Hold The Phone!

Oh, it’s just Japan, going the extra cute mile again! Check out these little kitteh cell phone stands; functional felines in six assorted colors! Suuure, these cats are cute, but will they answer when you call them?


Via our favorite partner in redonk, Rocket News!

Now Serving Toesday Sunny Side Up!

Today we are offering the quadruple coronary special. Your clawlesterol levels just went through the roof.

“Adoribus. Dreaming of lasagna.” Via Madelinethemadlion

Nosevember 2013: Farewell!

So Long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen goodbye!

“Luchadora AKA Dora AKA Dimface AKA The Microbeast in a classic pic from her kittenhood. Irresistabuhls!” -Valentina R.

Must… Go… On…

It’s two days after Thanksgiving. The leftovers are starting to run down. WHAT WILL WE DO?

“Our King of the House! 5 month old seal point himalayan, Ringo.” -Natasha B. Photo by Nicholas W.

Top o’ the Caturday to You

Wonderful story here of an Irish farm cat owned by Ronan and Emma Lally, from Clara, Co. Offaly. Last week, their cat, Della, surprised them by adopting three lost ducklings. Della surprised them again when they found she had three kittens born only the hour before.

Peeps. You know what this means? What on earth could three duckling and three kitten siblings be named?! Any ideas?

Via YouTube. More on the story at the Independent. Thanks to Sender-Inner, Zarina.

Milestones in Cartoon Science

The development of the now-famous portable hole was fraught with missteps. Early experiments played havoc with space and time, causing test subjects to emerge in random places and/or eras. By 1947, however, researchers at the Acme Institute perfected a hole that allowed passing through a wall to the other side.

It’s Magilla Glub Glub, from Nathan G.!

Lotta Noses Volume II: Black Friday Edition

Are you looking for some great tips before you head out? We got a few. Ten tips to be exact. Not to be totally obvious on Black Friday, but this is CO and it is Nosevember!










“Our super chill tuxedo named Porter, who is sacked out on The Mister’s shoulder. He sleeps through anything (including my high-pitched cooing while I take the picture).” -Minna M.
“Does this tongue make my nose look big?” -Karen S.
“Close-up of my Flemish Giant, Flopper, taken by my friend, Amy at www.drozianphotoworks.com. Check out those whiskers!” ~Joanne M.
“Duncan, our rescued Irish Wolfhound Mix, saying Happy Nosevember everyone. Duncan loves Nosevember ’cause he’s got a nose for turkey,
sweet potatoes, pumpkin…he gobbles them up! Thanks for keeping up the cute!” -Michele D.
“Nush.” -Alexis M.
“12 week old Ellie, the black lab.” -Madeline P.
“Mr. Biscuit for your Nosevember viewing pleasure. Sadly he left us a year ago at the young age of 5. This wonderful photo sums him up to a ‘t’. Thanks so much for all the cuteness!” -Celeste H.
“My Nosevember bunny, Gracen. She likes to to butt my arm with her nose when she wants a treat!I love your site!” -Melissa C.
“My mom’s poodle, Patti LaBelle.” -Lauren S. 
“My Pomeranian, Izzy. Her tongue has a mind of its own, as you can see. My girlfriend and I adopted her a year ago from a wonderful rescue here in Brooklyn called Waggytail Rescue. Photos by Charlie Gigante @moltovomito.com. More photos of Izzy can be found @ moltovomito.com/tagged/Izzy.

Life on the Coffee Disposal Squad

“You never know what you’ll face in this job — some days it’s a cappuccino with too much sugar, next day it’s an over-roasted Arabica that can take out a city block. You just take it one day as it comes, knowing each cup could be your last.”

Via Rowdy Kittens.

Well, This Toesday Sucks

No, really.

“This is 1 year old Puka the sheltie and 6 month old Kinikai the Maine coon. Kinkai suckles Puka’s feet every night & morning in bed and it tickles!” -Jzathey.

Autumn’s Whiskers

Autumn is a lion,
Batting leaves across the ground,

Chasing leaves around and around,

Clawing leaves like a rake,

Hissing like the sound leaves make,

Turning, crunching, tumbling at play,

Lion around brown and gray.

Sender-Inners Shelley C. and Smedley, via Daily Mail