24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 3:30p PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

Looks like Little Walter has a Valentine’s Day romance tip for us: Listen to your heart. Awwww.

“Little Walter has a heart shape spot!” -Sarah M. 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

Takes Just Five Seconds, Flat!

Got a cat? Make a mat! Create your own throw rugs, placemats, and shawls in seconds with the Ronco Cat Flattener! Cat not included (but is extruded).

It’s WALLACE OUERLE, cool cat from New York City!

Turn Naptime into Knowledge!

Would you like to learn a new language? Stop smoking? Understand Nietzsche? Operate a Zamboni? You can do all these things while you sleep, with HypnoBear™, the self-help system that’s as easy as a catnap. Simply select one of the hundreds of built-in courses, lie down, and let HypnoBear whisper exciting new ideas deep into your subconscious. Order now, and we’ll include your choice of first-year accounting, pre-med, or tractor repair completely free!

“These are pictures of my cat Lulu when she was a kitten almost 5 years ago,” writes Elena P.

Classic Meg Rewind: November 11, 2010

It’s time for not only a Meg-a-Blast-from-the-Past but a Winston blast too!

Someone has a banana bed! [singsong]

Banana-lover-and-eater Winnie has received a sweet ‘Nana Bed from an alert FourFour reader.

Thanks for coordinating colors with our website, Rich. Get YOUR custom ‘Nana bed here!

Sunset Meowlevard

I am big, it’s the LOLcat pictures that got small!


Downton Tabby

The greatest television hit series that never was! Awwww…

And now compare to the real Downton Abbey intro, for the (coff)one or two(coff) people on the planet who haven’t seen it:

Created by Pets Alive New York City no-kill animal shelter, via YouTube.

Bob Doesn’t Make the Cut

“Number three, we love what you’re doing, you’re giving us great energy, but we’re taking the project in a more cartoon-ish direction, so…

Flashback Friday

99 bottles of meelk gonna fall,
99 bottles of meelk,
Knock one down, drink it all,
98 bottles of meelk gonna fall!

Interesting Old Photos of Cats (12)
A kitten is surrounded by milk bottles bigger than he is. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1964. Via Vintage Everyday.

Yawnday, Yawnday,

So cute to see.
Yawnday, Yawnday,

it was all,  we hoped it would beeee.

Don’t yawn, you’ll pass it on:

Fluffyface pup via Sad and Useless.
Kitten via Bored Panda.
Lion/Tiger/Liger cub via DailyMail.
“This is my little ratty boy Rex, enjoying an ear massage so much that he reaches the pinnacle of relaxation and emits a mahoosive yawn.” – Megan D. via YouTube.

Keen for the Bleen – Updated

Up for a leetle fun?

Somewhere on CO
There is a hidden bleen,
You will find it in a very original place.
Not in the Glossary
Not in the comments,
You could say, it’s in a higher space.
If you SQUEE! you are close
And more clues will be given
When or if needed, just in case.

Happy hunting and good luck!

Excellent work, Birdcage and Atho’s Slave! Indeed. In future I shall endeavour a challenge worthy of your quite mad cute skillz. 

Via Reddit.


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