What’s Cooking?

Say, those are a lot of potatoes you’re chopping up there. Oooh, yes, and carrots, don’t forget the carrots. Ehh, go easy on the onions, they give me gas. So, I assume there will be a roast at some point, yes? What’s the main ingredient?


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Goody, “Sesame Street” is On…

Bet’cha can’t guess who my favorite character is! Go ahead, guess.


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Escargot Getcher Own, Pal

To attain true Zen enlightenment, one must be at peace with every creature, even the lowly snail. The true Zen master becomes one with all things, no matter how slimy… HEY! That’s not what I mean by “become one with,” buddy!

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This Date in Video Game History

In 1985, video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto racked his brain trying to invent a new character to be a sidekick for Mario, when suddenly he saw his cat wearing a towel and shower cap. Excitedly, he presented his inspiration to the Nintendo board of directors — only to discover that the character of “Tweety Bird” was already trademarked.


“Walked in on my sister giving our cat a bath, this is what I saw.” Via Imgur.

Heads, You Win

Discovery of a rare two-headed cat has scientists baffled! “The poor thing only has one tail, and both heads keep trying to chase it,” notes researcher Humbert Banderpooty of the Institute for Last-Minute Caption Ideas in Oslo.

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The C.O. Guide to Word Origins

In 17th century Europe, superstitious peasants believed that the sins of a village could be cleansed by placing a cat on a goat and driving it from town. It is from this custom that we derive our modern-day term catgoatscapegwanscramenating.

Top This, Mrs. Butterworth!

From our “Foods Too Cute to Eat” department, we bring you TigerTomato, creator of intricate pancake artwork. On second thought, Mrs. Butterworth, don’t top these pancakes — we like ’em just as they are. Even more videos on TigerTomato’s YouTube channel.

“Octopussy”! No, Wait — “Cathulhu”! Wait…

“Yeah, that’s right, Comedy Boy — go ahead and make your little jokes, while I lie here with these eating machines clamped onto me. Just remember — I’m the one who toilet trains them, and I know where you leave your slippers at night.”


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Ultra Double Bonus Rule 46 Extra!

11625276693_c32e2c0faa_kAs you may know, Rule of Cuteness #46 states: Whenever two animals curl up in a yin-yang position, it’s cute. And when the animals let you make a “siamese twins” joke, it’s extra cute. And when the photo was taken in Thailand (formerly Siam) by Flickr-er Andrea Schaffer, it’s ultra double bonus cute!


They All Said I Was Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

Call me a madman, will they? Did they call Jonas Salk mad when he invented polio? Was Pasteur mad when he discovered chocolate milk? Was Einstein mad when he dressed up like a duck and did nothing but scream the name “Philomena!” for three days?! I dare say not!


It’s Atchoum! (gesundheit!)


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