Are you ready to rock and roll?! I said, are you ready to ROCK! AND! ROLL?!

Well then, somebody get me a rock, so I can roll it around.


Via Adam Rifkin.

Uh-oh, My Spring Fell Off

I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling so bouncy-pouncey lately. Now how the heck do I put this thing back on?


Via Titran’s Cattery.

I Think I’m Safe Enough, Mom

We’ve got the car seat, check… Twenty-seven air bags, check… Motion sickness pills, yep, got those… I think we’re all set for our three-block journey down to the vet.


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And Now, With the Right Eye, Bottom Line?

“um… mousie, string, tuna, mousie, mousie, birdie.”


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New from IKEA

Add a warm citrus feel to your patio with the new FRÜT outdoor furniture collection. Available in ØRNG, LÏMN, and YÜZU.


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Modesty Kitten to the Rescue!

Do you have a dog with no sense of shame? (Or, to put it more succinctly, do you have a dog?) Have no fear, Modesty Kitten is here!

Just right - Imgur

Via Reddit/Imgur.

Corner? No.

Lame-o baby bib? Apparently yes.


Via kezee.

Blue Screen of Death, Meet Blue Can of Cat

Among the less-anticipated changes in the recently-released Windows 10: The Recycle Bin has been renamed to the Litter Box.


“Gio supports recycling,” says sender-inner Timothy R.

Bring the Kids! (They Like Kids)

Looking for a next-level miniature golf challenge? Then you’re ready for Gristly Golf, the most dangerous course in the world! See if you and your family can survive 18 death-defying holes full of landmines, trap doors, snake pits, poison darts and more! NEW for 2015 — Randomly-placed tigers!


Miracles! Of! Science!

After years of development and billions in tax dollars, scientists at the US Defense Enhanced Refraction Projects Agency (DERPA) are proud to announce the creation of the Stealth Sock, which renders the wearer’s foot entirely invisible.


Via Catasters.


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