is called "milk-treading." A nursing kitten instinctively uses his paws to draw out milk, gently pushing on his mother’s stomach to increase the milk flow.

When older cats behave this way, it’s a good sign that they’re happy, content, and probably recalling their kittenhood. [Head tilt]

Info morsel sent in by Dee K. via The very definition of kneading video is an encore presentayshe from Catharoo!


What what whaaat [double-take]


I call "Shenanigans" Mariah K.!

A House Optimized for Kittehs

We’ve just been alerted to an epic Kitteh House in Japan. Not only is this place modern and beautiful, it’s optimized for kitteh livin’.

Check out how cat steps lead to cat walks…(left) cat beds built under the bathroom sink (right)


Special, um, kitteh bathrooms (left) and nest/nooks built under the stairs (right)


Ceiling walks (left) and special stairs (right)


Don’t make me say it—the folks across the pond are kicking our asses yet again, aren’t they Heather V.?
These fine pics and many more over at My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog!

Great Pit Bull PR

Whoever is doing PR for pit bulls these days is doing heckuva job. is reporting that pit bull terriers have softened their stances with baby chicks AND kittehs.

Get a load of this action: Pit Bull with Chicks

Pit Bull Takes Chicks For a Swim

Pit Bull and Kitteh Chick-Sit

Pit Bull and Chicks—A year later

Nice work, Videographer TexasGirly1979 and Sender-Inner Teresa F., enlighteningk!

Why is this kitteh SO disappointed?

I must be because of something you did…

My Little Kitten
by disappointed kitteh photographer

Here’s the kicker

Let’s check in on our favorite smooshed-face kitteh Winston. He goes through SO MANY trials and tribulayshons, doesn’t he?

Here is his latest issue; unsatisfying ear scratching!

Will Winston EVER be a happy camper Michelle L.!?