Sunset Meowlevard

I am big, it’s the LOLcat pictures that got small!


Downton Tabby

The greatest television hit series that never was! Awwww…

And now compare to the real Downton Abbey intro, for the (coff)one or two(coff) people on the planet who haven’t seen it:

Created by Pets Alive New York City no-kill animal shelter, via YouTube.

Bob Doesn’t Make the Cut

“Number three, we love what you’re doing, you’re giving us great energy, but we’re taking the project in a more cartoon-ish direction, so…

Flashback Friday

99 bottles of meelk gonna fall,
99 bottles of meelk,
Knock one down, drink it all,
98 bottles of meelk gonna fall!

Interesting Old Photos of Cats (12)
A kitten is surrounded by milk bottles bigger than he is. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1964. Via Vintage Everyday.

Yawnday, Yawnday,

So cute to see.
Yawnday, Yawnday,

it was all,  we hoped it would beeee.

Don’t yawn, you’ll pass it on:

Fluffyface pup via Sad and Useless.
Kitten via Bored Panda.
Lion/Tiger/Liger cub via DailyMail.
“This is my little ratty boy Rex, enjoying an ear massage so much that he reaches the pinnacle of relaxation and emits a mahoosive yawn.” – Megan D. via YouTube.

Keen for the Bleen – Updated

Up for a leetle fun?

Somewhere on CO
There is a hidden bleen,
You will find it in a very original place.
Not in the Glossary
Not in the comments,
You could say, it’s in a higher space.
If you SQUEE! you are close
And more clues will be given
When or if needed, just in case.

Happy hunting and good luck!

Excellent work, Birdcage and Atho’s Slave! Indeed. In future I shall endeavour a challenge worthy of your quite mad cute skillz. 

Via Reddit.

I Always Wanted to Be a Balloon Animal

But my life already took a funny twist.

11424026154_fae4e8dd58_z 11424049424_c213a36927_z 11424057124_6f376c505d_z
“Here is my 10 week old kitten, Miss Blossom, from the Nebraska Humane Society, in her favorite sleeping position on several different occasions.” -Sorcha D.

Cats Taking Selfies

First we were, For a second there thought it said Cats Taking Selfies, herlehe…

then we were, You have got to be kidding…

and then we were, Does this really come as a shock to anyone?

12195771045_4871480fc0_z 12195771895_e00507980c_z 12195774715_10704a8336_z 12195776035_999020185c_z 12196031603_7f1fb39cac_z 12196190014_77c9798624_z 12196387406_5c79021965_z 12196391136_6d319af0dc_z

Via Sad and Useless.

Looks Like We Got a Sprawler

From Jennifer S., “We got my fiance’s parents two cats for Christmas (with their agreement, no surprises!) We found 4 year old Tiger and Lady at the Great Plains SPCA. After looking and looking, one ginger kitty jumped right up in my father-in-law’s lap and went to sleep. As you can see, Tiger has managed to settle right in. He sits in my father-in-law’s lap when he gets a chance and sprawls himself in any chair he can find if no lap is available.”

“Every picture we get from them shows him relaxing in a more and more ridiculous pose. I hope you get as many laughs from this silly guy as we do.” -Jennifer S.


Supere’ scrumptious

11876843493_47b2fb0863_z (1)

Purrfectly purtifulz

Padular plusharrific


Deep-fried-double-dipped-omgbbq-oompa-loompa-chummy-wummy-pawdorably pawesome pawberries!

“Hi dear Cute Overload, This is my tuxedo cat Mephisto’s, toe beans. I love that it’s so funny with the black-and-pink pattern! Your site always cheers up my day, thank you for that!” -Nikki (from Macon, GA)


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