He’s RIGHT behind me, isn’t he

He is isn’t he.


Mmmmmmmm! This is SOOO GOOD!!! [Looks over shoulder] Mmmmmmmmmm! Nom nom noooom!!!


That’s just cruel, Sarah L. croo-ell.

Shiver Me Whiskers!

Arrrrrgh, mateys!  Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and ye be aboard the SS Redonkulous, the cutest vessel what ever sailed the Internets!  I’m Captain Kidd N. Kaboodle, and if it’s adventure ye be after, then welcome aboard!  And now, here’s my first(-post) mate, Mister Bleen!

Evil things people do to their pets, originally uploaded by International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Avast there, ye scurvy dogs!  Afore ye can sail in this thread, ye’ve got to show us you’re a real pirate!  Remember, this is Talk Like A Pirate Day, so either talk the talk — or walk the plank!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

This picture is:

  1. Photoshopped;
  2. Really Photoshopped;
  3. Really, reeeeaaallly Photoshopped.


Can I peek at your answer, Karen G.?

Winstons snacks on blueberries and fingers.

Just another day for our favorite smooshed-face kitteh!

Thank you for the Winston alert, Mustang S.!

This marathon isn’t gonna run ITSELF, YOU KNOW

Tiny Kitten Track Coach: "Let’s GO ALREADY! [chomps on shoe tag]

C’MOOOOOON!" [Hops out door in shoe]


Debby K., "Ewok" is a tough, tough trainer. [wiping brow]

Here. I have enough dust bunnies.

I’m not sure what to do with another one. My swiffer picks up so many!

This one was under the bed.


The miniscule paw action must be stopped, Zana F. IT MUST BE!

That’s NOT the kind of ‘restocking’ I had in mind

The look on this kitteh face pretty much says it all.


Apparently, "Penny" the kitteh slid the lid off the litter stash and well, you know the rest.

Does anyone speak ‘Kitteh’?

I need a Kitteh to English dictionary.

I’d REALLY like to know what this cat is saying.

Can you translate, Philip K.?

Insanitized for Your Protection

At the Hotel Cuteinental, your every comfort is our concern.  Our spacious guest rooms include a fully-stocked mini-bar, valet/shoe-shine service, complimentary breath mints, luxurious bathrobes and, of course, designer kitten.

I eated yur bref mints, sowwy.

Do you take Diner’s Club, Melissa B.?

Kitteh playing “Red-light green-light”

Green light! [Hides camera away]

Red light! [Kitteh stands still…]


Melissa V. HILAR!


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