Cute Skills 101

Peeps, we all need to be fully prepared for the cute. CO training builds cute skills that will serve you for a lifetime. For example, when the littlest kitten evar discovers its littlest toebeans for the first time, it is okay to look but don’t let the kitten get away with, say, exposing its snorgalicious belleh spots! Instead, reach out and grab on for dear life. Now does anybody want to demonstrate?

“This just about caused me to keel over! Enjoy.” -Kim. Via YouTube

Godzilla Vs. Megakitty!

Aieeee! Megakitty has escaped from Monster Island and is rampaging through Tokyo and only Godzilla can stop her and here comes Godzilla now to put an end to this madness but now they are both rampaging and smashing buildings and this is horrible and I am so upset and terrified that I cannot even pause between sentences and have to keep talking and talking because the actor on the screen won’t stop moving his lips EEEEAAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!


On Your Mark, Get Set, FAIL

Via Reddit.

Hot, Steamy Kitten-on-Penguin Action!

Oh, mah dawlin’, (slurp) ah get all misty when ah’m near you (slurp, slurp). Your hot kisses are (slurp) lahk a bray-eth of fresh aay-yah, ah dew (slurp) dee-clay-yah…

Hanh S. shares: “My kitty Darth Nori wheezes like Darth Vader (hence her name), but ever since she started making out with Petey (her penguin humidifier), she’s been breathing easy! Great for those pesky winter coughs/sneezes!”

Flashback Friday

A cat wearing cat-eye glasses, from the Department of Fashion Redundancy Department.

1961, black cat Hollywood movie star from Tales of Terror, a 1962 film starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone. More photos and full story about the Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood via Catsperella. Photo by Ralph Crane. Via LIFE Photo Archive.

Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

Anywhere. It just comes natur-turtle-ary … …

“This is my cat Simon and my tortoise Lollie. Ever since I got Lollie she and Simon have had a special connection and they always spend time together doing cute things.” -Emily A.

Toebeans A Go-Go

Kitty toebeans extraordinario.

Puppeh workin’ the toebean mojo.

Otter toebeans like fo’ sho.

Turtle toebeans in slo-mo.

“My snowshoe kitty, Quinn’s little speckled toe beans. We adopted her on Sunday from the Kentucky Humane Society & I’m just so in love with her already. I’m sure she’d love to be on your website in celebration of her adoption!” -Mariah R.
“Frida.” -Natalie.
“Otters.” -Chris W.
“Our golden retriever, Dax, on her very first day at home with us. I think the paw really adds something, don’t you?” -Gina G.

Domo Arigato

Mr. Roboto. This techno-toy sounds like the ideal indoor cat plaything, or, a man in high heels.



Wh-who’s there? Please, come closer. (flattens ears, extends limp paw) I-I’m fading fast. C-can you reach my purple blanket for me?

“This is Bowie, an 8 mth. old Scottish Fold in Austin, TX. He loves being on his back! Bowie is the cat-brother of Harry and Wilson, who were on Cute Overload last year!

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Whapped

OK, so last Monday, there was some loose change on the counter, and it was really shiny, so I whapped it. And Tuesday, I saw this lady, and she was wearing this really shiny earring, so I whapped it.

And then I whapped a window display of crystal stemware at Macy’s, and then I whapped a sales associate and two security guards, and the booking officer at the police station and saaaaaaaaay those are some shiny beads you have there…

“Dear CO, I got a new microwave, and Minnie loves the box!” says kibblenibble.