Ultra Double Bonus Rule 46 Extra!

As you may know, Rule of Cuteness #46 states: Whenever two animals curl up in a yin-yang position, it’s cute. And when the animals let you make a “siamese twins” joke, it’s extra cute. And when the photo was taken in Thailand (formerly Siam) by Flickr-er Andrea Schaffer, it’s ultra double bonus cute!



They All Said I Was Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

Call me a madman, will they? Did they call Jonas Salk mad when he invented polio? Was Pasteur mad when he discovered chocolate milk? Was Einstein mad when he dressed up like a duck and did nothing but scream the name “Philomena!” for three days?! I dare say not!


It’s Atchoum! (gesundheit!)

Notice of Planned System Maintenance

To our readers: Please note that Cute Overload will undergo planned system maintenance. During this time, posts may temporarily display zamboni pancake yodeler crinkles. In addition to incorrect words, order have certain out sentences words may of. We sincerely yamflankle this ippity-bingo kabloozle, and hope fnord blizzark plork plork ;e%6uu&egieW*bbYqRRop#@ ++++++++++++++++++++ NO CARRIER


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Ms. Fitzwiddle Asks Me to Convey Her Most Sincere Apologies

Although indisposed at the moment, she has instructed me to apologize to hotel staff and guests for this evening’s unpleasantness. She realizes her attempt at romantic congress with the ice sculpture of Zeus was culturally insensitive and begs forgiveness of the ambassador and guests. Likewise, her impromptu performance at the Feldman bar mitzvah was inexcusable, and we will return any gratuities provided by those in attendance. As for the incident in the tennis court, she swears it looked like a parking lot.


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Are you ready to rock and roll?! I said, are you ready to ROCK! AND! ROLL?!

Well then, somebody get me a rock, so I can roll it around.


Via Adam Rifkin.

Uh-oh, My Spring Fell Off

I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling so bouncy-pouncey lately. Now how the heck do I put this thing back on?


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I Think I’m Safe Enough, Mom

We’ve got the car seat, check… Twenty-seven air bags, check… Motion sickness pills, yep, got those… I think we’re all set for our three-block journey down to the vet.


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And Now, With the Right Eye, Bottom Line?

“um… mousie, string, tuna, mousie, mousie, birdie.”


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New from IKEA

Add a warm citrus feel to your patio with the new FRÜT outdoor furniture collection. Available in ØRNG, LÏMN, and YÜZU.


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Modesty Kitten to the Rescue!

Do you have a dog with no sense of shame? (Or, to put it more succinctly, do you have a dog?) Have no fear, Modesty Kitten is here!

Just right - Imgur

Via Reddit/Imgur.