Demanding, relentless kittens!

OMG, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Kitten Chow is almost ready.



"Susie preparing for Caturday" by Todd.

This relationship just isn’t working.

[Cat voice] Listen. It’s not me you it’s me.

We’ve given it a GOOD SHOT.

Are you even listening, Rex?

Ray-ray-ray-ray-ray-mi the Minx YOU knooooow what I like LOL.

What IS this THING in the LIVING ROOM!?

Hmmm. Looks like there is a sleeping Leo-pards here.


Tap tap. Hey-roh?


[Snorf snorf]


[Tap tap]


[Tap + snorf]


OK, I think he’s mostly harmless. Mostly.


I agree, I think this is pretty harmless and the situation is under control, Hyura C.


I suggest smokin’ some Humboldt Gold County before watching this

Serious. Toke on up. It’s the only way to deal.

Tracie P., I don’t even know what she ended up making in the end. I just liked watching the paws, Man.


Here’s the story.

The kitten in question here had fallen asleep on one bed, where Sender-Inner Anna C. was planning to sleep. So, she decided to move the kitteh to another bed. The kitteh NEVER WOKE UP DURING THE TRANSFER!




Pherterhes (photos) taken by Jessica M. Sleeping done by "Airashi" the kitteh.


"It started like this…"


"I left the room, and shortly thereafter, returned to find this…"


Then, the inevitable:

"I asked them if they thought they were auditioning for a calendar."

Well, duh.


Excellent, EXCELLENT work, Victoria R.  See this and other kitteh stories over at her blog.

Complete and total DESPARAY-SHONS

I hope you’re sitting down.

Because what you’re about to see is staggering. And sad.

It’s about a Kitteh—a desparate kitteh—who needs boxhab, so, so badly. [Shaking head] I hope you can stand to watch.

Paging Dr. Josh N. Come in, Dr. Josh N. STAT

Your Caturday Lullaby

It’s been a nice ole Caturday, People.

Let’s put ‘er to bed with this unusual Kitteh vid with blissful clenching paws. [Rule #29 in case you forgot.]

Sender-Inner ‘The Red Masque’, I’m not going to even ASK how this vid came about. Is that a lynx in that living room!?

P.S. Extra credit video is here, of an apparent Deer/Kitteh naptime interupted by a fallen battery pack. D’oh!

Holy shiatsu!

Really, there is nothing more to say than that—this is complete and total kitteh massage overload.

Should I close comments NOW or later, Mary W.?

THIS JUST IN: Boston is guarranteed goin’ to the play-offs

Grey Kitteh: "…but I don’t have to like it." [Goes back to sleepies]


OK, we made a sports joke with a 90 percent female demographic. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, Cate F.!?


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